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Yeah, sorry ^^;;;;; been really busy lately xP
Quote from: Night Striker on Yesterday at 19:04:12No, they haven't, they did something else entirely as Puppy pointed out. The meaning of "level cap" is the maximum level a player can attain on a character. If the level cap was truly at 20, it shouldn't be possible to level up past 20 but LoE still has the level cap at 50 for no apparent reason.

I understand what you want to say, but this is a minor technicality. Whether they make it entirely impossible to level higher than 20 or just give you so little exp. after you reached that level that it's barely possible to level up further, comes down to the same in the end:

20 is, as of now, the intended max. level for the current regions and as high as it is recommended to level up right now.

Of course they could go and make it completely impossible to get higher than 20 in another update, but even if they would do that, there wouldn't be that much difference then. I think by simply making it so hard to level up higher than 20 that's it's a huge chore to do that, this already sends a clear enough signal of where the current level cap is.
A minor change like this, to make it entirely impossible to get higher, that just doesn't sound necessary if you already get so little exp. at Level 20 anyway.
Maybe they will do that one day, but fixing this just for logic's sake? There are more important things to take care of first, such as adding further content and fixing bugs.

Of course, if you want to give yourself the challenge to level up higher and even to 50, then you are free to do that. Players of various video games do things in games that weren't intended or envisioned by the devs all the time, after all.
But since LoE is not designed for this anymore now and only meant to get you up to 20 so far, they also don't have to offer an easier way of reaching Level 50 again now, just because some players decide to play the game in their own, but unintended, way.
It's how the game works now. And I already detailed above why a level cap like that makes the game last longer and is therefore more beneficial, than simply allowing the player to reach Level 50 (easily) as it used to be until the newest update, so I can't add anything to this anymore.
Game Updates / Re: Legends of Equestria Chang...
Last post by Nebenfigur - Today at 03:05:08
"Fixed objective-marker issues with quest 'Supplying the Hospital'."

Now all 3 quest markers are shown as complete and I got the items, but I still can't speak with Nurse Coldhoof.
Can I reset the quest somehow?

Edit: Problem solved. Put an item in the bank (or delete it) and get a new one to update the quest.
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on Yesterday at 10:06:36I'm sorry, but I can't follow your latest post..... They already did what you suggested there. They introduced a level cap already, it's 20 now. That's why you have such a hard time levelling up higher than that: You are not supposed to yet.
Just like Vanilla WoW let you go up to Level 30 (I think), Vanilla LoE lets you now get up to Level 20.
Further updates will increase that level cap then, just like WoW increased its level cap with new expansions. They're doing exactly what you said:

It's fairly easy to see what they are going for here. I'm having a hard time seeing what your issue with the exp. system is..... :s Just give them time.

No, they haven't, they did something else entirely as Puppy pointed out. The meaning of "level cap" is the maximum level a player can attain on a character. If the level cap was truly at 20, it shouldn't be possible to level up past 20 but LoE still has the level cap at 50 for no apparent reason. The whole "you're not supposed to yet" argument you keep trying to explain really doesn't work in this context you know; after all if I'm not supposed to get to level 50, LoE shouldn't let me get to 50. If LoE truly wanted to stop players from leveling past the content they've created, they would make the maximum level be whatever they think their content would go up to right now, with this case being at level "20 or so" or at 30 where the moonlight/sunlight armors are at, instead of keeping it at 50.

As for WoW, I haven't played WoW much either, but I imagine that the updates that increase level cap were meant for those at the max level prior to their updates.  This is something that would seem like a much better system than what LoE currently has.

Scoots, when we last talked in-game about the airshow event for the Equestria Games and how you wouldn't be able to level all your skills despite me mentioning that it only takes a day or so to level them to max, you said you wanted to take the game at your own pace instead, which is totally fine and your playstyle, but there are others like me and Puppy who want to be able to get to max level with reasonable means, not just their characters but all of their talents as well since it can give a sense of accomplishment, who love the combat in the game, but got ruined by nerfing every little thing about it that made it fun. So if anything, I think you have to understand that there are also others who experience or play LoE in a totally different way from you.

As active as I am on the forums, there is a reason why I don't normally participate in community events, like the weekly hide and seek, weddings, or just any other silly events and it's because combat and grinding was a core aspect that made LoE fun for me, and with the new exp system, it just ruined a few of the only reasons I play LoE. I'm not entirely sure just how often you do combat in LoE, considering you were a somewhat low level when I saw you in-game last and you mentioned your skills were not leveled either, but making huge changes in one of the core features of LoE to have a somewhat unreasonable nerf and re-balance in the exp system while still keeping max level at 50 really hurts.

When fighting enemies, you would expect to get more exp if your level was low and the enemy's level gets higher and the monsters get tougher right? Well with the new balance, for everything that isn't a dragon, no matter how much of a higher level they are from you or how much tougher they are than you, they will give the same exp, this is what appalls me in this update. You decide to risk your life to fight something a much higher level than you, something that almost killed you even, and what do you get? The same mediocre exp as something that is barely above your level and can't even out-damage your health regen. It's frustrating that you can take a risk but that risk barely gets you any satisfying reward from it.
I bet it was pumpkin!  :D
It was a STACKering event.  ^-^
i really wished I came.. but it was my fault for not coming as I myself forgot the time.. though I can't for "the next one!"
Got a bunch of pony stacking experiments from today!

Thank you for the fun guys. Maybe next time we could make an even bigger tower... See you in the next one o/

So, for today there has been a smol stack on top of the bench of Doom! which I trademarked as my own. you're welcome to trademark it as well.  :D

and I may/may not make an art piece out of this someday

because of the lighting, i could pass for a Earth pony!  O:
anyways, I hope you guys have a great day! see ya'll later!  ^-^
:o I wish I would've come! but alas, it was getting late so, I could not. but this looked fun! ^-^
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