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Canterlot Archives / (open Romance Rp)
2015 Sep 01, 12:23:52
*I walk alone in the rain enjoying it quietly as I walk I think to myself* it's gloomy today....must be a good day for me
Music Archive / (my life in a song)
2015 Aug 25, 17:16:18
the way it all started when I was 4
I always had to mourn
father was gone mother was workin
me and my sis always hurtin
keep the peace my granddad says
you'll be a superstar one day.....

yeah when I was 8
it was life that I really hate
my stepdad had a problem with
the way I played doesn't matter what time of day
I was always late... til I hear my mom say
one day you'll be a superstar....

now I'm 19 and life is goin great
I'm a superstar in everyone's eyes
can you blame me
mlp is my thing now
it saved me from my bad life now
can you blame me? you can't get me down now
walk with me and my lifestyle cause were family
please believe in me.....*walks off stage*
Music Archive / The Sad Inspiration Rap
2015 Aug 10, 21:26:29
No it's not enough
sometimes life is
just a bust
cheatin the rest of us
throwin stones at our faces
some many pleasant places
with so many races
can you see her cryin
sayin theres no point in lyin
as she fakes her smilin
just to keep it all in...

so...let it in
the day is callin over
the night is stallin
doesn't matter now
so let's all fall in
boots on the ground as he carries his gun
his office is in the battlefield under the sun
he's hardwired to fight even though he's young
as the Sargent say's welcome to the army son.
tears stream down his face
as he's fightin another race
as he keeps his pace
for the promise of a welcome home............
(hey hit me back if you like this I need more ideas message me)
Music Archive / the sad inspiration rap
2015 Aug 06, 08:50:22
No it's just not enough
sometimes life is just a big bust
doesn't matter where you stand
I'll lend a helpin hand
can you hear her cryin
in the dark
she's just walkin alone
in the park
Suddenly a hand reaches out
She then asks is this my way out?
I take her hand before she blacks out...

The only way  to see the prize
Is to wake and open your third eye
It doesn't matter if you lose your mind
Common sense isn't  to much to lose
Even when your family is havin a feud
your language become so lewd
does it really bother you?
Music Archive / Any ideas?
2015 Aug 04, 13:45:02
So I need help... I gotta pretty angry girl and I wanna tell her i'm sorry through my lyrics and right now I cant think of anything good can someone help
Music Archive / Know any songs?
2015 Jul 23, 21:03:18
Does anypony know any kind of song that I can listen in the dark cause I game at night and it bores me gaming quietly lol post your songs below!!!!!best song wins!!!!!!
*I  stand at the foot of a cliff as the war between pony folk and changlings still rages on as I put my headphones in and take out a subatomic bass cannon as I jam to my beat I aim and cock and squeeze before I fire I say* as the darkness comes it leaves just as fast as it comes
Canterlot Archives / (Open Romance Rp)
2015 Jul 18, 13:33:01
*I walk down the street with a guitar in one hoof in the other a guitar pick while I strum a sad spainish tune*
*Celestia and her Royal Army are getting ready to go to battle for Equestria to fight for there freedom from the clutches of Nightmare Moon as time isn't on anyones side the moon and sun at any given moment will collide*
*I stay locked up in the princesses guest room with fire-proof everything cause my mane is made of flames I'm an extinct breed of fire-pony I am the last one and the call me "Red". but my real name is Sebastian. sometimes princess Celestia sends me on special missions to save the mane 6*
I just moved away from a bad place to a good place in Ponyville moved into a small cottage at the edge of town I one day waunder into town to explore and get groceries*

Blaze:hmmm... where is the grocery store
 ovO *you wake up in a forest with another pony next to you but the forest your in isn't the Everfree forest it's...darker and you need to find your way out and you need to untie yourself while the other pony is unconsious
*I sit on a bench in the park in ponyville after the bad breakup I put my face into my hooves and sob while it starts to rain soaking my black mane just enough to hide my tears but it isn't enough to hide the pain *
*as my Character Dj Blaze sets up his gear he gets challenged to a Dj battle*
anyone can sign up for this comment first to let me know when to start  ovO :3 0:) <3
[glow=red,2,300][/glow] getting back to the past where I belong the future I just saved what else can I live in a blue box inside the size of a cave. Show up at parties turn it into an intersteller Rave as I sit and thank all my companions coming with me to the future and past as I say lets make this last.
Who wants to go to the Dj face off in the upcoming summer vacation ?
Introductions Archive / I-Im New To this
2015 Jun 15, 18:55:15
Hi I'm Azazial Mestopholese Rodriquez im so glad I found this site well hit me up if you wanna chat or somthin
Speaker: Welcome fillies and colts! to Wonderland! Where all your dreams and or nightmares (static interference) comes to life! remember have fun! and enjoy losing your mind ! on this (static interference) fantastic adventure! And don't forget to visit the hatter and his shop!

*I wake up chained to a chair as I'm forced to watch people pass by as I wait for someone to see me and hear me*
*a scientist sits in the corner of his lab figuring out how to build a weapon energized entirely by dubstep but every attempt has failed*
Music Archive / Characters
2015 Jun 14, 18:35:12
My pick would have to be Vinyl and Fluttershy. why you ask cause I adore them both! isn't that reason enough? :D ovO :3