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Original Characters / Dreadnaught's OCs
2013 Dec 20, 23:46:23
I should have done this when I first got on LoE...almost 2 years ago :P

Spoiler: show
Name: Quick
Age: 24
Gender: male
Race: Earth pony
Description: Red, Grey mane, Green eyes, red armor
Cutie Mark: Boomerang (covered by armor)
Talent: Marksman and incredibly fast
Equipment: Armor, 2 small boomerangs, 1 very large boomerang
Occupation: Blacksmith, traveler, archaeologist, marksman
Relationship with other OCs: Corrosion: Hates
When Quick was a child his father got him a boomerang, Quick loved the idea of an object that can go a large distance and coming back. When Quick's Father died he took over his father's blacksmith shop and began making boomerangs. Once Quick got older he began to travel around Equestria in search of materials, lost civilizations, and rare treasures lost in time

General Blitzkrieg:
Spoiler: show
Name: Blitzkrieg
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Main Spell Type: Lightning, electricity
Description: Blue, Blue mane, Purple eyes, Custom tailored general outfit with matching hat
Cutie Mark: A Shield (Covered by outfit)
Talent: protecting others
Occupation: General of the Canterlot Guard
Relationship with other OCs: Lord Cryogen: Hates. Dreamscape: feels awkward around. Frore: Not sure what to think
Additional info: Blitzkrieg cannot eat sugar, his magic gets uncontrollable and extremely dangerous. Youngest General in history
Blitzkrieg always wanted to be a guard and serve the princesses. Blitzkrieg's first job was a search in the northern part of Equestria with a team, Blitzkrieg was a private at the time and met Cryogen. Cryogen froze the whole team except Blitzkrieg. When Blitzkrieg returned he vowed to defeat Cryogen and excelled in rank to become the youngest general in equestrian history to achieve his goal. Blitzkrieg mostly uses his time to help others in need

Spoiler: show
Name: Corrosion
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Earth pony
Description: Grey, Red mane, red eyes, black overcoat
Cutie Mark: A sword
Talent: expert swordsman
Equipment: 2 swords
Occupation: Mercenary
Relation with Other OCs: Quick: Hates
Bio: Corrosion does not like too many people but he love money. Corrosion has no alliance with anyone unless they pay him

Professor Atom:
Spoiler: show
Name: Professor Julian "Atom" Atomics
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Main Spell Type: expert in most spell type
Description: Grey, Grey Mane, Green Eye, Lab coat, bandage on right eye
Cutie Mark: Atom
Talent: intelligent and expert magician
Occupation: Scientist
Relationship with other OCs: Cryogen: Works with him
Additional info: Atom has a split personality a good and evil side
Bio: As a scientist he searches for many things from plants to radioactive elements. Atom has unknown motives in his research but rumors say he experiments on ponies who wander in the Everfree Forest near his secret lab

Lord Cryogen:
Spoiler: show
Name: Cryogen
Age: Unknown (He doesn't remember)
Gender: Male
Race: Alicorn
Main Spell Type: Ice based magic
Description: Blue, long white hair, Red eyes, black and grey armor worn by ancient alicorns
Cutie Mark: Comet
Talent: Ice magic, singing, organist and pianist
Occupation: Unofficial ruler of the frozen north
Relationship with other OCs: Blitzkrieg: Hates and Good friend (according to him) Dreamscape: Wife. Frore: Daughter
According to Cryogen he was the former Ruler of Equestria before Celestia but this cannot be proven. According to what he says he was kicked off the throne and hunted down but before that he took a book of ice spells written by an unknown author the book was said to be so dangerous it was to be kept hidden in the old castle because learning the spells stopped every other spell except ice based ones. Cryogen froze himself in the north and slept in the ice for thousands of years.

Spoiler: show
Name: Dreamscape
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Alicorn
Description: Purple, Dark purple mane, yellow eyes, blue unicorn robe
Cutie Mark: Dream Catcher
Talent: Altering Dreams
Occupation: None
Relationship with other OCs: Blitzkrieg: thinks he is her father, Cryogen: Husband. Frore: Daughter
Bio: Most ponies are baffled why Dreamscape loves Cryogen due to her expressionless demeanor and Cryogen's unknown past but she does love him with all of her heart. She is not actually evil like Cryogen but she does show signs of some sort of evil in terms on magic

Spoiler: show
Name: Frore
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Race: Alicorn
Description: Blue, Long white hair, red eyes, sapphire necklace
Cutie Mark: None
Talent (So far): Singing, violinist
Occupation: None
Relationship with other OCs: Cryogen: Father Dreamscape: Mother Blitzkrieg: Great Friend! (Only friend) 
Bio: Frore is a happy alicorn filly but she does not know what goes on outside her father's "Kingdom". she often sneaks off into the Crystal Empire to interact with others. Frore looks at Blitzkrieg as a friend mostly because he is the only one who comes to her house 
Introductions Archive / Re: I'm back
2013 Dec 15, 16:07:38
 :P...unfortunately since my absents I am assuming other "Doctors" have made their way here so I'm most likely to change my profile to one of my OCs some time today or tomorrow
Introductions Archive / I'm back
2013 Dec 15, 15:54:53
Hello everypony, I don't know if anyone remembers me but I have been gone for almost a year...give or take I want to try to be on more often to make up for my long, long absence and meet some new additions to LoE...I'm glad to be back and I hope to see most of you in the future
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Your Stupid Habits
2013 Mar 11, 20:59:20
When I stare at the mirror and start talking to it
(Before you ask; no, I am not crazy :P)
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Mar 11, 20:57:25
When I ask a simple question and the other guy says "What?"
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Mar 11, 20:44:58
when I have to show people how to cut an onion
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Your Stupid Habits
2013 Mar 11, 20:39:37
According to everyone I know I am a "Try-Hard" at EVERYTHING
...not the direction I was going for but i'm pretty sure you will time
lets just say that even the light can hide secrets
Atom blinks twice and looks at reaper
...your smarter than you look
none you want to know
Atom finds another file and starts reading it
Oh just experiments....
Atom reads some of the files
Atom goes into the room on the third and checks for the files
Atom trots off
((I have to go, I'll be back later))
Atom replies to the reaper
Well I am still looking for medical files...know any?
Atom replies to the reaper
Death is inevitable, Don't try to make me feel sorrow or remorse
Atom replies to the hedgehog
...okay...I don't think i'll get much information out of him then
Atom points at the hedgehog (?)
Is he a patient as well?
Atom replies very enthusiastically
Fantastic! are you still here?