Hi, new to the game uwu

Started by Lizxiely, 2020 Apr 03, 22:52:05

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So I'm pretty sure I heard about this game about 6-7 years ago but I never got to play it since my young mind didn't know how to download a game lol. I finally got to check this one out and play this game out of boredom, and I think it's pretty nice~ I wish that this community would be more active, though. I've been playing for a couple hours so far and I haven't seen any players around. ;-;

I've been a MLP fan for as long as I can remember, to ^^ My Favorite Pony has always been Rainbow Dash <3

I hope I will enjoy myself here!! :D


Hi, is it normal for me to stay on the server listing all the time? it keeps downloading things but they never load help please

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