Legends of Equestria's Open Access Release is Live! New Animated Story Trailer!

Started by Ellowee, 2017 Sep 09, 19:11:39

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hey, i dont know if this is the best way to contact you guys, but i wanted to share an idea for pegasi, i thought of just adding small clouds that randomly spawn in the sky, that way, pegasi would actually be able to fly high up in the air and stay there , another idea was, that if you fly at high speed against one you will poof it and a new cloud will spawn somewhere else, i just thought this would be a fun idea ^^  ^-^


Quote from: Detective Glitch on 2017 Sep 15, 22:13:50I downloaded legends of equestria for windows 10 but when I login and get in I cant move or do much of anything. am I Doing something wrong?

do you know HOW to move? you can change controlls in the menu


Quote from: MidnightLunaRose on 2017 Sep 11, 20:52:43After reaching level 50 in 2 days, there isnt much for me to do. lul

its not about the leveling its about meeting ponies and being immersed in the world of equestria

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