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Off-Topic Archive / I need help...
2014 Nov 12, 04:47:57
Hello guys! I need your help! It's very important, so please take some time to check this out and share it as much as you can or even donate! It would help a lot! ono
Off-Topic Archive / All hail...
2014 Sep 25, 15:22:52

... The best mod. :ajshifty:
Hello guys! Recently the website changed on mobile, making it visually unappealing and annoying to use. Not sure if this was intended or not, but I'd like to ask for you to put it back the way it was. As someone who only uses the site from his phone, I would really appreciate it.

Here are a couple of quotes detailing the issue and some images showing it.

Quote from: Julius on 2014 Jun 01, 19:51:52
The borders and the text. The text size seems to have increased, while the overall space has decreased due to the borders, making it all look like it's all squished together. It's really bad. :s

Quote from: Zsaszz on 2014 Jun 01, 20:08:29
I Thought that it was just my browser, ya have that same issue here with the borders at the side of the screen, it make the text looks compressed, and cut some images in half  :o, is not that it is extremely bad, but it's a little annoying.

Spoiler: show

Thank you. ^-^
Off-Topic Archive / Christmas trees!
2013 Dec 01, 02:31:48
Christmas is coming everyone! I bet some of you must have already set up Christmas decorations around the house and all! :)

How about we all show off our Christmas trees right here? I'll go first! ^-^

Man... I sure love that tree~! <3
Resolved Issues / Loading speed fluctuates
2013 Nov 14, 09:21:24
I assume this will be fixed soon and you guys probably already know, but just in case, loading speed is all over the place. Sometimes a post will load almost instantly, sometimes it'll take a few seconds, I still haven't experienced an improvement in loading speed at all. :/

Oh, and the chat in the chatbox won't load most of the time. It's not a feature I use every day, yeah, but I liked dropping a couple of messages here and there from time to time. :s
Video Games Archive / Pokemon Wi-Fi Post
2013 Oct 29, 18:39:18
Hello, hello everyone! How are you all doing today? Welcome to our very own LoE Pokemon Wi-Fi Post (PWP)! :D

It's clear that a lot of us have Pokemon X/Y, and some others will be getting it sooner or later, so where should we go for that dream Pokemon? That vital member of your team? That one partner that will secure your victory?

The answer is this post right here.

Post the names of the Pokemon you'd be interested in, and the names of the Pokemon you would be willing to give in return. If anyone's interested in an offer, the person making the offer should then be contacted via PM to exchange Friend Codes and arrange the trade. Once a trade is done, please make another post stating so.

Sounds good? Good! Let's get this started then! ^-^

I am looking for a Buneary (Or its evolution, Lopunny). In return? Have I got a treat for ya... Your very own Shiny Floatzel. That's right. It's Shiny... And stuff. 0:)

Now, what do we do after getting our Pokemon? Battle of course! Feel free to set up battles here as well, as suggested by Book Smarts and KirbyFluttershy. ;)

Quote from: KirbyFluttershy on 2013 Oct 30, 16:58:52
Quote from: Book Smarts on 2013 Oct 30, 16:07:47
Quote from: Shadow Mare on 2013 Oct 29, 21:08:47
Still not the point, its still related to pokemon. what's next? Pokemon Battle thread?

I actually have an idea to alleviate that problem, what if we make this a trade/battle post? What does everybody think?

Why not just turn or change this topic into more like "Pokemon Wi-Fi Lobby"? That way when we use that topic i suggested, we can specify the game version such as D/P/Pl/HG/SS, B/W1 & 2, and X/Y also not to mention the wi-fi activity too such as trade, battles, and Friend Safaris. If "Pokemon X & Y Wi-fi Lobby" topic suits best for other people, that can work and if that's ok with other people here.

Alrighty then, happy trading and happy battling! :)
Off-Topic Archive / Depression
2013 Oct 27, 19:50:08
How do you guys deal with it? I guess you could say it's rather rare for me to be depressed, but when it happens it happens with a lot of strength. :c

To deal with it I just put on music, go into the bathroom and sit there under the water letting my thoughts consume me for hours...

Usually that takes care of it. If that's not enough, without fail my friends always make me smile shortly after, most of the time without me even reaching out to them. They are the best people in the world. I'm really lucky to have them. <3

Anyway... Yeah, how do you guys deal with depression?
Just like the most annoying things on videogames thread, you can post your favorite things about videogames here! ^-^

For example... I love how I can have immense fun with friends. Portal 2 is hilarious. lol
Resolved Issues / Another iOS Chrome Bug.
2013 Apr 18, 03:24:00
Chrome recently got an update, but I hadn't updated until today. Now I can't login from my iPhone if I have cookies turned on. With cookies turned on it gives me an error telling me to check my cookies settings.

With cookies turned off I'd have to login every single time I felt like checking the forums from my iPhone, which is where I check the forums for about 85% of the time.

Help? o_o
Resolved Issues / Legends Of Moostria?
2013 Apr 01, 02:12:35
Who broke that and why? lol

Wow, it comes with a forum theme too. I think I noticed the changes just as they happened. :P
While I do believe that having the about section of the website up there for those who may be visiting the site for the first time is brilliant, it annoys me for the simple fact that it doesn't let me read the news right away.

How does it not let me read the news? Well, I usually load the site and then click the forums button instantly. Before, if there was anything new I could quickly notice and read it. Now I'd essentially have to go down and see if there's anything new. However, given how fast I enter the forums (And how used I am to it) all I ever see on the main site is the about section.

I can't really ask you to move it, because it's brilliant and I understand why it's there as I said, but could you maybe find a way for registered forum members to be able to hide or remove the about section from there? You know, make it a button like it was before...

I'll understand if you don't, and I'm completely fine with it, after all most users do go straight to the forums... But... It would be nice and I would appreciate it. ^-^
This is a pretty basic suggestion. ^-^

It would be nice if we got profile comment notifications whenever somepony posted on our profiles. For example, many birthday wishes go unnoticed because we forget profile comments even exist sometimes... lol

It could work if they showed up on unread replies as "PonyUsernameHere's profile" or something like that. :P
Happy Hearts & Hooves day! Have some Derpy! :P

Hope you all have a wonderful time with that special somepony! ^-^

Enjoy yourselves! And don't be nervous about asking them out! Just do it and roll with it! It'll be alright! :nod:

I'll probably do nothing tomorrow and stay home, as usual... :')
Off-Topic Archive / Apple Fritter
2013 Feb 10, 03:55:25
Is Apple Fritter a real food? If so, how would I go about making some? :P

You know, random thought of the night. lol

Didn't go to the beach... Apparently we're going tomorrow instead, but I'm willing to bet everypony else will sleep in yet again. *Sigh* :c
Resolved Issues / Bug on Chrome for iOS.
2013 Feb 08, 02:51:37
I recently switched to Chrome on my iPhone and all was well, but a few minutes ago I found a silly yet annoying bug. :P

You know the "[more]" button that opens a new page with smileys, yes?

Well, on Safari once you touched the smiley it would input the code on the page of your post. That is not the case with Chrome.

Could I get a solution for that please, other than copying the URL and posting as an image? ^-^
I don't intend to create arguments, I just wonder what your thoughts on the situation are, so please try to keep things civil alright? ^-^

As for my opinion... Well... Hay, I don't know. I have so many mixed feelings about this possibly happening.

To me, it doesn't seem fair to the other ponies you know? And being a princess... What would that mean for Twilight? How much would her life change? Would she have to move to Canterlot, for example? :s

At the same time the writers are amazing and they continue to amaze me each week with glorious pony, so I'm sure they can pull it off but... :c

For Luna's sake, I just can't imagine Twilight flying with her own wings dang it. lol

To end this off, I'm guessing that somepony will say that it's not happening because Tara already denied this (I'm looking at you, dear Tiger)... But... This doesn't feel right to me. :/

That link contains spoilers guys, you've been warned. Thanks to Night Pony for reminding me. X3

Howdy everypony! I just finished watching the long awaited documentary and I want to hear your thoughts about it. :P

I personally found it to be very good, perhaps a bit too dramatic sometimes with that psychologist lady... But very good overall. I enjoyed watching it very much, I laughed along the way and it really feels as if it can actually change people's thoughts about Bronies, if they decide to watch. :)

My favorite part was watching the concert at BroNyCon... That was so INTENSE... All that energy, all that passion, all that friendship going on! It was something beautiful really, and I can't wait to be a part of that someday. And maybe not only as part of the crowd, but as a performer up there! To tell the truth, I was so amazed at the idea of being up there performing with such a crowd... I mean, I saw myself up there and it was amazing... For whatever reason my eyes got watery. X3

Watching that has inspired me in many ways, definitely. :]

So, what are your thoughts on it? Did you like it? You didn't? Was it what you were expecting? Did you feel as if they achieved their goal of making something that could change people's minds about Bronies? Let me know below! ^-^
To the pony who created this beautiful little song (covered by Jimm), thank you kindly! It is quite enjoyable! ^-^

However you forgot to post it on YouTube and that disappoints me. Would you kindly go and fix that? If that's alright with you of course. :P
Turn this into an emotipony.

I keep using it more and more in my posts. Would be much better if it was smaller and easy to access, don't you think? X3
Pony Off-Topic Archive / SwePie.
2012 Dec 31, 07:30:37
SweBow... Wha- What are you doing?! No... Wait... I SAID NO! STOP, SWEBOW STOP, NO! LEAVE PINKIE PIE ALONE! STOP!

I guess now you all know where SweBow came from... ovO


I'm working on SweBow right now for my image (Surprise SweB's!), and I just looked at this and had to post it. lol

Morning everypone! :]

Gifts shall be ready today! ;)
For those who may not know, a New MSP had been in the works for a while now on the Audio boards, and it is now complete!

However... We would like to have an animation, much like the original, with each of our ponies!

Anypony up for the challenge? ^-^

Here's the song!


Here's the new version! Smile!
Well... I got a Deluxe Wii U! And I'm sure some of you got the console too, so why not make a thread to share Nintendo ID's?

I want many friends to play with online!

My ID's DoesItWorksJay.

Julius was taken... X3
Alrighty then, following Book's words, I shall spoiler these! Sorry for any inconvenience everypony who may have checked this only to find spoilers! X3

Spoiler: show
As someponies had noted already, it seemed like those shooting stars were a reference to Applejack's parents right?


Here's the post on EqD.

I highly doubt Seth's theory of Adventuring Apples or Traveling Apple Salesponies is correct here.

That makes me a bit sad, but at the same time it makes the episode a tad sweeter in my opinion, as I didn't really think of it while I was watching it. :c
Now, I know this is early but wait!

I'm not going to post my gift for you all just yet! ;)

I just wanted to let you all know, I got something sweet planned.

I'm sad to say it's not all of it is original work of mine (Except for Pinkie, she's getting an extra gift!... But that will come a bit later), yet that doesn't make it any less sweeter. :)

I can't wait for you all to see it!

It shall be posted on... December 24, at midnight. ^-^

Merry Christmas!

Edit: Hey guys... Due to what's happening here right now, I certainly have no time to work on this at the moment. There's a slight chance this may be delayed a bit. I know you understand. :c
I'm curious, how does everypony here watch MLP?

The Hub? YouTube? iTunes? Other?

I watch it on YouTube from a channel called "alianzabrony", which has the episodes in HD (At least that's how it looks from my iPhone!) with Spanish subtitles. I speak and understand English obviously, but sometimes it's hard to make out a word or two, and having those subtitles there help. ^-^

I'm not sure how fast they upload the episodes though, I only became a brony in July. Which YouTube channels do you guys recommend? :P
So, I just woke up to see the Morning Nightly Roundup and this was in there...

I don't know what about it made me like it, but I like it. It's hilariously cute! lol
Video Games Archive / Forza Horizon
2012 Nov 02, 17:20:08
What are your thoughts on that Sweet, Sweet Masterpiece? :]

I've only played for a couple of hours and it's PERFECT. Open world freedom mixed with simulation, beautiful graphics and awesome music? Man, I LOVE IT! :D

The fact that I have an Xbox Force Feedback wheel helps as well! ;)

I think it's pretty realistic when it comes to driving, at least with the wheel (And the simulation settings/cockpit camera on). I've driven in real life a couple of times before, and to me it feels very similar.

What about you guys? Do you think it's realistic?
Video Games Archive / Assassin's Creed 3
2012 Nov 02, 11:48:32
Anypony here got this game yet?

Few odd things here and there, like the game doesn't pause if your controller turns off mid fight, and the control change feels weird at first after playing all the other games, but so far I'm LOVING every single thing about it, specially certain mechanics that are unlocked on Sequence 4.

And Sequence 4, it's when the game really begins! B)

It's amazing, and beautiful. :)

What about you guys? What are your thoughts on the game so far? ^-^
As you requested Tekner, here's a comparison between the new Blue Yeti and the old Skullcandy microphones.

I haven't recovered my voice completely though, this is a special recording with a different singer!

Here you have my talented sister, testing it out for me! :]

I may have a duet or two with her soon! ;)

Microphone Comparison.

Electro-BLITZ ~ Topic Locked For inactivity
Howdy everypony! Ready for some more "Good news, bad news"? :D

Well the good news is... Why don't you let me show you?


The bad news is that I am now sick and almost voiceless. :l

Electro-BLITZ ~ Topic Locked For inactivity
The Retirement Home / Good News, Bad News.
2012 Oct 22, 08:55:26
Howdy everypony, Julius here with some good and bad news related to my Audio Recording!

The good news is that my new Blue Yeti Microphone should arrive within a week, as I already purchased it and I'll talk about the shipping today most likely (I may not even have to deal with that myself, as my step father may do so for me). :D

Also part of the good news is that there is a high chance of me spending all of November in Aruba (Don't worry my little ponies, that doesn't mean I'm leaving. There's still Wi-Fi and you know I mostly use my iPhone instead of a computer!), and that means I'm getting a new pair of Beats Headphones when I go there.

This all means the quality of my recordings will rise! ^-^

Now for the bad news... How about I show you instead?

Do you see the problem here? lol

Don't buy Skullcandy Headphones guys, they break too easily. I mean it. Anyways...

Not only do I record with my headphones on (Which really helps me a lot), but my only good microphone is there. Now, the microphone and left part of the headphones still work, but you can see why it would be very uncomfortable to record.

Also part of the bad news is that if I do go to Aruba (Which is most likely going to happen) the last thing I'll record untill December will be my parts for the Christmas Collab and a Before/After recording with the new microphone for Tekner. :\

Overall, it's not so bad. I get new shiny stuff, and I also get to go to the beach a lot for a month. ovO

Oh well, just thought I'd let you all know.

~Electro-BLITZ - This topic has been locked due to inactivity, if this was a error and your the topic starter, please contact a moderator for assistance
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Check this out!
2012 Oct 16, 05:15:09
Take a look at my iPhone and say it isn't awesome! lol

Spoiler: Pictures! • show

There's also a Derpy theme. :P
Music Archive / To all the Bros out there.
2012 Oct 13, 03:18:24
This is just plain awesome!


(And Brohoof! :P)
Resolved Issues / New Forum Layout?
2012 Sep 22, 01:22:34
You know, this could be my iPhone derping on me but... Did you guys change the forum's layout?

Because if you did... Well this one's terrible! At least from an iPhone.  :/

If you did change it, I must say the new one isn't very iPhone friendly. Not at all. Looks bad, it's all messed up, I can't find certain things... It's just bad overall!  :l

What's up with that?

Of course, if you changed nothing and it's just my iPhone derping on me, I apologize guys.  X3
The Retirement Home / September
2012 Sep 11, 04:24:13
Hey guys, I noticed a lot of people are going to cover September, so why not post them all here?

I'll start right now.

Here is September!

What do you think? Read the description.

Enjoy and have fun!

~Electro-BLITZ - This topic has been locked due to inactivity, if this was a error and your the topic starter, please contact a moderator for assistance
Music Archive / MLP Instruments
2012 Sep 05, 20:56:41
I was watching today's Drawfriend on EqD and one particular image caught my attention. Rainbow Dash, holding a somewhat custom guitar with Rainbow colored details.

Spoiler: Rainbow's Guitar • show

This got me thinking, "I must get a custom MLP guitar! But... Where? How?"  o_o

I did a little research and found these:
Spoiler: Loving the Raritar and Acoustijack, along with the Dashing V. Oh those names... • show

Now, I know those aren't real, but how awesome would it be to make one (Or in my case, order one)?!  :D

I'm asking you guys: Do you know where or how could I order a custom MLP guitar (Or any other instrument, for those interested in this idea who don't own a guitar)?

Perhaps a website, maybe a music shop somewhere, that would accept a design and make you an instrument with it?

This would successfully combine two of my favorite things ever into one amazing piece of art.

Also, what do you think? Like the idea? You don't? Let me know down below -  :]
Resolved Issues / Sent PM's not showing.
2012 Sep 03, 18:09:20
While talking to Ryo via PM, I noticed that when I click on "Sent Items", it says there's no sent messages, even though I've sent a few already.

Kind of annoying when you're trying to work out the details for a duo in a song.  X3

That is all, thank you.

Oh excuse me for this! Right after I post I see the solution.  :l

Sorry about that!  :c
The Retirement Home / Map
2012 Aug 03, 21:01:33
Howdy everypony, i have some news.

Today on Equestria Daily there was a post that talked about a canon map being released. Here's the image:

This map could be implemented in game for a more realistic feel, and even more maps (Though i doubt this, at least untill more locations are shown in the show).

What do you guys think?
Pony Off-Topic Archive / MLP Clothing
2012 Jul 30, 22:07:18
Today, i decided to look online for MLP attire. Now i'm in need of about 800$. FML

Hahaha, what about you guys? Anypony here fancy some MLP clothing?  X3
Introductions Archive / Howdy everypony!
2012 Jul 29, 00:13:50

Hello everypony, how are you all doing tonight?

I found out about this game and site today, i'm somewhat new to the brony community.

I love music, and am learning how to play the guitar! - Currently working on Fluttershy's Training Montage, but man is it hard!

I'll try to be active, though no promises there! It's summer after all, and to top it off, i just graduated from highschool.  :D

I read some posts already, and i must say, what a nice community this is! Looking forward to meeting you all.

Have fun!  :P