Hello everypony... also, help?

Started by BeautifulHorse, 2021 Nov 05, 22:12:43

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2021 Nov 05, 22:12:43 Last Edit: 2021 Nov 05, 22:18:17 by BeautifulHorse
Hi everypony! So, I'm new to this, very excited to play, but I have a bit of a situation...

I've just downloaded the android version of this game in the hope that I will be able to play it on my chromebook, and I can't interact with anything. I've tried clicking, I've tried looking up tutorials, I've tried searching the forums to see if there was any other topic related to this (I couldn't find any).

Also, if I click on something (chat, journal etc), it does not go away, no matter where I click. Help?
Thanks in advance for the answers. I'll be checking back here often.

Above: the door I can't seem to interact with

Max Wind

I personally would advise you to report this to the LoE team, because I'm playing on the PC version and I don´t know much about the android version. Maybe it´s because your Chromebook is not designed to play games? Here´s how to report a bug: https://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=16754.0
And also, hello in the LoE world  :D   :3 

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