Hello ponies :)

Started by Atrianas, 2021 May 18, 18:26:18

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Bonjour  :o 

I'm a French brony of 25 years old which loves writing  :D  I discovered MLP in 2019, so pretty late, but since then I really enjoy being part of this fandom. You ponies are awesome uwu. I might try to write and share a FIM fanfiction one day or another.

I'm also an absolute lover of Minecraft and I really enjoy playing on Bronytales, a very friendly brony server

IRL I'm a phD student in robotics and artificial vision, and I dig into programming. I know Unity a bit and I've started to program a little game on Game Maker ^^

I hope I could meet you all very soon.

I might often play in LoE as my main OC Candle Light, a unicorn which works at a tiny library of the Crystal Empire ^^

See you around :)


Small library with a big cave filled with peculiar Crystal Kingdom beasts. ^_^ Fix the gait and build proper robotic pony! The Dynamics "cheetah" runs like a pig.

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