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Started by Julius, 2013 Nov 14, 09:21:24

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I assume this will be fixed soon and you guys probably already know, but just in case, loading speed is all over the place. Sometimes a post will load almost instantly, sometimes it'll take a few seconds, I still haven't experienced an improvement in loading speed at all. :/

Oh, and the chat in the chatbox won't load most of the time. It's not a feature I use every day, yeah, but I liked dropping a couple of messages here and there from time to time. :s


I'm experiencing this as well, my friend.
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I'm not sure how much time you mean by a few seconds, but the average loading time for me to open any topic is around 25 seconds

Nala Valor

I don't see why you're complaining, my average load time here is ~2 minutes -_- 5 if someone we is on the Internet as well.


Actually, it's been getting worse, not better. I'd say my loading times average between ten and fifteen seconds now (Though it takes a lot more sometimes)... :I


Yeah, we know about the random loading times. I think it has to do with some settings, I'm not really sure what exactly though.

It's definitely not the server's capacity though, as the server load has been pretty low this whole time.  We're taking steps to start fixing it.

locking up.

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