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Quote from: Sorunome on 2018 Oct 02, 14:52:25Perhaps it would be a good idea to tell users why they were banned though. Clearly a message "trolling" isn't sufficient, as Sweet wasn't trying to troll here.

I'll happily amend the ban message to reflect every last detail of what/why. There are plenty to list. You once brought up rule 13a to me in a DM conversation regarding another user, so you're aware enough of the rules that once I complete such amendments I'm quite certain you'll agree with them. Perhaps not trolling, but chief among them would be a violation of the main aspect of rule 13.

Quote from: Sorunome on 2018 Oct 02, 14:52:25So....without a warning? What happened to that again?

A warning had been issued over the initial occurrence, you yourself showed it in the screencap you provided, and I myself hold screencaps showing the same. Under normal circumstances, the policy would be three strikes: A warning issued to the user in a way they could clearly see unless otherwise preoccupied/incapacitated, a kick to serve as a secondary warning that most would logically conclude as "Looks like they're serious, I'd better stop before I get banned.", and finally a ban is issued when these previous two steps prove insufficient by a continuation of the actions/etc. that caused them.

With regard to Sweet's case, it was consulted and discussed among Moderation staff, and as "jokes" such as those did indeed violate several rules a ban was deemed appropriate, particularly after the response to the warning which *yet again* is clearly shown in the screencap you yourself provided here showed a clear unwillingness to follow the rules and adhere to the warnings given.

Quote from: Sorunome on 2018 Oct 02, 14:52:25How should anyone know if a ban repeal was ignored or denied if no reply is ever sent out?

We do not ignore ban appeal requests, under any circumstances. No matter who or for what, we treat them all with equal fairness and due courtesy. If you have not received a reply to your request for an appeal, it does not mean such a request has been ignored, regardless of subjective interpretation.

Quote from: Sorunome on 2018 Oct 02, 14:52:25I don't see any warning given in the screenshots I posted above? Again, i re-iterate, perhaps warnings should be clearly marked.

"keeps messaging me with "don't mention such subjects" Nothing further needed there.

Quote from: Sorunome on 2018 Oct 02, 14:52:25No side is completely clean.

Again, nothing further needed.

As you were.
Quote from: Sorunome on 2018 Oct 02, 14:14:08The message wasn't reported in any way, thus a moderator was clearly able to read along private messages, assumed to be only meant for certain eyes.

I find it very interesting how the entire ban story of sweet zeal up there was just ignored. It shows that 1st: moderation reads along whispers, and 2nd: emailing perry doesn't work. And apparently gets you banned.

Sweet Zeal was brought to my attention by several users for making 9-11 themed jokes, when I accosted the user through whisper (and no, Mods can NOT see any whispers beyond what other users report to us who were part of said whisper conversations, or ones we are personally engaged in, stop trying to state otherwise as it is wildly incorrect) Sweet Zeal replied with "meh. Is holocaust okay?" to which my response was "Not at all." The reply to that was clear trolling, so upon consulting with the rest of the team a ban was decided upon. As a result, your story is misinforming to a high degree. Also the appeal was not ignored, it was denied on the above-listed grounds. We do not take such matters lightly. And it was the screencaps provided to me by those other users, along with the ones I took of my conversation with Sweet informing them of their warning (as well as the one you showed here in this conversation) that gave all necessary grounds to uphold Sweet's ban.

In the future you should make sure your stories, and the stories of others you speak for/through, are straight first.

Arguing that Mods can read all whispers and act through them has already been noted more times than should ever be required is flatly false, no matter how much you might wish it to be the case it is with absolute certainty not so. Also, no one below the Admin level can spawn mobs/etc. in-game, claiming otherwise in an inflammatory manner is a ridiculous and frankly dishonest assertion.

I could dissect the rest (including the abundance of false, unjustified, and wholly unnecessary entitlement) like a science class frog, but that has already been done profusely by members of PR and either ignored or argued through ignorance with the same level you claimed Sweet's ban appeal had been. To go any further would frankly be a waste of time.

With that, carry on.
Name: Napalm

Systems: 3DS and Wii U

Games: Wii U: Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. U, Super Mario Maker ; 3DS: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Sun, Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Animal Crossing New Leaf

3DS Friend Code: 1220-7869-1888

Wii U: R3vvus

Or as Pokemon would put it... My Anticipation made me shudder  lol
1. Forum Name: NapalmStyles

2. Email Address: [email protected]

3. Age: 32

4. Discord Username: NapalmX5 #4025

5. Skype Username: mugenlinksamurai (shows as noodles00p, for my YT channel)

6. Current Timezone you live in: U.S. Central

7. Hours of Availability: 10 A.M. - 2 A.M.

8. Are you a current member of the LoE team?: No

9. If yes, what department?:

10. Have you ever been a member of the LoE team?: No

11. If so, what department?:

12. Do you have any moderation experience?: Yes

13. If yes, please list: FF XIV ARR/HS

14. What would make you a good moderator?: An easily-approachable people-person, unbiased and fair, at the service of my associates and peers when needed. Good at leading when needed, and at working promptly on any task given to me.

15. Why do you want to join the moderation team?: To better serve the community as a whole, be it in the game/forums/chat/etc.

16. What areas do you believe you could better yourself in?: Been giving art a try, I definitely require a lot of improvement. Challenge accepted.

17. If you could change one thing on the forum, what would it be?: Nothing I can see needs changing, all seems to be quite well.

18. Do you have any Game Master/GM experience with other online games?: Yes

19. If so, please list: FF XIV ARR/HS, FF XI, Crystal Saga

20. Why should we hire you?: I'm ready to work immediately, I've already gotten to know many of the current staff members and would be both delighted and honored to work alongside them and the others I've yet to meet in serving a community I've grown so fond of.
I applied, and am I ever hopeful  :P
Time to apply and hope  :P
Quote from: AnthroYuu on 2016 Aug 14, 03:50:50
Story writing is part of the Writing department, which unfortunately is not currently hiring.  Do check back frequently, though, as this could change at any time!

Will do!
If a story-writing position is open, I'm very interested in applying and would consider it a great honor to work alongside the many talented members of the LoE staff.

Just let me know where and how to apply, and I shall strive to meet whatever expectations are required. Thank you in advance either way.
Expect me to give it my all to make that return in December, thanks much XD
"Remember when we were allowed to wear hats?" "Yeah... That was awesome..."
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: MLP Fanfics!
2016 Aug 05, 04:12:35
I came to realize I done goofed, I put deaf instead of mute for Hattie's description... Whoops, I must amend this.
Zounds! You've uncovered my secret. "This calls for action!" "This calls for HATS!" "YEAH!!!" "Hats are awesome..."
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: MLP Fanfics!
2016 Jul 31, 06:53:30
Working on a comedic crossover currently, I've been doing a few too many of those lately, and it's what inspired this pony right here... When a Furfrou falls through a portal from the Kalos Region and ends up in G4 S1 Equestria, the insanity only begins. Befriending a deaf mare with an affinity for hats and grooming named Hattie Styles (I ran low on ideas), the Furfrou comes to realize he can communicate well with the populace, and learns to interpret Hattie's hoof-clap "speech". Adopting the name Napalm from the Human Trainer who'd given him a sizeable enough tip in a cafe to buy himself a trim, and opening a small detective agency in the back supply closet of the spa where Hattie has begun an internship, the duo embark on various random hijinks that occur completely in the background of the canonical episodes, with Hattie keeping the trimming equipment handy for when Napalm's ever-changing 'do expires.

Still thinking of a title for the series, if anyone's read the Adventures of Tag and Bink (Star Wars canonical spoof comics) you'll know where my mind is. I might eventually post the first chapter once it's completed, and grab the smock to duck the tomatoes.
Hilariously enough, I started fresh with Gen 1... It came on between Transformers G1 and 80's Voltron, two of my personal favorites among the classics, so naturally at that young age I figured I could just sit through MLP G1 no problem... Who knew it'd stay with me for so long?
Introductions Archive / Almost forgot...
2016 Jul 31, 06:05:57
Greetings, salutations, and all that jazz. Writer by profession, gamer by trade, Poke/Yugi/Smash/Vlog/etc.Tuber by hobby, and generally perpetually eleven cans short of a six-pack... Yeah, I'd say that sums me up about right.

Joined a couple days ago, been enjoying every second despite spending most of it parked in Forrest Gump mode spouting random memes and the like. After finally un-lazying just long enough to finish quite possibly the longest quest in the game, I might resume doing so until the open is over.

That's all I can think of for now, so here's one for the road...

I am known as Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andry Charton-Haymoss Ivanovicci Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III... Don't hesitate to call!