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Video Games Archive / Undertale
2015 Oct 27, 21:16:16
Man I really want to rant about how much I'm loving this game but there aren't many places to do so. So here we go! Undertale discussion thread. Got any fan theories? Fan art? Here's a place you can discuss your experiences and anything else relating to the game.
So far me and Ryo have beaten one of the many neutral routs as well as the pacifist route. We have yet to finish the bad time route. Major spoiler ahead don't look at this  X3
Spoiler: bad time route • show
we are stuck at the last boss and DEAR GOD is he insane. Like... you can't stop half way through dialog and start wailing on me!  DD: that's no fair... ono he's unfair
(We are playing it together since only one computer)

Also please use spoilers!!! Preferably title them with the route they are in. [.spoiler="route"][/spoiler] like so. If you want to play the game trust me you don't want anything getting spoiled  ;)

Now of course because I'm me, here's some fanart!
Spoiler: neutral & pacifist route • show
Gyftrot! He was creepy looking.

Spoiler: pacifist route • show
pic dosnt really do him justice. He was a kick butt character in his evil adult form

That's all I've got so far, but I'm looking excited to see what you all think of the game! Have fun  :D
Why haven't I made a thread in this section yet... welp, heres some of my animations.
Mostly just my little gifs and flash animations. Not going to bother with my PMVs even if they are animated.
Spoiler: Fluttershy is scared of the dark :C • show

Spoiler: Crab Apple trot • show

Spoiler: SU lion walk • show

Spoiler: chibi fluttershy tail wag • show

Spoiler: Ryo's majestic mane • show

Spoiler: Ryo being a cutie • show

Spoiler: coyote running • show

Spoiler: Gamepaw running • show

Spoiler: Crab Apple doin some random thing idk • show

Spoiler: flapping pigeon • show

Spoiler: IttyBit floppin • show

Spoiler: random pony dance sketch • show

Spoiler: a wolf and some lightning • show

Spoiler: a trippy deer • show

Spoiler: i have no idea • show

Spoiler: a clip from an unfinished PMV • show

Spoiler: hatching baby dragon • show

Spoiler: Crabby bein cute • show

Spoiler: Cecil dancing • show

Spoiler: cardgames on motorcycles • show

Spoiler: cgeyeguy partying hard • show

Spoiler: Crabby snuggling StarSong • show

Spoiler: COOFFFFFEEEEE!!! • show

Spoiler: how earth ponies shoot bows • show

Spoiler: runnung Crab • show

Spoiler: boop! • show

Spoiler: Celestias Mane • show


Video deleted because of content.

I made these with Flipnote Studio on the DSi back when Hatena was still up.
sorry there really short and dumb XD Flipnote only let u have about 999 pages. The new Flipnote Studio is coming out in April i think. you should all try it. Ill be AcidWolf on there if u ever see me X3
Original Characters / CrabApples OCs
2012 Dec 30, 16:41:21
I only have one OC so far and that's CrabApple. She's not my pony-sona she's just a character I thought of. I made her a few years ago when me and my friend were eating crab apples. Her personality is ALOT like the one pony that was bullying apple bloom and the other kids. I think her name was babs or something weird like that. I think I'm going to change it up a bit now though. I don't have a pony-sona yet, I can't think of what she would be like. I'm a pretty average person. I might try to make one today. My Internet isn't working and won't be for a few more days. That means I can't post any pictures. I'm using my iPhone right now. I got it for Christmas! I love it! Ok I'm getting way off topic.
The Retirement Home / Random Pictures!!!
2012 Dec 08, 18:37:12
Post a picture of whatever you want! (within reason :l )
Its just like the random silly post game but with pictures :D
me first
Introductions Archive / Hi O3o
2012 Nov 24, 23:04:42
Hey people! I've been creepin around this site as a guest for long enough now and finnaly decided to join! umm... not much else to say other than im here.