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Quote from: solarflare13 on 2016 Dec 13, 21:15:03
Hmm...I dont mean to bother you when I say this, but I dont see anything displayed on the Legends Of Equestria home page and it's now the 14th of December. Are you sure??? :P

I believe they misread or misspoke there, the LAR started on Dec. 12th, but nothing was ever said about applications reopening at a certain date. Though it does say sometime in the future there will be more chances
Quote from: Asriel on 2016 Dec 10, 22:22:27
Not necessarily. While sending in a prompt application tells them you are serious about the game, they were more interested in what sort of computer and operating system you had, as well as your previous experience in testing games. The primary purpose of this first wave is to get all the bugs found and fixed before release.

And anyway, another application for the second wave is coming out this Monday, the 12th, which should be slightly less exclusive.

Still, the primary purpose is bug fixing, so if you are a casual player, it is probably best to wait until the final release.

Or you can still apply for that chance of getting in.

This is a very important eye on this type of stuff ^ In certain colleges there is a course on Game Testing, and one of the key points is "A gamer does NOT make a good tester." This being fan made, the need for people with lines of experience were more than likely a plus as many companies have 10-20 testers along with the common player to sort through their issues.
Currently a bat hehe
Being a southern girl with a crazed love for the color orange... Applejack~
Quote from: KirbyFluttershy on 2016 Nov 26, 15:25:49
Well Apparently I spend my money on supplies depending on the situation I'm in. If 1 amulet coin isn't enough for me, I just use luck incense. I normally buy like about 10 or more potions, full heals, and revives depending on how much money I have. If I want to save money over full heals, I can just produce Lum berries that way.

Another way to make money is poke pelago and you need to have isle aphun at rank 3, but of course it would take a day to get the items.

If ya got the special munchlax, the move "Happy Hour" increases money from the battle
Eeeeeeeeeee can't wait!
Quote from: Jcfraven on 2016 Sep 21, 16:55:58
Hey Foxbursh!

Once the designs are implemented into the game itself, the users will be credited accordingly. When this is close to being done, every winner will be messaged, and will be asked what name they want to be credited under. At that point, it is up to you, so long as it is appropriate for the project.

If you have any more questions, just message me!

Alright thank ya!
Quick question about the crediting thing, would we be able to put a note to what name is link to it? Just asking due to the fact that this account is under my OCs name and not my universal name. Plus FoxBrush is a name used by 1-2 other characters that I know of.

If not than that is perfectly fine! It was fun just to be apart of this contest.
Woo flat mane! Congrates everyone, Though I noticed I should have made a male counterpart to the design, didn't know there were going to be so few, but because its just flat, for a male style to just need to shorten it or keep it long for the long haired anime dudes style
So many wonderful entries ^ ^
How about a flat mane style? Yeah we have a few that are life flat, but aren't flat flat. plus <3 long tails.

General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 12, 03:13:15
Eee! I cannot wait! This game was always so much fun and now finally I will be able to do all the quests!
Can't go but awesome for everyone that is going!
Awesome! Glad to see just how far this game has gone! Last open server I only crashed out twice and was so impressed with the sudden server strengthening. I can't wait to see what all comes next
This Open Server Weekend was a huge improvement from Aprils, I only had 1 or 2 server crash outs this time. Though I did still get quite a few of the bird-eye view freezes. After completing the Headphone and Dog Egg quests I couldn't really find many quests after that to complete besides the 1 fetch quest. The server held very well to the 500 ponies in one area part.

One major issue I noticed is still there, the pony eye colors are extremely dull... even if you choose a bright color, idk if this is because my pony was an import or not.

A few items still clip through the ponies but it is not too distracting. Attempting to jump up onto a table though forward was very difficult due to how fast forward your character goes, thanks for backwards not being as fast
Yay! I can't go to Galacon... or any MLP Con ehehe at the moment, but I will be able to join the Open Server!