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Attention to all aspiring future-corgi's! Do you enjoy learning? Do you enjoy working with others? Do you like goofing off and watching anime? Then I have a special message just for you!

Our very own Perry-sensei is currently looking for new "students" to enroll into his prestigious corgi-classroom. We at Moderation Academy take pride in cultivating a multi-talented learning environment so that we may enrich the lives of our students; and one day you too may become a lean, (but not mean!) troll-slaying machine!

(In short: The mod team is hiring, and we would love it if you joined us!)

Please take a moment to fill out your application form down below:

Forum Name:



Why would you make a good moderator?:

Anything else you would like us to know?:

Before you fill out the above form, please keep in mind that the following items are mandatory requirements for anyone looking to be a member of the moderation team (I mean- a student at Moderation Academy!):

Spoiler: show
1. Must be of the age of 18 at time of application.

2. Must be a member of the forum community and be in good standings in the community. (This means no warning or any of infractions against the rules.)

3. Must not be the leader of a guild or herd.

4. Must have previous citable moderation experience.

5. Must have good availability.

6. Must be able to work alone or on a team.

7. Must be able to work under high stress environments.

8. Must be able to conform to moderation standards and follow the rules of the team, forum, and community.

9. Must be ready and willing to work.

10. Must have Skype, and a way to talk via voice chat.

Be sure to post your application in this thread, and this thread only! Submitting your form to a moderator, or posting it in some other random part of the forums will not increase your chances of being accepted. (If anything, it would be seen as a lack of reading comprehension or ability to follow directions)

This thread will stay open for about three weeks (or whenever Perry-sensei feels that the positions have been filled) so be sure to post your applications here before it closes.

Good luck my pega-corgi-corns!
Spoiler: show
The Retirement Home / 32-bit Patch problem?
2015 Feb 20, 03:34:28
So far only myself and one other person ran into this problem, but I figured I should make a thread about it in case anybody else has this issue too.

Basically when I downloaded the client originally, everything was working fine- well, save for the mysteriously missing combat moves!

But when the patch was released to fix this problem, I went ahead to download the patch that was tailored to the client I downloaded- which was the 32-bit patch for the 32-bit client.

However, when I try to log in using this new fix, Purple Map horse is sudenly super laggy, and when I try to hit the log-in button, it becomes almost unresponsive. Basically, it's super laggy!

The farthest I've ever been able to go with this amount of lag, was the pretty clouds floating by when you try to load the pony creator.

Is there a fix for this problem? Who else even had this problem?

Personally I'm glad that it's coming out in Spring of 2015, and not Fall/Winter 2015, which is what other sources have been saying!

I'm hyped :D

You guys excited??
Resolved Issues / Profile Comment Bug?
2014 Aug 03, 05:31:34
Not sure if this was just a one time thing, but when I went to leave a comment on somebody's profile it made it appear as though I had sent them a bunch of comments at once- and on some of these "repeat comments" my icon got all displaced somehow?

It lets me delete these phantom comments but only up until a certain point, and when I refresh after "deleting most of them" it ended up deleting all of them.

When I don't try to delete any, I'll refresh the page, and the once- say- 5 copies of the comment, turns out to just be 2 comments. (but I blame my mouse for the double post because it's finicky)

Sorry if it's kinda a weird description!
Animations Archive / Moon Animate- Make Up!
2014 Jul 20, 22:30:22
It's finally here!!

200+ animators of various skill levels from all over the world came together to animate an entire episode of Sailor Moon!

It's the old Dic Dub too so it's extra hilarious lol
Pony Off-Topic Archive / G5 Predictions?
2014 Jun 23, 08:05:36
We all know that Generation 5 of My Little Pony is a long ways off, (heck, G1 ponies reigned for 13 years!) but if you had to make a guess, (or design your own, whichever) what do you think they'd be like?

This discussion can include both a TV series and a toy line. I'll focus mostly on the "show" myself, because we usually see that style of art slapped on the packaging anyway.

I have a few ideas off the top of my head:

art direction #1: Since Lauren Faust's designs (gorgeous as they are) are so far removed from anything horse-like, there's only so far they can take it in terms of highly stylized equines. So perhaps things will come full circle and we'll get something Similar to The Last Unicorn?

I mean the backgrounds are already kinda similar so why not? lol (More images in the spoiler!)

Spoiler: show

so majestic omg

art direction #2: They could take the stylized ponies even further and have them be simplified, geometric shapes that look like Sanrio characters

(less extreme sanrio horses under the spoiler)

Spoiler: show

Opal from Jewel Pet, which is also Sanrio btw. Think Littlest Pet shop but with cuter animals

art direction #3: CGI ponies. I have no images for this but they'd have realistically rendered horse hair and gallop like strange marionette things. Yeah.

Anyway I guess it will sort of depend on what people are "feeling" before G5 comes along. (Will we be sick of Pastels in the future? Will rainbows be Blasé by then?) What are your thoughts on the subject? :D
I just realized that I never made an OC thread.
As a little disclaimer, the Ponysona's I post will either be mine, or the ones that I helped create in terms of design :) So they're not like fan art of people's ponysonas or anything haha

First up, here's my current Ponysona. You may recognize her from my display pic O:
Spoiler: show

Details & Answers over here:

There's also the Ponysona for my long time friend, Hyper!
Spoiler: show

I'm really proud at how the colors turned out! You can fave it here:

Another Ponysona that I'm proud of, is Digibrony's!
Spoiler: show

You can fave it here:

Last but not least is an actual OC of mine, (the first OC I ever made for this fandom as a matter of fact!) her un-official name being Globe Trotter!
Spoiler: show

Fav & read more about her over here:

I never did get around to coloring that last one :'U and if you're wondering why she looks so off-model, it's 'cause I drew her back in 2011 haha

That's all I got for now! if you wanna see more of my pony stuff, feel free to look around my pony art folder on deviantART!

EDIT: I just realized that I accidentally uploaded an earlier design of Digi, in which the colors on his cutie mark are slightly different X3 It's fixed now though!
I only just started playing the game recently, so I'm curious if anyone else plays it too? o.O

For those who don't know, Tera is a (mostly free) MMORPG. It has its own story and a good variety of Races & Classes, but I think their site could tell you way more than I could:

It's taken me a while to get used to it, but so far I'm pretty entertained (or maybe I just have a thing for small characters using swords that are way too big for them)

Here's my character for those curious:

Spoiler: show

Sorry for the low quality, my machine wasn't all that powerful even when it was brand new, and it's nearly 5 years old now...
Also I'm currently on level 10 but I didn't wanna take a pic 'cause I don't like how my armor currently looks

Definitely getting .hack// vibes  :D
(If the other mods think this thread should be moved elsewhere, feel free to go ahead and do so, but I figured posting here would be okay at least for now!)
  • Do you want to create a Pony OC, but you're not sure how?

  • Do you already have a Pony OC, but you wish it looked more unique?

  • Maybe you just want your Pony to look its very best!?

Well look no further than this thread!

I'm not much of a writer or anything, so at the moment we're just gonna focus on the looks of a Pony. I know looks aren't everything, but intentionally designing a character to look a certain way can leave a strong first impression! :) But enough of my babbling, lets dive right in!

I don't even need to explain this one. Y'all know your colors. But how familiar are you with the Color Wheel? or Color Theory? Well don't worry, your ol' pal Mizuki has got you covered! Behold!
  • Color Scheme Designer Helps you figure out what colors go well together

  • Colour Pod One of many "Color Palette" blogs on tumblr

  • Color Palette Generator Extracts 5 dull and 5 vibrant colors from an existing image. You'll see when you get there, though I mostly recommend using it as a starting point.

This next one sort of falls somewhere between "Color" and "everything else", but here ya are anyway!
  • Character Design Tips (I've seen a lot of OC's fall in similar traps, so I think it can be applied to Ponies too~)

A good "Rule of Thumb" is to pick 3 basic colors (any colors your little heart desires! <3) and find a way to make it work.

For example, colors like Pink and Yellow don't really "match up" on the color wheel...
Spoiler: show

I mean don't get me wrong, both colors are very pretty, but something is missing...

...but if you add a third color; like the color blue (or in this case, Teal. What? It's a type of blue) then suddenly it's a bit more interesting!
Spoiler: show

Now we have a Triad!! Yay~

From there, you can expand upon it, like so:
Spoiler: show

Obviously more than just 3 colors, but I think you get the idea! Also, credit goes to this person!

This Yellow/Blue/Pink combination works for both Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, so if you're worried about being "stuck with just three colors", just remember that there's all kinds of different shades and hues out there to play with!  ^-^

Of course, not everyone follows this "rule of 3"; (Hello Rainbow Dash! lol) but if you look carefully at Rainbow's mane, you'll notice that she has 3 colors in her fringes (red, yellow, & orange) and 3 colors in the back (green, blue, purple) so in a way...she kind of does! Not to mention her solid coat (a light shade of blue) and her simple cutie mark (just ONE thunder cloud/bolt thing)  all help her achieve a more "balanced" look.

Colors can even be symbolic, and while this varies heavily from culture to culture, I still think it's something worth sharing here:

Speaking of symbolism...

Cutie Marks!!
Okay so you're starting to get your hooves wet in terms of color (or maybe you're already an expert) and that is awesome! Thankfully, cutie marks are a little bit easier to wrap your head around (It's an object on your flank. Doesn't get much simpler than that, folks!) However, there some things you may wanna keep in mind.

✰Rule of Odds!✰
  • Basically, this is where that whole "rule of 3" thing I mentioned before actually comes from. It's an unofficial rule that "odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing" design-wise. (They "look pretty" for some reason. Don't ask me what the science behind it is, I'm sure it's math-related though) I mean you've noticed it too, right? Big Macintosh has one Apple on his flank. Rarity has three gems on her flank. Twilight Sparkle has five little white stars (plus one big star) on her flank. So y'know, something to think about!  O:

  • Sometimes cutie marks can be pretty self-explanatory. (APPLES!! CARROTS!! BEES!!) But sometimes a cutie mark can have a hidden meaning. Take Cheerilee for example: You'd think because she has happy flowers on her flank, her talent would be garden-related, but nope! The Flowers represent the knowledge blooming in the minds of her students, and the smiles represent the "cheer" she'd bring to them as they're learning. That's some pretty deep stuff!

  • If I had to interpret Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark in such a way, I'd say the five little stars represent the elements of harmony, where as the big star represents the sixth element: Magic. All together you have the most powerful magic of all: friendship! Hence why her talent really is magic, but also friendship. (I still think the 6th element should have been called "friendship", but since friendship IS magic, then technically Twilight's "element of magic" isn't exactly "wrong", either)

Overall, just keep the cutie mark fairly simple in terms of design. Less is more! That's about it!

I'll probably/definitely put up more visual aids tomorrow, but it's getting late in my time zone and I kinda wanna hit "post" before I lose everything I've written so far.

Basically, you want your character to have a strong Silhouette.

Lets try this for example:

Spoiler: show

My, won't you look at all of that poofy hair, and such a care-free pose! Just the mane and tail alone sure says a lot about this little pony! I bet they're just as bouncy as those curly locks of theirs! (I wonder who it could be? :D )

Sometimes you can get an idea of what kind of hair they have based on a character's life style. Rarity is a prim and proper lady who takes much pride in her outward appearance, so her mane has to be perfectly coiffed at all times. Applejack on the other hoof doesn't bother fussing with her hair all that much. Sure, she'll tie it back to get it out of the way, but it's mostly out of necessity than it is a fashion statement.

I could go on and on about the mane six's hair, but I think you guys get the point by now  ;)

Pony hair doesn't grow the same way as people-hair does, but have some hair-drawing references anyway!

Well it's been fun, but I think I'll stop there for now! Sorry if this was TL;DR!!

Remember, you can completely disregard this information if you want to! Or maybe this is all stuff you already knew!! However, I thought it'd be fun to have a bunch of resources all in one place! Just in case! X3

Feel free to share your own thoughts/opinions/ideas/resources!!