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We were able to make this Tournament another success! Huge thanks to everyone who showed up!

Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Night Flame
Orange Burst
Shane Park
Spunky Neve
Starfire Dream
White Flipper

Special Thanks:
Holiday Cheer - For helping me organize the dates of the Trial Days and the Tournament, and for aiding me in finding helpers in the Discord servers.
And everyone who has come to spectate the event.

Thank you to the helpers:
Autumn Dawn (Score Counter)
For calculating and totalling up all the scores for every participant and helping me with the results.

Lens Flare (Recording Pony)
For recording the entire duration of the event and for playing a part in the scoresheets.

Shuffle (Hint Tracker)
For keeping track on hints from the hiders

Tiny Tenderheart (Placings Manager)
For placing every hider in the order they were found.

Trixie Cutiepox (Player-scanner)
For keeping track of all the players who were present every minute during the rounds.

Wind Spray (Hider Tracker)
For keeping track on all hiders who were found in each round.

[Left to right]
Trixie Cutiepox, Lens Flare, Optic Rainfall, Tiny Tenderheart, Wind Spray and Shuffle Beat

[Not present]
Autumn Dawn

Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Tournament 2022 Results

Round 1: Normal Mode
Healing Lavender - 88p
Lemon Cloud - 120p
Night Flame - 120p
Orange Burst - 55p
Shane Park - 50p
Spunky Neve - 76p
Starfire Dream - 92p
White Flipper - 120p

Round 2: Chaos Mode
Healing Lavender - 95p
Lemon Cloud - 88p
Night Flame - 84p
Orange Burst - 111p
Shane Park - 62p
Spunky Neve - 111p
Starfire Dream - 65p
White Flipper - 75p

Round 3: Snuggle Pile Mode
Healing Lavender - 0p
Lemon Cloud - 121p
Night Flame - 38p
Orange Burst - 50p
Shane Park - 0p
Spunky Neve - 122p
Starfire Dream - 49p
White Flipper - 75p

Round 4: Bounty Mode
Healing Lavender - 92p
Lemon Cloud - 112p
Night Flame - 93p
Orange Burst - 41p
Shane Park - 123p
Spunky Neve - 19p
Starfire Dream - 3p (Away)
White Flipper - 123p

Bonus Round
Healing Lavender - 94p
Lemon Cloud - 110p
Night Flame - 34p
Orange Burst - 84p
Shane Park - 12p
Spunky Neve - 68p
Starfire Dream - 12p
White Flipper - 102p

Results Standings

1st Place
Lemon Cloud - 551p

2nd Place
White Flipper - 495p

3rd Place
Spunky Neve - 396p

4th Place
Healing Lavender - 369p
Night Flame - 369p

6th Place
Orange Burst - 341p

7th Place
Shane Park - 247p

8th Place
Starfire Dream - 221p

Total hiders found by:
Lemon Cloud - 9
White Flipper - 8
Spunky Neve - 8
Orange Burst - 7
Healing Lavender - 4
Night Flame - 4
Shane Park - 3
Starfire Dream - 3

We hope you had fun this year! Thank you again for joining us!
Off-Topic / Re: Which pony is your favorit...
Last post by SuperSpaceMan34 - 2022 Sep 22, 18:23:00
I gotta be honest with you here, It's a tough decision between Fluttershy, Derpy, and Marble Pie.
Next Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet

Date: Friday September 23rd, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Cantermore Train Station
Style: Adventure
Host: Toot Sweet
All ponies, old and new, welcome.

We have a group Discord. 
You can find it at
I noticed in the magic section of the skill book that levitation wasn't in that area. I was wondering if you could add Levitate to the list of magic.
Hide and Seek Trial  Day 2:

Balance Keeper
Healing Lavender
Starfire Dream

Autumn Dawn
Tiny Tenderheart
Trixie Cutiepox
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - September 17th 2022 • show
I don't know if I'll make it to the event my name is on the list but I have to work on that day trying to get off so I can make it but I'm not sure is there any chance that this thing can be rescheduled please let me know I always have to schedule these events around my work days every time there's an event I have to work or I don't know about it and miss it completely because of work or don't get any information from it
Next Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet

Date: Friday September 16th, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Applewood
Style: Adventure
Host: Toot Sweet
All ponies, old and new, welcome.

We have a group Discord. 
You can find it at
Hide and Seek Trial Day 1:

Ansem Zane
Lemon Cloud
snowy skies
Starfire Dream
Taxie Derby

Autumn Dawn
Trixie Cutiepox
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - September 10th 2022 • show
Herd (Guild) Discussion / Re: (Herd) New Lunar Republic
Last post by Prince Nick - 2022 Sep 11, 13:06:19
Name: Prince Nick

Level at time of application: 2

Race: pegasus

Gender: Male

DoB: 08/15/2000


Levels in given skills



Why should the Timberwolf Infantry enlist you?


Levels in given skills

   Combat: 2

   Flying: 2

Why should the Lunar Air Corps. enlist you?

Because I'm the fastest wonderboat in all of Equestria and since I am the prince of friendship it's my responsibility to defend this country with all my might.


Levels in given skills




Why should the HF-Medical Brigade enlist you?

By signing below, I ensure that I have, to the best of my knowledge/ability, have answered each of the above honestly and to the fullest extent of the truth.

Applicant's Name (type your applying pony's name, and be sure to supply a screenshot of the pony (close and facing camera) from in-game.)

X- Prince Nick


The Hide and Seek Tournament returns!

It has been 5 years since Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek began, thanks to our former host, Deceptive Cadence A.K.A Fancy Frosting, and this is now the 3rd Tournament... and it might be the last! I myself feel that a competition like this would not be very fitting for Legends of Equestria, since this game is supposed to bring together friendship and unity, and the tournament may be in the way of that. We hope that everyone will get along as we host the tournament one final time and possibly end it off on a good note.

I am Optic Rainfall, the host of this event, and here to help me out are my friends:
Wind Spray, Autumn Dawn, Shuffle, Tiny Tenderheart, Trixie Cutiepox and Lens Flare

We head for the Capital of Equestria, Cantermore, where we'll be playing within the city's walls. Compete for earning the highest scores and claim prizes and maybe one of you will be this year's new champion by taking 1st place. Be sure to understand the gameplay and follow the rules first if you want to have a better chance. We want everyone to play fair with each other.

For this year, I have added acorns to the prizes, and I know that you may not have an Earth Pony with a high enough Farming level, but I will give you the option if you want me to plant the acorns for you and claim them after they grow or you have them yourself when you earn your prizes. Each race has their own unique prizes for 1st to 6th place, and depending on your pony race you will be rewarded with prizes under that group. The following prizes will be rewarded to the top 6 participants with the highest scores:

1st place:
2x Aquamarine Acorns
5x Aquamarines
2x Citrine Acorns
5x Citrines
200x Magical Catalysts
100x Temporal Scraps
5x Legendary Infusions

Earth Pony
100x Rainbow Rose Seeds
144x Snapdragon Seeds
144x Moonfire Seeds

5000x Vapor Materia
5000x Energy Materia

120x Diamonds
48x Snapdragons
64x Bluebells

2nd place:
1x Aquamarine Acorn
5x Aquamarines
1x Citrine Acorn
5x Citrines
150x Magical Catalyst
75x Temporal Scraps
4x Legendary Infusions

Earth Pony
80x Rainbow Rose Seeds
100x Snapdragon Seeds
100x Moonfire Seeds

4000x Vapor Materia
4000x Energy Materia

80x Diamonds
32x Snapdragon
48x Bluebell

3rd place:
1x Aquamarine Acorn
1x Citrine Acorn
100x Magical Catalyst
50x Temporal Scraps
3x Legendary Infusions

Earth Pony
64x Rainbow Rose Seeds
80x Snapdragon Seeds
80x Moonfire Seeds

3000x Vapor Materia
3000x Energy Materia

50x Diamonds
16x Snapdragons
24x Bluebells

4th, 5th, 6th place:
8x Aquamarines
8x Citrines
75x Magical Catalyst
20x Temporal Scraps
1x Legendary Infusions

Earth Pony
24x Rainbow Rose Seeds
32x Snapdragon Seeds
32x Moonfire Seeds

1000x Vapor Materia
1000x Energy Materia

30x Diamonds
8x Snapdragons
16x Bluebells

This thread will guide you, explaining how you'll play in the Hide and Seek Tournament. Information about the schedule, guide, gameplay, rules, game modes, the map and scorings are down below for you to read through, so if you are participating in the event you'll need to understand and remember the details. There will be some quick reminders about how we play during the rounds of the game around the start, a lot of which will help my helpers when working on the scoresheet. Once you have read through everything you need to know about the Tournament you can place your Username (Optional) and the name of any pony character of your choice, and only one from your account, on the participation sheet in the document below so that we know who we're crediting and we'll have you listed for the Tournament. Be sure to tell your friends about it if they want to join. Applications will end at gathering time.

Participation Sheet:

Date: September 24th, 2022
Gathering Time: Saturday @ 4:30pm EST / 8:30pm GMT
Official Time: Saturday @ 5:00pm EST / 9:00pm GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Cantermore Town
Starting Area: University
Game modes: Normal, Chaos, Snuggle Pile and Bounty + Bonus Round

While you're ingame I'll announce in global chat every 10 minutes about where we are, starting at 4:30pm EST, which is at the University in the Town of Cantermore, and also the room's code, so be sure that when you arrive in Cantermore, check to see if you are in the right room, which is shown under your map. The participants will need to show up in between gathering time and the official time so that we can mark you down on the scoresheets to acknowledge that you are playing in the Tournament.

At official time, which is 5:00pm EST, we will begin the Tournament with our 1st round which will be Normal Mode, and then go in order with Chaos, Snuggle Pile and Bounty Mode, and then lastly we'll go into Bonus Round. All of those rounds will take place only in Cantermore inside the borders and one round for each game mode. We'll be having a 5-10 minute break after the Snuggle Pile round has ended. The overall time expectancy to play all of these rounds should take about 3 hours.

After we've played all 5 rounds we'll end the event by announcing the top scorers who came in 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place, and also a mystery prize to the player with the most hiders found, then me and the helpers will give out the prizes to each of them. Lastly, I will give a huge thanks to all my helpers for making this possible and then we'll have a group screenshot altogether outside the University to finish up.

Throughout the whole game, you are to stay in local chat to follow everything that goes on during each round. You are to stay outside the University near the fountain statue where I am before each round can begin and after they finish.

Before the start of each round, every participant must roll a 20-sided dice using the command: !roll 1d20 so that we can pick the ones with the highest rolls as our Prime Seekers. You'll have to reroll if you typed the incorrect roll command, or if we get a tie between two or more participants. Depending on how many participants will show up at the Tournament, we'll have multiple Prime Seekers if there are over 16 of us there. The Prime Seekers will hop in the fountain and face the wall once they have been picked, while the other participants, who will all be hiders, stand by them until I give the countdown for the round to begin.

As the round begins, the hiders will have 2 minutes to spread around the map, inside the borders, to find a spot where they can hide while the Prime Seekers will stay in the fountain at the University still facing against the wall. Once time is up, all hiders must sit, lay down or sleep in the spot they're hiding in so that we know they're hiding, and the Prime seekers will spread around the map finding all the hiders for 10 minutes.

There are some important things on what to do that you should keep in mind during each round, because this will help the managing of the scoresheets that the helpers are working on:
  • Every minute during a round, I'll announce how much time is left, and that's when I have a couple of my helpers to check all the hiders who are present and who are absent from the game.
  • As a seeker, whenever you find a hider you must call out in local chat by typing the word "Found" first and then type the hider's first name, since it will be easier to search for the names of every participant to mark down as they're listed in the scoresheet in alphabetical order. One hider will be added to your count of hiders that you've found in that round.
  • The hiders will become seekers right after they have been found and they will be marked down on the scoresheet depending on how many minutes are remaining.
  • At 3 minutes remaining, all hiders who have not been found yet must give out a hint on their whereabouts, and when doing so in the chat, type in the word "Hint:" first, so that one of my helpers is able to find it easily, and then type in what your hint is along with it. Each minute that goes by without you giving out a hint will lose you some points.
The round will be declared over when all hiders on the map have been found or when 10 minutes of seeking time have passed, and then we'll all gather outside the University again to start a new round with a different game mode.

These rules will help keep the game in a fair condition when everyone is playing. If any of these rules are broken by one of the participants during each round they will receive penalties that could cost them their place on the scoresheet, so please read through each of them carefully.
  • No flying, teleporting or backwards bunny hopping.
  • No using jumping boots, climbing boots, ice skates, and any equipment that can boost your stats including crafted armor with harmonies, lanterns and the dandelion bracelet. Food items and potions are also prohibited.
  • No changing rooms
  • No using the train station or the portals that transport you to another map. Portals such as the ones that take you to the Library and University.
  • No using shortcut portals that take you outside of the borders.
  • No using the commands:
- /faint
- /cinematicmode or /cc
- /playercollision or /cc
- /stuck
- /bye or /logout
- /playervisible
  • No using any glitches that allows you to go through walls or the ground.
  • No hiding in water or in places that are disallowed or out-of-bounds. See under maps to know these areas. There are also purple terrains on mountains and brown terrains around the lakes with waterfalls that are not allowed to hide on.
  • Falling off the map isn't a strict rule, whether you did it by mistake or if you're stuck and have nowhere to go, but it can cost you a few points.
  • As a hider, do not move out of your spot right after 2 minutes of hiding time at the start of the round until you are found.
  • You are not allowed to tell anyone about where others are hiding or setting off candy showers or anything of the sort.
  • Do not press the tab key when searching for hiders.
  • No giving out hints that are very vague or misleading.
  • Do not trick me and my helpers in the chat, like saying that you found a hider when you didn't, or announcing how much time is left, or even falsely accusing someone of cheating.
  • You must roll for Prime Seeker at the start of each round, but if you've already seeked then there's no need to roll again

I will mention some things that are allowed if you're confused about some of these rules:
  • You are allowed to bunny hop when sprinting forwards, but don't go backwards when doing so.
  • You are fine to climb up walls without the use of climbing boots.
  • The commands that can be allowed to use are /sit, /lay and /sleep for when you want to hide in your spot.
  • Shortcut portals that take you to places within the borders are allowed to use.
  • The game modes below can determine whether the rules above can change, so read through them to learn more.
  • The 2nd round, which is Chaos Mode, will be the only time when the participants who have already rolled for Prime Seeker will not have to roll again, since in Snuggle Pile Mode you will have to roll for being a Prime Hider, and in Bounty Mode you'll need to roll for how much your bounty is worth.

The Map:
Spoiler: Map of Cantermore Town • show

We'll only be playing in the Town part of Cantermore, and outside the walls will be out-of-bounds, including the Castle area and around the Gala Hall. You are also not allowed to pass the bridge over the river that leads to the Castle. So you must stay within the walls and not enter the shortcut portals next to the gates during a round. You can, however, use the shortcut portals found at the University, Hospital and Flan's Cafe. Outside the lines around the town marked in orange are out-of-bounds for hiding, including underneath the University and the small areas of both waterfalls, so please keep in mind that if you're hiding you are to stay within those borders.

There are disallowed spots inside the borders of the town where you shouldn't hide, unless flying or teleporting are enabled as well as equipping Climbing boots, Jumping boots or Enchanted Ice Skates. These places are:
  • The top of the Court House
  • The top of the Ceremonial Building
  • The top level of the Culture Center (The round building next to Micro Transaction)
  • The rooftop of the tall building of the Gate to Gala Hall
  • The rooftops of the towers built along the walls
  • The rooftops of the two tallest towers of the University
  • On top of the big tree near the Gazebo

We'll need confirmation of how you got to your hiding spot if we are suspicious that you might have flown or teleported to one.

Game modes:
Here you will know how each of these game modes are played for each round.

As the name suggests, it is just normal Hide and Seek. Both the gameplay and the rules are all there to explain how this game mode will work.

Both hiders and seekers are allowed to do flying, teleporting and backwards hopping and they can also equip their climbing boots, jumping boots or enchanted ice skates. However they're still not allowed to use any items or equipment that boost their stats. The disallowed spots are now free to hide in, but you still cannot hide in the water or in the out-of-bounds areas.

Snuggle Pile
This is the reverse version of Normal Mode. Before the start of the round every participant must roll this time for being a Prime Hider. We might have multiple Prime Hiders if there are over 16 participants who are ingame. All of the seekers will stay in the fountain at the University while our Prime Hiders will find a spot that should be separate from each other on the map to hide in, with the same time length of 2 minutes as well as for seeking time which is 10 minutes. The Prime Hiders will not become seekers once found, but instead the seekers must hide with one of them when they find one.

Every participant playing this game mode will need to roll before the start of the round even if they've already rolled for Prime Seeker, because those rolls can be converted into points depending on what you've achieved in the round, which you can look under scorings to find out more about it. The ones with the low rolls will have other bounties that can be awarded to all the seekers that will give them advantages on finding the players. There should be 8 of them, which I will list them below:
8 - 15 seconds
7 - Allowed to use Jumping boots and Climbing boots
6 - 30 seconds
5 - Hints at the next minute
4 - 45 seconds added
3 - Enable Teleporting
2 - Enable Flying
1 - 75 seconds added

It is possible for Bounty Mode to go on for more than 10 minutes during seeking time since finding hiders with low rolls could add more time. The time will still go on for 10 minutes, and then the added time will start counting down to continue the round. If someone with a 5 is found then all hiders must prepare for giving out a hint at the next minute I announce or else you will lose points if you don't.

Bonus Round
The helpers who are ingame, including me (The Host), will now play in this round with the participants. At the start of the round, it will be Normal Mode for most of the time. All of us will be hiding around the town by finding a spot for 2 minutes while all participants stay in the fountain at the University, and afterwards it will be your job for each of you individually to find as many of us as you can. How this will work exactly is whenever a participant finds one of the helpers they won't become a seeker but instead they will stay in their spot and let the rest of the participants find them, while you find the rest of the helpers that you haven't found yet. If you do find any of us, you can announce it in local chat or you can whisper to the one you found and you will be listed down from that helper. The round will go on for 8 minutes and hints from the helpers will be given at 4 minutes and then at 2 minutes everyone can fly, teleport, backwards bunny hop and use climbing/jumping boots, A.K.A Chaos Mode.

Knowing how to earn these points will help you climb up the leaderboard, but you can also lose points as well if you've broken any rules which will cost you your place. Here's how you can earn or lose points from each of the game modes in this Tournament:

  • Hidden on each minute that passes
  • Hidden until the end of the round
  • Being the last hider
  • Found a hider as a seeker
  • Haven't rolled
  • Not being present in the game as a hider
  • Haven't given out a hint on each minute after 3 minutes remaining while still hidden
  • Fall off the map
As a hider, if you are found you would earn points and you'll get even more points if you are found after most hiders have been found. For example: if you are the 6th hider found you would have more points than the 1st to 5th hiders who were found, but you would have less points than the ones who were found from 7th to last.

Snuggle Pile
Prime Hiders will earn a huge amount of points when picked, but during the round, they will lose a small fraction for each seeker that finds them. The seekers will earn points if they find one of the Prime Hiders and will keep earning more after each minute that passes.

The number you rolled from the start of the round will be bounties converted into points, but they can only be earned or taken by the following:
  • Hidden until the end of the round
  • Found a hider
  • Winning a round as a Prime Seeker
You'll still earn points like in Normal and Chaos Mode, with the addition of earning some if you were found as a hider after 10 minutes have passed if there's more time been added. For seekers, they will earn less points when finding a hider but they will still earn some from the bounties of each of the hiders they found.

Bonus Round
All helpers give you the same amount of points if you find any of them, but those points are much less than you gain in Normal Mode. However, you'll also earn bonus points depending on how many minutes are remaining. Those bonus points will decrease as the minutes go by and they'll decrease more at 4 minutes when hints are given, and 2 minutes when it's Chaos Mode. There are no extra points given depending on the order of who found which helper first.

All the results and screenshots will be posted under this thread. We wish you all the best of luck in this event. Have fun!
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