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Pony Off-Topic / Re: What pony race are you?
Last post by J_Brony1155 - Today at 09:16:06
I picked unicorn because I have always wanted the ability to fly.

Introductions / Hello everyone....
Last post by J_Brony1155 - Today at 08:30:07
Hello my name is Josh.

I became a Brony around 2014 and I am now just founding out about this website (terrible of me I know XD)
I should have found out about it sooner I have never really joined any of the fan sites until now finding out about legends of equestrian the game made me do this.

I will start off by saying that.... I like long walks on the beach, long romantic talks into the night, and MUFFINS!! (Oh who am I kidding!!) that was just for laughs. :P

I love the show, I love everything about it, the fandom is great and the people are awesome I hope to meet a lot of people on this site and in the game.

 I like games, I love MLP:fim, music, YouTube, hanging with my friends, I have a lot more interests too many to name really.

I just don't really know what else to say in this topic this is my introduction so here goes nothing...

Hello everypony!
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Introductions / Re: A formal Intorduction
Last post by Noodle Script - Yesterday at 15:40:22

Nice to meet you. Since you are here for longer than I am, it's probably not my place to say "welcome".

First, I'd like to thank you for your commitment to the other people/ponies. Not everypony is brave enough to go near fire and save people/ponies out of burning buildings or vehicles.

Are you in Europonia? If so, maybe, we'll see each other, if you tell me your pony's name. I play Scatty Clockwork in the game.
Introductions / A formal Intorduction
Last post by FlightFire - Yesterday at 11:43:19
Hello All,

You have probably seen me around i've been on LoE for quite sometime and figured i should formal introduce myself. My Name is Flight Fire, I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter for the last 17 years and a Lieutenant for the last 4 in the fire service (if you haven't pick that up from my shouting fire prevention in global chat. Got in to MLP around 2010 and ran with it since. I am also staff member at Brony Con (at least for one more year). I enjoy meeting new ponies and making friends so don't hesitate to talk to me or even ask me questions. Also if you have a question about fire safety for fire related question i will do my best to answer or get you a answer in a timely fashion. Hope to see you on LoE and stay safe

(Fire Prevention Notice) don't play with fire

Flight Fire 
Original Characters / Everyone, Meet Nightlight
Last post by Nightshade Star - Yesterday at 10:26:16
(Can I get some art please? )

Real Name: Cynthia Alhart
Alias/Pony Name: Nightlight Shine
Age: 24-25
Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: (Pony) White coated with curly hair tucked into a pony tail. Has a violet streak through the left side of her mane. Violet eyes and has a four-pointed star with a blue ribbon as her cutie mark. 6'1" as a human, with ivory skin and same sort of appearance as pony form but without the purple streak. Usually wears sweatshirts.

Personality: A very optimistic girl who seems lazy at times. Clumsy but a very good planmaker, so she usually stays at the sidelines of the action when facing difficulty. Will try to help others as much as possible, but likes to spend her time alone reading.
Occupation: She now attends Celestia's School and majors in advanced magic and herbology. Originally (as a human) graduated with a minor in Mathematics and a major in Psychology.

Backstory (WIP): Cynthia was born on May 12th. Her life until graduation consisted of strict orders and efforts for good grades.
Eventually, she graduated college and it was about a month later. She was home for summer break and was taking a walk with her 13-year-old sister, when she saw a streak out of the sky, making way towards her. It slowly started to accelerate. Meanwhile her sister was unaware of this. Right before it hit, Cynthia covered her sister in efforts to save her, right before her world went white, then black.
She wakes up later surrounded by crystal,  rock surrounding her as if she just crashed though it. Her back hurt and her hands and feet were numb. She thought she could see an array of colors surrounding the hole which the sunlight was pouring through. Then her vision comes back, and she realizes that she doesn't have hands or feet. Then she faints. She finds herself in a nurse's room, and is treated well, but she had a mirror in the room, showing how small she actually is - about four feet - and her horse-like appearance. To prevent alarm from the others, she screams into her pillow. Actually, scream was an understatement. She slammed her confusion and her shock on that pillow. She finds out that the ponies there have names based on the marks on her flank. Seeing one on her flank, she decides to give herself the name Nightlight Shine.

She understands English, Japanese, and the basics of French. She knows some words in Gaelic.

Likes: Reading, her family, *cough cough* (Miru), hanging around with friends, drawing, violin (Yes, she plays the violin), good grades.
Dislikes: Scratching/creepy sounds, violent combat against her friends, death (thanatophobic), slime videos

Yep, that's pretty much my main RP character for now, hoping to add more
A few pictures of tonight's Old Autumn's Eve celebration (aka St. Martin's day).

Everypony met at the blimp in Cloudopolis and then went on a nice lantern procession down the main road, which ended at the cafe. There ponies shared food, snacks and treats, as well as each others company.

The lanterns were carried so we can bring light to everyponies lifes during the dark months and the food symbolicly shared so no pony will have to go hungry in the coming winter.  ^-^

Thank you all for coming and making it a super pleasant, relaxed and fun evening.  ^-^

(And sorry if I missed anyone with my snack trades. I tried to trade everyone at least once, but lost count after a while.  X3  )

A few days ago Holly and I heckled our way through Bramble Woods.  ^-^

Then today we attended a party in the gala hall, which spontaneously turned into an EVENing Sit On EVENt... where we all sat on Even... for some reason.  :o

Later on my way to watch a ToD in the school... I had a... situation.

And an ominous angle on the ToD itself.  ^-^

Introductions / Re: Hello~!
Last post by Noodle Script - 2018 Nov 10, 18:24:02
I think you are welcome, as long as you don't bite.

I hope that you will have an enjoyable time here.
Introductions / Hello~!
Last post by Amoret~<3 - 2018 Nov 09, 19:08:45
My name is Amoret and I'm kind of new on here - well, I had forgotten I had made an account a long time ago. I'm just here to make friends, chat, and roleplay with friendly ponies!  <3 I also have Discord as well. How is everypony doing today?  ^-^
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