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The Retirement Home / Reddit AMA
2013 Jun 13, 16:25:45
Right now there is LoE AMA going on reddit right now
Come on over and ask questions you may have about the game
like the title says,

documents  for DHX Media's 2012 financial year indicate that they have also been paid to produce a fourth season
it gives credit for Daniel Ingram for 91 episodes for the first 4 seasons, which when subtracted from 65, means that Season 4 will have 26 episodes
and it was confirmed by Meghan McCarthy
Video Games Archive / PS4 possibility?
2013 Feb 01, 17:05:58
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well it looks like we will have to wait until Feb 20 to see what Sony has in store (im hoping the PS4, though im scared to see the price)
Microsoft is supposed to announce the successor of the 360 in June I think
doing this should help Sony stir up some buzz for themselves

what do the rest of you think?
Ok everyone, as of late there have been complaints of people stealing OC ideas/images
It is against the rules to steal/use OC images, ideas, stories, and the OCs themselves (from this site and from other sites (like deviantArt)) without the permission of the artist or author
If we catch people stealing, we will act appropriately

If you are suspicious of someone stealing, please let a moderator know and be ready to have evidence

Thank you for your cooperation
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First thing's First.....Song
Failure Song
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Crystal Fair Song
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

-Trixie has been almost confirmed to make an appearance
-Probably not alot more Derpy other than background stuff
-Octavia/Rarity song (OMG I WANT THIS TO BE REAL)
-Fluttershy turns into a dragon
-Luna might make another appearance

Full Panel Part 1
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Full Panel Part 2
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

full article from EQD:

Updated Some stuff
Music / What are you listening to?
2012 Mar 19, 17:55:54