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Off-Topic Archive / Re: problem
2016 Jul 31, 02:32:02
Someone entered the game using the same name as you and was trolling. The mods (probably me) made a mistake and accidentally kicked you instead. Probably what the troll was aiming at. My apologies.  :facehoof:
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Crazy 'WikiHow's!
2016 Jul 19, 20:59:37

Honestly whoever they hired as an artist needs to work on facial expressions lol
Welcome back! ^-^
Video Games Archive / Re: Undertale
2015 Oct 29, 16:27:01
Hehehe yes. Fun and friendship.... not pain and tears...
Well I suppose I knew what I was getting into since tumblr spoils everything. Fortunately it didn't spoiler too much. Just saw lots of fanart. Mostly of Sans and Toriel.
Video Games Archive / Re: Undertale
2015 Oct 29, 16:09:40
Spoiler: show
yeah to be honest the bad time route isn't really worth it. I never finished it myself. I reccomend watching a playthrough of it on youtube or something. Because after you do that run and hurt all of those characters they will remember it from then on. Even past a true reset it aparently changes your game slightly

Spoiler: more fanart btw • show
Video Games Archive / Re: Undertail
2015 Oct 27, 22:42:18
Quote from: Ryo_D_Disk on 2015 Oct 27, 22:33:48
Spoiler: Undertail bad end • show
you know after defeating everyone but the last boss I realized something.... this run was not fun certainly not after hearing everyone's story, seeing the good end and finding the truth. It's a cop out on my part but the final boss is where my run ends, I'm restarting and not completing that run, not over difficulty because it is hard as nails and worth trying the fight, but because Undertail should be remembered for its story and journey and not be spoiled by a forced competition run.

but that's just my opinion, I did enjoy the game its really entertaining, genuinely a piece of good storytelling and worth trying before watching a lets play of it.

See this game can even bring the tough scarry mod down!  O: Or maybe he's just a big softie :] But yeah we couldn't do it
Video Games Archive / Undertale
2015 Oct 27, 21:16:16
Man I really want to rant about how much I'm loving this game but there aren't many places to do so. So here we go! Undertale discussion thread. Got any fan theories? Fan art? Here's a place you can discuss your experiences and anything else relating to the game.
So far me and Ryo have beaten one of the many neutral routs as well as the pacifist route. We have yet to finish the bad time route. Major spoiler ahead don't look at this  X3
Spoiler: bad time route • show
we are stuck at the last boss and DEAR GOD is he insane. Like... you can't stop half way through dialog and start wailing on me!  DD: that's no fair... ono he's unfair
(We are playing it together since only one computer)

Also please use spoilers!!! Preferably title them with the route they are in. [.spoiler="route"][/spoiler] like so. If you want to play the game trust me you don't want anything getting spoiled  ;)

Now of course because I'm me, here's some fanart!
Spoiler: neutral & pacifist route • show
Gyftrot! He was creepy looking.

Spoiler: pacifist route • show
pic dosnt really do him justice. He was a kick butt character in his evil adult form

That's all I've got so far, but I'm looking excited to see what you all think of the game! Have fun  :D
Me and ryo are playing undertail. Ahhh this game is emotional torture! I would add emotes to that but I think every single one would apply lol. Man I really am loving it. I reccomend it. Don't be put off by the 8 bit style or the combat style. I'm not usually a fan of those games but I love this one.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2015 Oct 26, 13:56:53
Ryo and I finished playing two of the endingst of undertail (great game I definatly reccomend it)

This game is grrreeeaaattttt. Although if you plan on playing it I reccomend not looking at any spoilers.

Spoiler: neutral ending • show
ahhhhhhhh what the actual heck!!! We tried sooooon hard not to fight Asagor (sorry if I butchered that spelling) like we went that WHOLE time without hurting anyone but it gave us no choice :c poor ryo didn't want to hurt him either. He let him kill us like over 20 times lol. But we finally fought him and dang... that ending. That terrifying flower. Creepy creepy looking boss. Didn't fit in with the 8 bit style at all which was kindof shocking in a way.

Spoiler: pacifist ending • show
Oh boy so the pacifist ending was... emotional haha. Lots of moments where I thought things were going to go bad and got worried. Omg tho you get sooooo attached to the characters. Then just... ugh! So cute. The hugs. So so cute I'm so happy for them :') 

Spoiler: bad ending • show
I haven't started yet. Kindof reluctant to. Wish I had done the bad ending before the good one. When you open the game again it greets you with flowere guy saying some awful speech about how if you restart your taking the happy ending and happyness away from all of them. This game is psychological torture X,D
I absolutely cannot wait for this! It looks so cute and so fun! I should totes make fanart. I really like Arizona, shes adorable. Also Velvet seems pretty cool. I always liked deer characters.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2015 Sep 24, 09:53:41
I get to go live with Ryo for a half a year!!!!!! <3

Im so nervous and excited! Also going to be helping out at the place he works. I've never been outside of the US so i'm hella scared. I have been on a plane before but I was so little I don't remember it. And it was only like an hour flight. This one is 9 hours! And ill be going through the airport alone and ahhhhh!

I know this isn't exactly happening 'today' but i'm still excited about it! I've been nervousited for months!

Spoiler: Also made some art to celebrate! • show
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Sep 20, 15:04:42
@Midnight Breeze & @Chishio Kunrin

Omg you guys have no idea how much that bugs me! Like I dislike a lot of MMOs specificly for this reason. I want to be a big gnarly wolf monster! Or a kick butt dragon! But no... I' m a kawaii fox girl or a green chick :facehoof:

I also don't particularly like staring at the female NPCs and characters that are quite obviously designed for a male audience.  o_o

Like, I wish someone could make a MMO specifically for girls. And I mean a REAL MMO. Would be an interesting concept. I would like to see what would come out of a project like that.
Not going to lie, all of your animations needs some work. In many places it looks jerky and jumpy. Some places need to me smoothed out and perhaps a little bounce needs to be added. In animation its essential to show the weight of what your animating. have you ever noticed how a large dragon lumbers around slowly, yet a spider skitters about? The difference is in the weight.

The Timberwolf for example looks like its moving its heavy head up and down with unusual ease and speed, where in reality there would be at LEAST a tiny bit of drag and bounce.

As for rainbow dash playing the guitar... that arm....  DD:

The hornet looks nice, I see the legs moving up and down there, were you trying to make it look like they were bouncing when the hornet moves up and down? As they are now they appear to be just pointlessly moving around. The wings have a basic flap to them, although it would produce a much nicer result if you were to tilt the wings as well, rather than just having them wag back and forth. The wings now would produce no lift whatsoever for the hornet.

  Here you can see theres much more going on than a simple wag.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2015 Jul 29, 03:00:17
Bronycon is getting soooo close! And my time to meet up with my friends is even earlier! Only about 24 hours to go!
@LaptopBrony  is driving me to Baltimore so we get to go on a little road trip together  ^-^
Then later that day we pick up @Ryo_D_Disk
Gonna be a hella fun trip
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Gif's Galore
2015 Jul 27, 21:37:00
I remember that show, actually watched it a few times it actually wasn't too bad. Entertaining for what it was.
Original Characters / Re: A very Cozy OC
2015 Jul 15, 18:09:18
Aww! shes cute! looks cuddly!
Introductions Archive / Re: hi n_n
2015 Jun 03, 05:31:56
Ayeeee! Welcome to the forums man! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun ^-^
:D yayyyy! Its great to see you back  ^-^
Quote from: Itty Bit on 2015 Apr 09, 14:19:43
This stuff is pretty rad!
Aside from flipnote, what other types of programs do you do?C:

I've been using Flash 8 recently. It's good for short looping stuff but TERRIBLE for syncing audio and whatnot.
Heck yeah  B) ready for the hype!