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same issue here and I took a screenshot
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General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 13, 14:05:26
Quote from: Zoruaofepic on 2015 Apr 10, 16:39:40
Thanks for the info.
Which client are you using? Like I said, I can't use the launcher next to the "game" folder because it ends up crashing seconds after the launcher starts loading up. I tried your method with both the x64 and x86 client and I always crash.
well, it worked for me at the time. I used LoE.exe but only after using loe.exe and failing to get in. So. try going back and forth between the two clients. In-other words, if you crashed with LoE.exe then use loe.exe, then so and so forth. If that doesn't work, well, guess you can rack it up on "luck"
Quote from: Zoruaofepic on 2015 Apr 10, 16:31:54I've already tried that, the launcher crashes shortly after starting up
I just got in again, but this time in ponydale as a earth pony. It seems to work
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Alright, I figured out the dang issue. Do Not Use "loe.exe" located in the "game" folder. Instead use "LoE.exe" located next to the "game folder". Here is screencap proof that using this .exe will allow you in the game for pegasus
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Quote from: Astranacus on 2015 Apr 10, 12:08:24
if you have issues with the game then please create a ticket in the "Game bugs report" section of the forums.
Everyone is having issues with the game right now, it's being mentioned on your facebook and even on this very thread. It's not the users fault, the problem is the client. Your game is crashing every-time someone tries to go into cloudsdale/ ponyville/ anywhere else besides cantermore. Right now, you can only get in the game via unicorn. But you cannot leave the starting area otherwise you crash. It's all over the place. it's not just a "if you have issues" but a "sorry, our client is having issues"
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Quote from: LostSanity on 2015 Apr 10, 11:32:33
It seems to be their fault this time though.
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2015 Apr 10, 11:48:43

Did I not say to leave us alone? Nopony needs your negativity. Not at any time and especially not NOW.

You pick at this game at any time, for any reason, be their real issues or not, and you often portray your own, personal bad luck with getting into the game as the objective and undeniable general state of the game, while a lot of others clearly have no problems at all to get into it, which really makes me (and I bet a lot of other players too) wonder if you're just here to try to ruin the reputation of this game, by bringing up other players against it with lies and false reports about the game being unplayable.
Just leave. Nopony is interested in your anti LoE propaganda. >:O
[/quote][/spoiler]This argument is beginning to take up more space on this thread and is diving down the "off-topic" train. So, I would like to ask that you two just take it to PM you. 
Quote from: numberponies56 on 2015 Apr 10, 00:51:16
I can login as a unicorn!
That's because everyone is trying to be a earth pony or a pegasus pony >.>
Strange, I'm getting 2 LoE.exe files. Which one do I click?  o.O
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it's a glitch in the animation programming and/or etc. Your not suppose to be able to do it, but yet you can.
It should work exactly the same as last time.
Quote from: SparkBrony on 2015 Jan 25, 14:48:39
Hmm, I must be trying to pick up the wrong thing. Can anyone show me what the dandelions look like?
I had a picture of it taken....somewhere.....But, what you're looking for is a flat flower texture on the ground, click it and you will be given a prompt. You can find most/ all of them here.
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 23, 04:56:43
oh good but i thought there was supposed be images or something explaining the controls and stuff X3?
not many games do that, not even in elite: dangerous do they explain the controls like that.
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Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 23, 04:50:13

^is there somethings missing from this tab cause it feels like somethings are missing...
If your talking about that gap at the bottom, that isn't something to worry about. On higher resolutions, that gap is bigger
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Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 23, 04:35:44
Any idea what i'm doing wrong?
My guess, is that you moved the launcher.exe to far away from the game folder. the game folder and the .exe need to be in the same location. Otherwise it will just create a new one in that location
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 23, 04:31:39
for some reason i closed the game then tried opening it again using the Launcher inside my google crome download history and now its asking me to update again...?
I'm not getting that, still reads as "up to date" for me
Quote from: BRONEL on 2015 Jan 23, 04:02:42
Having "WpfLaunder has stopped working" upon opening, close the program. Tried running as Admin, same.
Tried the 32 bit dl, but flagged and removed. Running 64-bit system btw.
Try deleting any previous clients of Legends of Equestria which you still have installed on your machine.
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Quote from: ThePonyGuy1998 on 2015 Jan 23, 03:45:31
I have some problems with the launcher. When I run the "Legends of Equestria Launcher.exe", appears a dialogue box saying that WpfLauncher.exe stopped working.

What did I do wrong? :c
did u happen to move the launchers location in mid download? or something
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Quote from: Mistpony on 2015 Jan 23, 03:36:59
Windows Launcher can work in Windows 64 bit? :o
I have a 64 bit operating system and I had no trouble with the launcher. So, I think that is a "yes, it does work with 64 bit"
In-case your still wondering, this is what it should look like when it's done Dl'ing
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