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Pony Off-Topic / Stuck in the dojo
Last post by RedZed - 2022 Jun 29, 14:57:56
I was attempting to do the Enlightenment quest when I fell through a gap between the walls and the roof on the right side.
I am now stuck in the gap, unsure how to get out.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I make a new pony and cut my losses?
Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivat...
Last post by LunarDusk - 2022 Jun 27, 22:14:55
63 So it will...
Baja Blast
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Red Velvet
Silver Star
Western Star


Off-Topic / Subtitles
Last post by harry8 - 2022 Jun 27, 04:42:37
I usually just google it but it's often hit and miss, anyone know a good website for subtitles? I only care about English subtitles, however it isn't bad if they support other languages too, just not necessary for me.
Off-Topic / Slang
Last post by harry85 - 2022 Jun 23, 06:10:32
What are some popular slang words or phrases right now?
Video Games / Re: Your favorite video game?
Last post by SuperSpaceMan34 - 2022 Jun 23, 00:08:37
Probably either Besiege(1k+ hours on Steam lol) or Tiny Tank(PS1).

One of them used to be War Thunder before Gaijin decided to be a collective mass of stupid and encourage spawncamping.
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Lens Flare
Slashina Demonia
White Flipper
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - June 18th 2022 • show
Next Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet

Date: Friday June 24th, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Cantermore Guard Station
Style: Story
Host: Toot Sweet
All ponies, old and new, welcome.

We have a group Discord. 
You can find it at
Introductions / hewwo!
Last post by orpheus - 2022 Jun 21, 03:54:53
hey all!!! im new to the game (just started playing earlier today/tonight [its 3:30am for me lol] after seeing the game on penny snapcube's vod channel), but despite it being so late the other people that were online seemed really nice so i thought i'd drop an intro post here!
i'm marley or orpheus, honestly whichever, and my only character so far is a foal named Icy Whisp! i'm not planning to have her age up until i do a few of those foal-only quests, but when i'm a bit more familiar with the game i might make a few other characters too.

anyways, it's nice to meet you all!
Off-Topic / Re: Favorite Quotes
Last post by walton75 - 2022 Jun 18, 08:59:05
My favorite quote is:
"This above all: to thine own self be true."
(William Shakespeare)
Also, you can find famous quotes at quotessearchengine and this is one of the best place to read quotes online.
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