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Started by Antibet, 2021 May 09, 18:34:28

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I found this game no too long ago and start playing am get lost realy fast.
In comperesing to MMO like WOW, that is realy old (2004), its hase veard UI, beginer Quests and very, VERY empty world and some visual bugs i came in to contact in first  2 houres.
It could have beeter UI - its hard to adjust and after adjusting and entering new location it comes back to size before i touched it.
After first Quests at the beginning of the adventure i did not has any new ones, i cant found them on the map, and i cant even open map and im stuck with minimap.
Its very emty i entered at the time then there was no players on a server, somehow, and world looked very empty and dead. few ponies around Quest locations and stores. None walking streats.

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