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I'm shocked there isn't a topic about this yet, so I'll make one. It seems that a "My Little Pony" movie is being made, slated for completion around 2017. From the wording of this article, it looks like this might be a real movie staring the ponies this time, as opposed to Equestria girls. 
I'm not sure which is which, but I've lately found a lot of neat animations on youtube. I've loved cartoons for years, and these things are truly something unique and impressive. I love anything that tells a story without saying a word.

Spoiler: show

Out of Sight, a cute toon about a blind girl.

Spoiler: show

Er...not sure the name for this one, but it's another adorable short about a ghost and haunted shoes.

Spoiler: show

Death Buy Lemonade! A hilarious skit about the Grim Reaper and a lemonade salesgirl.

Those are just three, but I've watched a lot more. While I didn't find these there, the Disney Shorts youtube page is a great source of good short animations. I also love this David Reily film called "Please Say Something," though I haven't seen his other film. I won't post a link since it could be considered objectionable, though despite some adult themes it really lacks anything obscene (maybe two curse words?). Still, if you ever watched Tom and Jerry, check it out. It's sick and stylish.

Okay, embed isn't working but you can click the links? That's just one more thing for me to figure out.
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2014 Jan 26, 21:17:31
Open server weekend forced me to realize I should post here more. Take that as you will.

I like video games, one piece, dogs and most animals, and great animations--anime, western, whatever. This game is so hype.