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I got on a Lenovo h520s desktop and I went to the forum and it showed this website-->
Any way how to fix it? I have not visited that website before until now.
I don't want to copy ANYPONY, but when I searched rate the personal text, no results! So I decided to make this.
Example: Pony 1: I'm gonna start.
Pony 2: 9/10 I can't wait either!
Pony 3: 5/10 I am not into RP'ing
Yeah you know that already. So let's start!
Whenever I visit my ponies, one of them disappears! See for yourself.     
Spoiler: show
Can somepony please fix this? I don't want to lose all my ponies on the creator!  D:  ono

I looked at the system requirements and it said DirectX 9 is a minimum, but can LoE use DirectX 11 or will it only use DirectX 9?
In season 3 episode 8, when Babs comes for the family reunion, she talks about her new school, then apple bloom asks if she has met any other blankflanks there, and then Babs replies, "Yes, two." I am guessing those two are star dreams and another pegasus filly I have no idea who he/she is. Let's discuss some more ideas about Babs' branch now shall we?
When I try to open a spoiler, it won't open. It doesn't open in Internet explorer, and it doesn't open in Google Chrome. Can someone help me fix this? :(
I am working on a new signature and a background. I really want some questions :U Click here to see my tumblr.
Resolved Issues / "Posted From Mobile" tag
2013 Sep 05, 08:34:58
I sometimes get on my tablet to get on the forum, so I think it would be cool if all the posts and topics I make from my tablet had this just above my signature on the bottom of the post: "Sent via mobile" Do you think that would be cool or SMF forums can't do that? The suggestion I made happens on Facebook.
I was gonna post YAY I WON in Last to Post Wins but I have no working link to it! I looked in show posts but it wasn't there either! What happened?
Fill this form, only, say stuff about you or your OC.
My name is (username or OC)
I'm (age) years old and
I (put like or make here) (plural noun)!
I live in (city, state, country, but not an address)
(if you live alone just put alone here. If you live with your family put relationships here)
I don't have a (something you want) yet, but I (care A LOT or don't care much) about that.
And today is (holiday or season)
(funny thing mom or dad says, optional)
My name is FanofRainbowDash
I don't want to share my age and
I like computer games!
I live in the USA
with my mom, and my dad, and my many brothers and sisters.
I don't have a car or a cellphone yet, but I don't care much about that.
And today is my birthday!
The Retirement Home / Path to school
2013 Aug 21, 17:55:56
I made a game on youtube! To get the game to work, you need to turn on annotations. Vote yes or no about the first time you played the game. I don't really know how to program yet, so that is why the game is really simple.
Reply what you voted, and tell me what version it is (example: I use Windows XP). If your OS is not on there, simply ask me to add it.

Post Merge

I use Windows XP
When I try to delete one of my threads that has been dead for a long time, I get this:
I have to ask a mod to delete the thread for me.
If you voted, please reply what you voted. I voted Pegasus. B)
The Retirement Home / Type like Twilight
2013 Aug 16, 17:37:41
Type like Twilight does for 1 or 2 seconds, then unscramble the letters to try to make a word.
Spoiler: Do it like this • show

I am allowing replies for suggestions for this poll. So if your favorite pony FROM THE SHOW is not on there, you can ask me to put it on there!
My answer: On woozworld, MollyGurlLuxury called pegasisters and bronys the dumbest ever!!!! And I'M A PEGASISTER!!! Reply your answer.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Scootaloo's family?
2013 Jul 27, 10:49:00
Apple Bloom is in the Apple family, Sweetie belle has a big sister and a mom and dad, but what about Scootaloo? Is she an orphan or a little sister of a background pony, Sunny rays, or EVEN DERPY??? Or is Scootaloo all alone and no one takes care of her? Post your opinions here.
I just speak one, English. Reply what languages you speak.
Original Characters / My Ponies!
2013 Jun 25, 13:10:26
Spoiler: Jade • show
Name: Jade
Age: 21
Gender: Filly/Mare
Race: Earth
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: My art • show
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: Art from others • show
Personality: She is usually almost as shy as Fluttershy, but at random times, she can totally snap at somepony!
Cutie mark Story: Jade really wanted her cutie mark so bad, and she wanted to have a team. She traveled all over Equestria looking for blankflanks. But she found none. But when she sadly returned to Ponyville, she wondered what her special talent was. Then she was thinking about when she was dodging all those mountains and pegasai and tall trees on the balloon she was riding. A glow on her flank interrupted her thinking, and she got her cutie mark!
Bio: She was found by Starry Sky, the pony who owned the orphanage while she was taking the other orphans to school. Jade was found following  saying mama, even though she has never seen her real parents.
Parents: She was an orphan, taken care of by the Starry Sky, owner of the Ponyville orphanage.
Hobbies:Trying new things, exploring outside of Equestria
Job: Drawing maps of places outside of Equestria to help it expand
Fun Fact(s):Once every 6 months, she leaves Equestria to explore other places (not other worlds) far away. Usually when she leaves Equestria, she is gone for a month.
Born: Nopony really knows...
Lives: Ponyville[/spoiler]
Spoiler: Weather Burst • show
Name: Weather Burst
Age: 19
Gender: Filly/Mare
Race: Pegasus
Started flying: When she was 9.
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: My art • show
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: Art from others • show
Personality: She is nice to anyone except someone who hurts her or her friends on purpose. She used to have a hot temper when she was a filly, but now she controls it.
Cutie mark Story: When Weather Burst was able to fly, she wandered off one day. One of the pegasai got sick while clearing clouds for some reason. Weather Burst wanted to fill in for him, but the boss didn't accept her. She did some of the work anyway, and when she went home for supper, she got her cutie mark.
Bio: (incomplete section)
Parents: Sugar (Mare) and Cookie (Stallion)
Siblings: Cotton Cloud (Sister)
Hobbies: Flying, hanging with her friends, helping fillies
Job: Controlling the weather with other pegasai
Fun Fact(s): Without her wings, she can't swim.
Born: Cloudsdale
Lives: Cloudsdale. She moved to ponyville when she couldn't fly by the time she was old enough to go to school. Then she moved back to Cloudsdale.
Spoiler: Cotton Cloud • show
Name: Cotton Cloud
Age: 16
Gender: Filly/Mare
Race: Pegasus
Started flying: A week before her second birthday.
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: My art • show
Sorry, I just started doing pictures with no bases or scans.  X3
Spoiler: Art from others • show

Personality: No matter how hard you try, you can NEVER upset this pony. She can be a little annoying and stick with you for hours.
Cutie mark story: Cotton Cloud didn't really care about getting a cutie mark. One day when she was at a carnival, she operated the cotton candy maker when the guy who was supposed to run it decided he would play one quick game of Ring toss. When Cotton Cloud came home from the carnival, she saw her cutie mark.
Bio:(incomplete section)
Parents: Sugar (Mare) and Cookie (Stallion)
Siblings: Weather Burst (Sister)
Hobbies: Flying, talking to random ponies
Job: Cashier at SugarCube Corner
Fun Fact(s): She doesn't understand the hairstyle "double braid." She is very picky about her food. The only way to get her to eat vegetables (Example: broccoli) is to disguise it as a sweet/dessert. (It's too late for her to spit it out, she eats fast.)
Lives: Cloudsdale[/spoiler]
Spoiler: Paint Palette • show
Name: Paint Palette
Age: 9
Gender: Filly/Mare
Race: Unicorn
Unique Spell: She can take color away from an object, then put it into a different object.
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: My art • show
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: Art from others • show
Personality:She often loses her temper if somepony provokes her, especially if it causes her painting(s) to be ruined.
Cutie mark story: She was inspired to create art when her school visited an art museum. After school, She painted her first painting. It was her house, with her family in front of it. It looked a whole lot like it really was. When she unveiled her painting, she got her cutie mark!
Parents: (incomplete section)
Hobbies: Painting, making clay models
Job: Painting for an art shop
Fun Fact(s): She is VERY camera shy. She is superstitious.
Born: Canterlot
Lives: Canterlot[/spoiler]
Spoiler: Invert • show
Name: Invert
Age: 16
Gender: Filly/Mare
Race: Pegasus
Started flying: When she was 3 years old.
Stopped flying: When she got zapped by the machine at the age of 7 and 1/2.
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: My art • show
Paste this image into your paint program, then click "Invert Colors" to see how she looked when she was normal!
Spoiler: Art from others • show
Legends of Equestria Character creator General Zoi's Pony Creator

Personality: She is normally sad, because nopony has been brave enough to talk to her. (yet, make in happen in RP or something)
Cutie mark story: Her cutie mark appeared after she woke up from getting zapped. Her talent is unknown, she never did anything to get it. (other than running closer to the machine, but she didn't know she would get a cutie mark, she never really cared about it.)
Bio: Invert didn't always look like how she does now. She was a normal pony when she was 5 years old. Her class went on a field trip to the project lab in Manehattan. Her teacher told her to stay behind the line, because the machines had a problem. They kept turning on at random times. Invert wasn't paying attention to the line rule and she went across the line to get a better look. Then Machine 471 (no names for the machines, just numbers) turned on and zapped her. She woke up in the classroom. When the students went to see if she was okay, everypony screamed! Her colors were permanently changed. Not even the machine could change them back.
Hobbies: Reading, looking for ways to turn her back to normal.
Disabilities: She can't move her wings without using her hooves,(example, somepony opens her wing, and then she would walk around with one open wing if she didn't close it with her hoof.) and she cannot walk on clouds.
Fun Fact(s): She doesn't often go in public. When she does, she wears a black cloak so she won't scare anypony. The machine reversed some of her abilities, like flying and walking on clouds.
Born: Cloudsdale
Lives: Ponyville (due to machine effects, refer to fun fact(s))[/spoiler]