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Spoiler: Current Appearance • show

Spoiler: Past Appearance • show

Name: Shadow Glacier

Age: 20

Gender: Mare

Race: Pegasus

Family: None

Appearance: Icy blue coat w/black blotches, an ice blue bow

Hobbies: Like to create small ice sculptures of anypony she meets

Personality: Nice, Tends to have anger outbursts, Shy at times but extremely outgoing, will at times be mischievous and flirt with colts who have marefriends to test how loyal they are

Shadow was a normal pegasus pony who went to school in Cloudsdale but moved at one point with her parents (Whose names I have yet to think of but also aren't important right now). She was happy but sad they were moving since she was going to lose her friends. Shadow and her parents moved to a small cottage in the Himaneighyan Mountains for a few years. In those few short years she was home-schooled and began to grow ill but she wasn't exactly sick. The sudden decrease in temperature through her body along with the genes from one of her descendants caused her to lose sight in her eyes.

After 2-3 years they moved to Manehatten for a while and she went to school there but was made fun of for being blind. At this point she didn't really know how to see without being able to see like she can now and she always came home in tears. Her father, due to being stressed cause of work, got sick of her crying and left one night. He came back the next day and called down his wife and only daughter then announced that he had and affair and that he was divorcing her mother, while in a drunken state.

Needless to say it shocked her and her mother greatly. Her mother cried and begged for him to reconsider but without word. At that point she swore to herself that she'd force stallions to be faithful to their marefriend or wife by any means necessary.

Skipping ahead a couple of years to her adulthood, she met a stallion while on a trip to Las Pegasus who she eventually fell in love with and had thought she was going to marry him eventually until she found him kissing another mare. Now due to her past experiences she wouldn't have had a problem and set him straight but the worse part of it wasn't that he was kissing another mare, in fact he was already engaged to a completely different mare aside from the one she saw him kissing.

Shadow was infuriated with the way stallions acted in relationships and decided to give up dating stallions forever and decided to date mares instead. She still swore to set any stallion heading down the wrong path back on the right one but as for her, she decided to go down a different path that she knew would be rocky t first since it's not many ponies accept the fact that she likes other ponies of the same gender but she wasn't going to let that bother her.

Now she tends to work anywhere that will accept her for being blind but only part time since she works at several places.

Cutie Mark Story: (Keep in mind this is before she became blind) While she was living in Himaneighyas she explored a bit and found black snow where soot and snow had met. She didn't know where the soot came from but there was a bunch of the stuff there. She wondered if she could split the soot from the snow. Due to her ancestors being able to use magic the gene of being a unicorn skipped a generation but allowed her to use magic despite being a pegasus. She flapped her wings while concentrating on the snow and after a while the snow turned back to it's pure white form. She did this with every pile of snow she saw and once she was done she was tired and went home.

Once she got home her mom squealed but not of horror but of joy. Shadow raised an eyebrow then ran to the bathroom and saw that she had gotten her cutie mark.
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