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Waiting game, engaged.

*Has Hungry, Hungry Hippos ready*
I'm strangely suspicious. For what occasion were these made? Are they DVD extras? A way to drum up attention for the new season? Is that EG sequel coming faster then expected?

I ask this, cause these are all really good! These music videos look amazing--Studio B/DHX continues to impress!
Well, time to see if I can get a day or two off...
If the show switched focus slow, while developing characters and resolving the Mane Six's goals? That's exactly the way I'd want it to happen!

Heck, maybe that could transition into a new series, or something. Maybe something with the CMC? I dunno.
Finally, content! A trailer normally has a scene from the movie in it, and this one clearly has a scene from an episode. The rainbow dash trailer is the closest thing to a real trailer here. It's weird that they're stretching it so thin though. They probably made these before the proper episodes were finished.

Despite that though, I'm thinking of avoiding these from now on. Why? I don't want spoilers. I fear that after seeing this I have a good guess for what the content for this episode will be. I've had too many bad experiences with spoilered episodes, so yeah...I'm going to try and avoid more information on this series for awhile.
I beat the Fallout 3 DLC  Mothership Zeta on "Very Hard" at early levels. It involved a lot of running, sneaking, and AI exploits, but in the end I managed to beat a level meant for late game characters. It was such a sweet feelings, cause once I won this thing I was left with so much money and weapons that I essentially won that playthough before even starting the main quests.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: Best Pony?
2014 Dec 08, 10:21:23
 ;) Rarara is best.
I really noticed the music for this one. It was too grand and too epic. It didn't really fit with the narrator who was jokey and confused by Pinkie, then he ended the trailer by going "probably not," killing the tension created by the music.

I'm changing my opinion from the Fluttershy trailer. These trailers are nice but transparent. A new season is coming, and they want to build it up, but are they giving a reason? Nope.

Not that I need one, it's just that I already know that a new season is coming every since that post featuring Pinkie Pike jumping into the sky while the text for "Season5 coming 2015" floating nearby. These trailers are just a lot of fluff.
Okay, the first trailer seemed like nothing. All is did was reflect on the last season, and promise "big things were coming," which is meaningless for a commercial. You're supposed to promise that something good is coming.

But with this second one, could they be implying that the group will be challenged throughout the season. That'd be interesting if so. Like, whereas last season was about a box and a castle, will the villian have a more long lasting impact then just a few episodes?
Quote from: GlassMirror on 2014 Oct 20, 20:58:36
I hope their not doing what I think their doing... ono

You got me curious. What do you think they're doing? I can imagine several things so many ways this could go wrong, though at the very least this seems like it'll include the ponies.

I'm shocked there isn't a topic about this yet, so I'll make one. It seems that a "My Little Pony" movie is being made, slated for completion around 2017. From the wording of this article, it looks like this might be a real movie staring the ponies this time, as opposed to Equestria girls. 
Quote from: AaronMk on 2014 Aug 18, 23:08:24
Preview clip released today

Spoiler: Clip in video form • show

Hedging ten dollars on a bet they're Windigos.

I love their designs. Whoever's in charge of that is doing a great job.

Spoiler: show
I really hope Celestia isn't the one who banished them. It's just too weird that she'd unleash these three on some other world as punishment. It's weird that she's even using this mirror as a punishment. I dunno, maybe the mirror was owned by another character, and they're the one who banished them?
Wasn't there an episode featuring several nurse ponies who had red cross cutie marks? Nurse Redheart was the name of one of them, I think.

4th wall stuff aside, I'd like to think that, yes, some ponies can have the same cutie marks for different reasons. Maybe some are twins. Maybe some ponies who's special talent requires group work--like a hospital--share similar or the same cutie mark. It's something of a headcanon, but it works for me.
*tips glass* here's to next weekend! I'm glad I got to see a massive pony gathering in ponydale, before everything shut down.
Well...that's....different? It seems like the antagonists have kind of a Siren/seductress thing going. With this, it feels like this series might be distancing itself from MLP a little, and I'm okay with that. That is to say, this scene feels more at home in a magic high school plot, and doesn't need that other world.

Of course, Twilight Sparkle is probably coming back, so who knows how this'll turn out.
I forgot a very special game from a long time ago, but I'm going to throw it out there despite the fact that it's just on Nintendo DS. Ghost Trick. It's a puzzle game with limited replay, but the storytelling and style are great. It's rank it up there with Earthbound, Shadow of the Colossus, and other great games for providing a good emotional experience.
Story mode was too long for my tastes.

Hey, I played Brawl a lot buy quit when I found I was terrible at it. Despite that, I'm probably going to get this game again. It just looks too good. Anyone else like that?

With so many franchises, plus the massive amount of content, and for me Megaman and Charizard are a big plus, this think is obviously going to be a monster seller. I wonder how many people like me will get it just to mess around with it for a little while. Hey, maybe I'll get good. Who knows.
If you ever get your WiiU fixed, I'd recommend raiding their virtual store and grabbing Earthbound. If you haven't heard of it (and you probably have), it's a hilariously weird game with fun gameplay that still manages to have a few good emotional scenes. It's one that everyone should try frankly.

Speaking games everyone should try, on PS3 there's Journey and the HD Shadow of the Colossus. Assuming you haven't heard of these, they're just absolutely beautiful games in their own right. Of course, these games are all pretty well know, but they're wonderful nonetheless.

For horror games, I don't see Eternal Darkness on your list. It's on the gamecube, so I don't know how you'd play it, but you really should when given the chance! It's a really polished game with great atmosphere and attention to detail. Plus, you've gotten love that Insanity system!

I also second the guy who mentioned Fallout. It's so great. I've played it to death on PS3, and the modded PC version (which I recently bought) should be even better. Those guy give you so much variety in character building, I've probably gone through the game dozens of times with different builds. My favorite was a charismatic sniper with low endurance. :D
I've always wanted to see what a day with the Crystal Empire was like without the Mane 6. Regardless of how other may feel about Cadance, now that she's hear I've curious to see more about her character. Every episode that she's in, she does just enough to stay in character as Twilight's friend, and that it. I get the feeling the cast doesn't want to use her. Still, just one episode, then never again.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2014 May 25, 22:22:17
I rented and watched Frozen on DVD, after hours of my little brother listening to "Let it go" despite never seeing it himself. It's so good! It's succeeds on every level--music, art, writing, and more. Why were the commercials for this thing so bad?

To top it off, some people I know watched the movie, they loved it, and are asking their relatives to see it. I got thanked for renting this dvd for some reason.  :I  It's weird, but nice.