Jenzy can't post or log on/off

Started by The Wandering Magus, 2013 Nov 13, 00:36:54

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The Wandering Magus

According to him, these are his problems:

Attempt to post: Your session timed out while posting. Please try to re-submit your message.
Attempt to logout: Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in then try again.

Could a programmer please help?
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it appears Super_Chris85 is having the same problem
now let's all agree to never be creative again thank you Sugercup
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Ah, finally able to post again!

I'm still not sure why it has been having that strange bug, but posting in the main LoE site (, not rather than seems to work without those errors. :s

It's a rather irritating bug, but glad the other link is back. ^-^

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