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Started by Holiday Cheer, 2018 Feb 07, 12:59:14

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Holiday Cheer

2018 Feb 07, 12:59:14 Last Edit: 2018 Feb 13, 09:37:17 by Holiday Cheer
So for those of you who don't know me, I am a super duper party pony who enjoys throwing every single one of her friends a party whenever they need it.  But the thing I specialize (and I mean I specialize) in, is planning events.  Weddings, birthdays, and OF COURSE holidays, I will definitely have a party planned so that all my pony friends (and let's face it every pony is my friend) have something to celebrate and have fun.  I even seem to liven up SCC whenever I set hoof in there.  So I'm using this space as a place to advertise events and share photos from these events so that anypony out there can see how good of a time we have at these things and more ponies will come!

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!  If anypony who has attended one of my events has screenshots or anything else to remind you of the good time you had, please please pleeeeeeeease post it here so that we can show everypony how we do and they can join us.


Hearts And Hooves Day Single Pony Celebration on February 14th, starting at 7:00 PM Central Standard (US) Time (or earlier since I'll be there early) at SCC.  This is party to celebrate our friends who don't have a special somepony to spend the day with so that they won't have to be lonely, but anypony is welcome whether single or not.  There's going to be games and plenty of great music to dance to.  (Aaaaaaand stick around after the party for a little something special).

Super special surprise Birthday celebration for Jet Black on or before March 1st.  More details will be revealed soon.  Promise!

In addition to baking pies and throwing awesomely spectacular parties, I also write songs, well lyrics at least.  I'll post those here too.  This is one I wrote called Lonely Holiday:

Lonely Holiday

Have you ever been there in the room,
With a party all around,
Ponies partying and dancing
And not a sad face to be found,
You'll never forget this feeling,
It's the feeling you belong,
Even if every pony in your life,
Has told you that you're wrong,
You wish that this could never end,
Because it's the best time that you've had,
You know that it will be some time,
Before you remember you were sad,

I am your lonely holiday,
Where no pony comes to celebrate,
But it's okay,
I am giving all I have to give,

Have you ever entered into a room,
To the roaring of surprise,
As all your friends and family,
Appear before your eyes,
There's a feeling of elation,
To know you're loved and cheered,
And that everypony in this place,
Just wants to have you here,
And it makes you feel so special,
When you feel you don't deserve,
It's these moments that we capture,
And these memories we preserve,

I am your lonely holiday,
Where no pony comes to celebrate,
But it's okay,
I am giving all I have to give,

Do you ever feel like you will never be happy,
Or that no pony in this whole world knows your name,
I promise that I will always be there,
If you are down I'll lift you up,
So you can feel that joy,
Once again,

Because everypony deserves to have their moment,
And never should we make each other sad,
The most important lesson that I've learned is friendship,
A party is just the thing, to clear away all of the bad,

I am your lonely holiday,
Where no pony comes to celebrate,
But it's okay,
I am giving all I have to give,

I am the one who always takes,
All of your sadness and mistakes,
But it's okay,
Because I want you to be happy,

I hope to see you all in Equestria!  Love Holiday Cheer!


The Queens Of Cookies

Holiday Cheer

This last weekend was ah-mazing!  So many great ponies around.  Some great games of Truth or Dare and Hide and Seek being played.  And to top it all off, we had a super spectacular party on Sunday night thrown by my good friend and fellow party pony Fluffy Cloud.  It was off the hook excitement!

There's been so many cool ponies around lately and so many events.  But the best is yet to come tomorrow night for my Hearts and Hooves party is upon us!  Show up at SCC in Ponydale at 7CST (or earlier because you know I'll be there getting the party started early) for lots of fun games and dancing with single ponies just like you.  Or for those who want to bring a date there will be a couples mingle as well.

Also we have a very special birthday coming up on March 1st.  Our friend and resident pony guide and helper Jet Black is turning one year older.  Jet does a lot for the newer players in the community and deserves some (but not a ton because it'll go to his head :P ) of recognition.  I'll be setting some more exact details for his party soon so please keep that one on your radar!

I hope you all keep having fun and I can't wait to see you around!

Holiday Cheer

2018 Feb 14, 12:39:47 #3 Last Edit: 2018 Feb 14, 12:45:17 by Holiday Cheer
What could this be I wonder?

CMC Scootaloo

YAY! 0:) A new party pony! 0:) <3

Quote from: Holiday Cheer on 2018 Feb 14, 12:39:47What could this be I wonder?

I haven't met you so far, I had to move into a new house and was busy with getting everything set up the last month.....
Is this a picture of you, Holiday Cheer?^^
You always wanted to meet Scootaloo? Then be on the lookout for her in Equestria, she is galloping all over the realm!

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