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She is the element of Magic so maybe she can master every spell known to all pony kind. Maybe even more.
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The Grand Galloping Gala is just around the corner!
Hosted by Holiday Cheer, here's a run-down of the event details thus far:

Photographs here were added by yours truly, unless mentioned otherwise!

Quote from: Holiday Cheer on 2018 May 01, 10:20:23Last night a group of ponies made a visit to Princess Luna and Princess Celestia at the Cantermore Castle and while they were there, Celestia gave out some tickets and announced that the Grand Galloping Gala season has started and the Gala will be held very soon.

So be on the lookout for that and consider yourself invited.

Thank you to the ponies who came to do these promo shots!

Quote from: Holiday Cheer on Yesterday at 13:27:00Derpy is hard at work giving out tickets to all the ponies who are invited (it's everypony  ;) )

Photograph taken by the lovely @Psykai!
(Please ask me if you'd like me to remove it, I'll happily do that for you!)

We are putting the final touches on the planning.  The event begins at approximately 2PM CST but will go on all night pretty much.  For those of you who want some time translation:


For those ponies in Great Britain: 8PM
For those ponies in other parts of Europonia: 9PM

And I believe the GMT is 7PM but I don't really know how that works.

The Gala will be held on the grounds of the Cantermore Castle and will feature dancing, fine food, a closing and opening ceremony, and (possibly) a performance by the Wonderbolts.  So don't miss out!

We're looking for ponies who'd potentially want to put on an air show for us at the Grand Galloping Gala! If you're interested, let me know via this thread or in-game itself (My ponies are Even Tide and Flurry Cane) and I'll add you to the team. Though I have no confirmation yet, it's quite likely that you'll be directed by Holiday Cheer on what to do at the performance, so keep this in mind!

Here is the uniform criteria, it's the same as the outfit from the Wonderbolts VS Shadowbolts photoshoot:
Lab Coat #6C9FB4 OR Winter Warm-Up Weather Team Vest
Horizontal striped socks or argyle socks #6C9FB4 and #FFF7A0
Enchanted Ice Skates (OPTIONAL)

Twilight Nova

Again, a big thank you to the folks who helped me take these promotional shots!

Thanks everyone! Remember, this event is being hosted by Holiday Cheer, not by myself. All of the ideas and photos here were inspired by her! Give her some props and go check out her thread over here. Thanks again <3
@Holiday Cheer
I can definitely see if I can gather up some folks for ya over the next couple days. I'll keep spreadin' the word and pop a mention on my thread too about all of this.

[EDIT] Boom, gotcha a promo and a sign-up sheet for the Wonderbolts. Give me a shout on Discord if you want the raw copypaste the message to pop it over here too!

(I do hope I didn't overdo it. ^^;)
Next Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek:

Date: May 26th, 2018
Time: Saturday @ 5:00 PM EDT / 21:00 GMT (*)
Server: Amareicas
Location: Cantermore Town
Game Mode: Snuggle Pile
Host: Optic Rainfall
Co-host(s): Cogsworth Wingthrop
I was discussing this topic in a discord chat recently !! We thought that there was some basic spells that unicorns are expected to know, but unicorns have unique spells that match their talents.  

You mentioned rarity and shining armor, but there's also cadance's love spell, starlights cutie mark removal spell (?), and im assuming raising the sun and moon are unique to celestia and luna.  

Not sure if there's super solid canon base for this, but it was fun to talk about :D

I couldn't think of what twilight's "special spell" would be, but my take was she's just really good at copying spells or learning quickly.

Another sort of related thing: all unicorns seem like super speed-readers, so maybe speed-reading is another spell that unicorns have to learn!


Hi !! I saw some other adventure threads and i wanted to get in on the fun !! Spectral Spirit is ghosthunting around equestria and shes sharing it with YOU

I was scouting out cool campsites and such in the heartlands !! some of them were diamond dog territory though

Also found the seapony adrift !!

And learned the magic of friendship ofc

Thats all for today  :nod:  :nod:
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Actually Goomie, I was going to ask you about something and it's good you posted here.  Do you happen to know how to contact any of the good ponies to play Wonderbolts and who might still have costumes from your photo shoots?  Firefly Skies would be perfect for this too.
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