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Off-Topic / Re: Favorite Quotes
2021 Aug 12, 19:02:27
A quote from... Where?
Video Games / Re: Your favorite video game?
2021 Aug 12, 18:09:14
Huh, I never expected for anypony to actually reply to some of the old posts in the forum but, I'm glad that some of us are! Anyway, I have a few video games that I really like but, so far my favorite video games are the following but, I might drop many of them in order to try and focus on Legends of Equestria more; Roblox, The Isle, Among Us, Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts 2, Sonic: Unleashed, Okami H.D., Rocket League... Gosh, I have so many that I can't seem to remember all of them!   >A<
Success to the mobile application version being brought into existance!
I'll be concentrating on reconstructing my art style so that I can apply for the two-dimensional art department! Wish me luck everypony!
Introductions / Re: Tally-ho!
2020 Jan 27, 14:02:10
Hi! Welcome back!
Hi there sweet pony! Welcome to the official forum thread for Cantermore City! The city in Equestria that is high up in the mountains! We are a city with a small but growing population of ponies looking into meet new friends.

We are not snobs like you think we are! Just because we are rich, for shame! We just have pride in being the most expensive place in Equestria! Maybe...

There isn't much to say right now other than we also have a career system in place AND it can be found in our official Discord right here!

Introductions / Re: Hi!
2020 Jan 24, 13:59:53
Quote from: bathroomdox on 2020 Jan 24, 07:22:16We are will  promptly and  successfully  generate a  guarantee  Premium  remodelling manhattan.
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Excuse me? What is this? Seems like a odd place to advertise such stuff! Also, hello Lucky Heart!
Hello! Sorry that you did not get a reply on this issue! The launcher for Legends of Equestria has been taken down due to so many issues with it! Try downloading Legends of Equestria directly!

If you do manage to begin playing the game, send me a friend request so we can be friends in Equestria!
Introductions / Re: 1st time?
2020 Jan 23, 21:01:20
Introductions / Re: Nostalgia
2020 Jan 23, 21:01:03
Hello! Welcome back to the world of Legends of Equestria!
Introductions / Hello Everypony!
2020 Jan 23, 19:52:18
Hello there everypony! ^-^

Oh my, it has been a while since I have registered onto the forumsl webpage and into the game itself and I have not even introduced myself to anypony here! Shame on me! I am going to do that right now! X3

I am so glad to actually be apart of the Legends of Equestria community! I hope everypony here also views this fact to be positive! My username is xLeadMarex as you can obviously tell and I am a typical My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan who is actually in desperate interest for some friends to have! I am a artist of student level of expertise that I typically display via anime artwork or realistic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic artwork on DeviantART! I do not know everything that I am supposed to share here as I am not able to think thoroughly so late at night so this is all I am going to share for right now.

I will now proceed to concentrate on exploring through the entirety of the Legends of Equestria forum webpage while also decorating my Legends of Equestria account! Here are some of my accounts that you can find me on!

DeviantART: xLeadMarex
Discord: xLeadMarex#4465
YouTube: xLeadMarex

I hope you will take the time to find me on any of these accounts and try to get to know me a little bit more! In return, I will share everything about myself to you as a token of our friendship! <3
Yay! I am absolutely happy that there is a more useful compass map! Though now that I look at the compass map in excessive detail, I noticed how empty and lonely every single place is. There is barely any icons on there and I am now wondering if there will ever be more usable locations or at least more icons for many locations even if they can not be used by players.

Maybe there could be a house icon for any houses with interiors in them! While notable locations such as the auction house in Ponydale could have a star or their very own customized icon!

This is just a very small idea that will most likely might require a whole lot of time and effort put into it, sorry if this sounds like a stupid idea to consider.