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Started by Lemon Star, 2020 Oct 01, 05:22:55

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Lemon Star

New player here! I'm from Spain and my character is a medical talent unicorn named Lemon Star. I'm playing in American server because there are more players. English is not my mother language but i'm trying my best, sorry if something I say doesnt make sense. I've been playing for 4-5 days and i'm enjoying the game so far! I have played a lot of mmorpg, but i had to give a try to this one. I have to say its totally worthy. Community is very nice and have helped me a lot to learn the basics. I want to give special thanks to a pony named Orange Burst, which greatly helped me in Evershade forest when he saw me killing bushes around, you are awesome! I hope to make more friends to enjoy playing with, see you all in game.

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