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This is so exciting! I can't wait to start playing with everypony and helping to keep the peace! [emoji178]

While the game isn't done yet, I want to give a special, warm thank you to everypony who's contributed to the game, both past and present. If not for the tireless work and dedication of every artist, programmer, game designer, musician, voice actor, and every other team member, we wouldn't have made it to where we are now: a functioning MMO that's entirely fan made and free! :D

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Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Game Progress?
2017 May 04, 19:34:20
The game is being worked on for sure, but I'm not allowed to say any more than that!

I agree in that there ought to be more news/progress/posts that should be made. Don't wanna kill the hype train! I think that's a PR thing though.

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This is so exciting!! It's been a long time coming, but I'm sure with this new stream of feedback and help from other players, the game will progress faster than ever! (At least that's my guess)

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General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 12, 02:56:19
Quote from: KrissyG05 on 2016 Jul 11, 07:20:51
This is very great to hear!!! :D But a question, what about a download?

The download will probably be there on the day of the OSW, if not a day or two before it starts.

Keep an eye out for news! :D
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 11, 05:45:23
Quote from: Gamepaw on 2016 Jul 11, 03:22:10
What will happen with the Chatbox? Both during the OSW and the server release in December.

During OSW's, the Chatbox usually disappears for a little bit. Give or take one or two days after the OSW, so us moderators can recuperate from being so gosh darn vigilant! (Not that we aren't already vigilant all the time, but we tend to go into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE whenever OSW's take place)

As for December, LoE will only be entering a limited release. I'm sure that most people who apply will be able to get in the game, but there may be some who do not but still wish to use the chat box. I can't say for certain since I'm not in charge of opening/closing the chat, but my guess is that the Chat Box will remain open until the game is no longer limited.
It's nice to see that some of our long-time forum users are now on the development team! :nod:
Quote from: tigergirl09 on 2016 May 08, 15:03:47
When are you going to make the next open server weekend???    :D

Nobody knows! :)

We will post a new thread announcing it when we do, so be sure to check back here every now and then! (or you can follow us on twitter, facebook, etc!)
Quote from: tigergirl09 on 2016 May 08, 14:31:54
Do we have to write a story ar what?  :\ . I mean, I don't know what is it!!!!  X3

I am going to read it again...   :l

A story? I'm not sure what you mean.

This thread was made just to let everyone know that Legends of Equestria has reached its "Alpha" stage of development. Previously, we had only been in "pre-alpha" for a really long time.

Basically it means we're making progress, and we put out a new trailer to celebrate! :D You can watch it on or youtube channel or by looking at the first page again.
I'm playing it, but the game crashes for me every single time I try to do a quest. I'm able to complete quests, yeah, but they crash whenever I "start" one. So I have to jump back into the game every single time just to continue it!

I think it's because my phone is an older model X3
Quote from: Dancing Tide on 2016 Mar 30, 21:09:48
Any chance for hiring a writer? I have over ten years experience and many referrals in and out of the fandom.

Please read the first page, it tells you who exactly we're looking for at the moment :)

From what I can tell we aren't looking for writers in the story kind of way, but we are looking for a Systems designer which does require some ability to write:
QuoteSystems designers should have the ability to form clear, concise, to-the-point written work which quickly and efficiently describes a complex system to programmers, writers, or other relevant team members. Applicants should be able to design the technical formulation behind conventional experience, leveling, crafting, and ability systems. knowledge of excel for tables, graphs, and formulas is a huge plus. Please email [email protected] with links to examples of your work.
I play Mabinogi, & sometimes DayZ or Tera :)

I don't know of any MLP guilds though!
Those images are fake, trust me X3

The new Issue of CoroCoro already came out, all they did was talk about a promotion with Volcanion.

I usually check Serebii since they don't actually post any leaks until they've been confirmed as non-fabricated ^-^
Quote from: KirbyFluttershy on 2016 Feb 29, 13:13:01
Well people have been asking what the region in Sun & Moon version will be like, but that kind of question will be answered in E3 2016. Most of the questions that people ask about Sun & moon has to be revealed in E3 2016.

From what I've seen on image boards, there's a handful of people who think that the new region might be Tropical/Sub-Tropical. I would post the relevant imagery, but it includes language that I cannot share here.

Lets just say that there are some snippets from trailer that could allude to that being the case, but it's still too soon to say. Kalos in particular had totally different environments depending on what route or town you're in...

So yeah you're right, it's best to wait for more info :)

Quote from: KirbyFluttershy on 2016 Feb 29, 13:13:01
I did notice that people are too excited or hyped up for the sun & moon versions, but even though they shouldn't do that in terms of the version exclusive pokemon they should know about first before buying sun & moon (or both) versions. It's true that we can use GTS or have a friend trustworthy enough to trade for a exclusive pokemon although Wonder Trades will get you the chance of getting that exclusive pokemon since you'll never know what you'll get.

My little sister is fan of Sailor Moon (and Full Moon wo Sagash'te) so I'm guessing she'll get Moon. If that's the case, then I'm probably going to get Sun.

Plus I'm a huge fan of Princess Celestia, so Sun would be appropriate :celestia:
Since I've seen this fan theory circulating around the net, I'm hoping that Pokemon SuMo is going to be a dual-region type of game. That is, it is a game that takes place in a new region, but allows us to visit an old one, like, say, Kalos for example.

It would explain why Kalos has a train station that we never get to use, and one of the city's land marks is a gigantic Sundial. It is also said that some cities even have Moondials as well!

Not to mention Zygarde is a solar-powered Pokemon that was really under-utilized in Pokemon X & Y. Granted we've had this type of unspoken legendary pop up in games before, but the new movie hyped up its other forms so much, it'd be a shame not to use them in the main-series games.

If they are dual-regions, I hope they have clothing shops like they did in Kalos :3 I really wanna dress up my trainer again!
Video Games Archive / Re: VRMMORPG
2016 Feb 24, 01:44:37
Sweet! A chance for me to flex my VR nerd muscles! *cracks shoulders and neck* Okay here we go~

A video game on the same, grand scale as the ones shown in SAO isn't impossible to pull off. Imagine a game with the kind of immersive Sound Design that GTAV has, (PBS Game/Show has a video about GTA's sound design on youtube) along with realistic lighting & environment textures...combine that with attractive anime style character models that have a soft cel-shaded look, along with all of the world building, monsters, quests, GUI, etc; and you pretty much have an SAO experience. It's not something that's easy to make, but with the right talent on board, it's a do-able thing.

Making that in a VRMMORPG is a little trickier. For some people, VR automatically means motion sickness, and while that is steadily being phased out, it crops back up again if you're in a massively multiplayer online game. Even high end computers experience lag in MMO's sometimes, so imagine you're in VR and you're fighting a monster and it suddenly jump-cuts you to another spot during the fight. I imagine that would be pretty disorienting.

Unless the VRMMO has simpler graphics like LoE does. I've heard that some people have already tried VR with LoE before, and from what I've heard, it works pretty darn well :) So there might be hope with that!

  • Awesome new Toy Fair Merch

  • Season 6 confirmed for May of this year

  • New Equestria Girls movie

All aboard the hype train!! toot toot!! :D
Oddly enough, some people on this site don't even consider themselves bronies :) Some are just pony fans, or fans of LoE specifically.

But aside from that, most people these days use brony as a gender-neutral umbrella term for people that are into G4 of MLP. Most G4 MLP fans do happen to be male, but I wouldn't assume a brony is a male by default.

LoE is a place for everyone, male, female, and everybody in between! :D Even if you're just into indie games or if you're a big pony fan yourself.
Resolved Issues / Re: Flying mobs
2016 Feb 05, 00:54:34
That is unusual! Thankfully it's something already reported in the helpdesk or LoE discussion I think :)

Gonna go ahead and lock & move this thread for now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
Resolved Issues / Re: Can't connect
2016 Feb 05, 00:52:07
This is a known issue among the devs, but this is the site suggestion & bugs section of the forums :o

Hopefully it'll get fixed soon, but I think I'll lock up & move this thread for now :)
Resolved Issues / Re: Unable to Dance
2016 Feb 05, 00:45:24
I think a lot of the "extra" ones you see are placeholders for different attacks and such.

I'm glad this issue got resolved though! ^-^ I think I'm gonna go ahead and lock up this thread for now.

Also you may want to ask this kind of question in the LoE discussion next time :)