Eternal Winter: The Everfrost Mountain Sign-In Thread

Started by Julien999, 2017 Dec 09, 21:34:45

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Welcome to the n-ice-st thread of them all! Just kidding...

Hello everyone, welcome to my RP. It's the second time I make a RP (or is it the third? I forgot).
I am apologing in advance because I am not really good at writing and because english isn't my first language, but I am trying my best to write what I can.
Spoiler: Story • show

[quote author=Julien999 link=msg=1025829 date=1512873252]
Perfect time with perfect temperature! . . . Yes. Zero celsius here in France while Winter is not here yet since a week...
It is a normal day like always on Equestria and ponies are awaiting for the winter season to come up in the following (three) weeks.
The ponies, even still at the end of autumn, are already talking about Heart's Warming Eve and the possible gifts they could get or give for this year's event.

Today, pegasi has planed for a great sunny day like any days. The earth ponies are already starting to gather enough foods for everypony.

It is a normal day like any days. Well, that's what everypony believed before a big puff of cold air touched their coat. Nopony knows what was this cold and realize a bit later that everything is starting to freeze as the degree is droping to zero with a sudden blizzards coming at their sight. In no time, Equestria is now covered of snow.

Nopony ever seen a winter coming so early and they do not know what is causing this extreme cold. Ponies or other creatures living in Equestria need to localize the problem and find a way to restore the normal weather of Equestria to avoid freezing in this possible endless winter.

Your adventure might start inside the cave with this big creature or you are already at another safe place or you can't do anything because you are frozen.

So, you are here because you find interest about this title?
Basic informations like names, gender, race and colors are the must. You can point out their age or if it's a child/teenage/adult to avoid some mistake.
You can always add some informations that might be useful or knowing your character better.
Spoiler: Possible safe/temporary areas • show

The dragon's cave : One of the safest cave in the middle of nowhere, not far from Ponyville. The dragon living in that place seems friendly enough to let the ponies inside as long as they don't cause trouble to him. As a result, there is, not really, a door made from a cloth where the refugees are behind it with some fire camps. There are still ponies coming in from nearby villages.
Crystal Empire: With the love the crystal ponies are sharing, it is producing enough power for the Crystal Heart to push back the cold of the North and even this strange cold that ravaged Equestria. But it doesn't mean that one is completely safe, so there are guards at the range limit of the Heart's effect to report the situation ever since a messenger came there to let them know the current situation.
Canterlot: The two princesses, upon witnessing the strange temperature dropping down to zero celcius, created a shield to protect the ponies within. It is not sure if the shield alone can hold it for much longer, and so ponies are preparing their winter outfit and fight off the cold when they need to.

While the big cities had their ways, some do not manage to reach them, so they end up in some random caves to protect themselves and better prepare with what they have.

There can also be your's little safe place that you can share as long as your imagination/idea is good.

Peace Keeper

A snowy land in the deep freeze. Ima take a roll in this RP. Was kinda debating who would fit and here is my selection for this RP

Name: Cheveyo
Gender: Male/Stallion
Race: Earth
Age: 30
Appearance: metallic black coat. Silver and white mane and tail, medium length and scruffy. Gold eye color. Weats a red bandana and red face paint. Cutie mark is an ax. Yellow slash marks next to his cutie mark are pony made.
Background: Former henchpony of Ahuizotl and head guardian of his tribe. He also likes nature and good with talking to animals. Wields an enchanted ax that can communicate with spirits and can obtain the mind and skill of any single spirit. Does not affect his physical attributes such as speed, strength, or magic, just knowledge.

I did a dice roll on which 3 places I would be, and I will start in the cave with the monster.
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Your character is OK to be in. I need to add up some of mine here too. Just surprised there is just you who is here for now. Opal might join a bit later..

Spoiler: Snow Frost • show

Name: Snow Frost
Age: Somewhere as a teenage or adult. More likely a adult.
Gender: Female
Race: A crystal unicorn when she has enough love or when she is in crystal empire. Other wise, it's just a unicorn. (?)
Appearance: Blue ice coat, snow like mane. Her cutie mark is a snowflake.
Other: Due to a problem in her past, she trained herself to control her own power and became a ice mage. Some believed that she, in the past, wasn't a pony but another creature who is font of cold weather.

Spoiler: The red dragon • show

Named: Flame by some ponies
Size: 3 times larger than a large pony.
Gender: Male
Race: A red fire dragon
Appearance: Nothing particular, just a red big dragon.
Other: With a size this big, it is not a good idea to anger him. Especially if he is easy to anger. He doesn't care if a pony walks in his territory as long as they don't cause trouble.
There are some particular ponies that he likes.

Spoiler: Natura Leaf • show

Name: Natura Leaf
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Race: A unicorn.
Appearance: Her coat is green, and her mane is green like leaf.
Other: A kind mare who prefer to be calm and try things. She has some knowledge at potion making. She is often seen going to a cave visiting a dragon with foods.

Spoiler: Special • show

Because Cheveyo has the ability, he allows the other RPs to see some hidden texts. The characters will be, unless have similar ability, unable to see her.

Name: Gold Dust.
Gender Female
Race: Once a crystal pony, now somekind of a ghost.
Appearance: As a ghost, it's just white ghost. She has a medium/long mane and tail. When she was still a mare in life, she had a gold coat and yellow orange mane.
Other: She only follow those who poccess a special stone or force, and maybe those who she can trust.

Odd One

This would be a great way to test my new OC (Who really hates the cold, mind you XP ) I'll try it out. And seeing how he's a miner, I'm gonna go with him being in a cave.

Name: Roach Mojave
Sex: Stallion
Age: 25
Species: Earth
Eye Color: Silver
Coat: Dull Brown
Mane/Tail: Dark grey (Almost black)
Physique: Roach has a moderate tone and muscle build to him from living in the badlands. Excessive exposure to the sun has given him freckles on some of his exposed features (Face, hooves, chest) In place of regular teeth, due to an accident a few years back, he has been fitted with a set of durable steel chompers.
Cutie Mark: A steel pick hammer, pointed end embedded into stone


Quote from: Odd One on 2017 Dec 17, 11:17:49This would be a great way to test my new OC (Who really hates the cold, mind you XP ) I'll try it out. And seeing how he's a miner, I'm gonna go with him being in a cave.
Ok! Thought I am not sure which cave you mean. It could be any caves!

Added possible locations in the first post as a idea/way to start, so a RPer's character will not need to appear only to one place. You are still free to write down your little safe area or whatever. Remember that the only limit in writting things/stories is your imagination.


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Since I never got to fully flesh out Dusk, my only female OC, I feel like this would be a great chance for that!
Name: Dusk Evershade
Sex: Mare
Age: 19
Species: Earth
Eye Color: Purple-ish or Magenta
Coat: Light Purple
Mane/Tail: Royal Purple and Aquamarine
Physique: Very lacking in strength, even though she is an earth pony.
Personality: Very introverted, yet very knowledgeable. However, can become flirtatious around a stallion.
Cutie Mark: Ink Well w/ Feather and Book.
Special Perks: Although she is an Earth Pony, she has studied in magic and learned how to use magic through many spell books. (However, she can't cast spells without a book and the spell to chant with her. (For Example, she needs the levitation spell in front of her to cast it.)) She also writes her own spells for things like farming and cooking. Besides Ponish, she knows how to fluently speak Old Ponish, Minotaurian (Minotaur's language) and Dragon.
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Quote from: _BlazingInfinity on 2017 Dec 17, 16:19:48Since I never got to fully flesh out Dusk, my only female OC, I feel like this would be a great chance for that!
Wow, didn't expect to receive this many in one day after having no one signing up for a week. (Ok maybe Peace)

Anyway, your character is interesting like the others. It's OK.
The question will be where. Any imagination you have to share?


That moment when you realize that you are an apple...
Toast is amazing.

Odd One

Friendship within the mines... Sounds creepy...I LOVE IT!!!


That moment when you realize that you are an apple...
Toast is amazing.

Peace Keeper

Looks like we all in a good start x3. I shall start now.
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Heeeeeeere comes Opal!

Name: Arctic Opal
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Backstory: Opal grew up in Luna Bay, among a small village of mages.  When she was young, she fell in love with a batpony guard, who she became engaged to a few years later.  Due to a terrible accident, her fiancĂ© was lost just 2 weeks before her wedding day.  Devastated, she ran away to live in the mountains, and became the guardian of the many ice caves that could be found there.
Location: A remote cave outside in the mountains surrounding the Crystal Empire
(Formerly known as Purple)


Your character is OK, Sparkle Chord!

So... I am wondering if I should open a OOC and discus about the ideas all of you had in mind for this RP?

Odd One

That would probably be a good idea. That way we can work out a direction we want this to go, rather than moving without aim and having it go all over the place.

Nightshade Star

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Am I on time?


Name: Flare Moon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Has a silver coat and a messy gold and orange mane and tail.
Race: Unicorn
Special Perks: Primarily harnesses fire magic, but a bit weaker in a time like this.
Personality: Kinda bossy, Flare is the type who yellls when something's gonna happen. He is also silly at times.
Backstory: Growing up in a small village, he had hated his parents and ran away to an isolated island, and practiced fire magic. He starts feeling alone, and leaves there to make an opportunity to have a social life. He adapted and learned what he has to act like, and now usually lives a normal life, while still doing stunts with fire, and making sure his house is fireproof before buying it.
Other: Has a collar that helps him control his magic, because it goes awry a lot.


Hue..long time no see peeps :]

Name: LunarDusk
Height:82 cm
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Talent: Excels best in offensive elemental magic but favors the use of mostly ice magic as it suits him yet have had the occasion of some being made of nitrogen for the sake of nulling or mitigating flames
"[glow=blue,2,300]Hue Lunar Dusk archmage of the EverFree at your service.[/glow]"
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Ok I am back. I really am wasting all of your time so I really need to apologize.

Both Flare Moon and LunarDusk are accepted. ( @Nightshade Star , @LunarDusk )

Also, yeah, that's a long time.


Hope it's not too late to jump in here, and that there are still ponies in the crystal kingdom. Where I think my character will best fit.
(I'm new to forum role play and felt weird jumping in one 200 pages long)

(He's also the one depicted in my profile, and on the oc page)

Spoiler: show

Name: Encore
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Stallion
Age: Young Adult
Talent: Theatre (smiling theatre masks cutie mark)
Appearance: A creamy yellow coat with chestnut mane

Personality/Backstory: A caring fellow who always wants to help his friends, or anypony for that matter.
The small time theatre pony had lived in Ponyville when the first signs of frost began to set in.
     He had heard of refuge in canterlot and even in the crystal kingdom. He had begun heading toward the first, it being the closer. However on the way, as one tends to think a lot when there is little else to do, he realized he wanted to help where he could. In canterlot he would we welcome and warm true, but for his unique talent he could actually help in the crystal kingdom. Keep in ponies lighthearted an jovial, not to mention safe, with his trade.
     His mind set, he made to change course without delay.

You can decide if he starts there or maybe got stuck along the way. I'm not exactly sure where to jump in to be honest.

Thank you, and goodnight

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