The Great Web Host Migration of 2013

Started by Liska, 2013 Nov 12, 20:55:57

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Ethereal Nebula

Ooh a bindle~
I hope everyone remember to pick their traveling buddies.


Oh boy! After being here for two years its finally time for my


*recieves it*

Now I have this pointless picture under my avatar for the rest of my life! :D


Ye-olde ex mod
You've just been McSleuthburgered!


Hopefully the new site will be just as great as this old one was. Onwards to the "great site migration!" :D

Guardian Dreamer

I love all bronies. you are make me happy.
Thanks Eivuiee!

Nala Valor

Omg it's like 50% of all the Internet exploded and that now we can't go anywhere because of how much it lags...  >A<



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Okay, since the majority of the problems seem to be coming to a dwindling halt, I think that'll be enough bindles for now. Thanks everyone. ^-^

Please be sure to report any strange happenings that are going on in the Site Suggestions and Bugs board!

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