Legends of Equestria Changelog 11th May 2024 (v2024.02.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2024 May 11, 11:21:00

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  • With Spring in full swing, Equestria is now more aquatic than ever!  Adding the ability to dive in selected waters
  • Added a steam ship near the docks
  • Added multiple hidden caves underwater
  • Added a Kelp Wrap consumable
  • Added a Kelp Salad consumable

  • Added back the Spatial Crystal mining area in Bramble Woods
  • Added a confirmation prompt when trying to delete a character
  • Added butterflies flying around in certain parts of the map, prettying up the scenery
  • Added a keybind to enable glide mode for pegasi, bound to "x" by default
  • Added the ability to pick up cookies from the plates in Gala Hall
  • Added a Ranger Shirt cosmetic
  • Added a Ranger Hat cosmetic
  • Added a Snorkel cosmetic

  • Added many of the cooking recipes into NPC shops that specialize in cooking
  • Reduced the drop chance for some of the cooking recipes
  • Adjusted the prices for recipes

  • Optimized the networking code between server and client
  • Optimized our server backend in regards to the handling of quests
  • Improved the download and update process of talent marks
  • Improved the health danger flash effect when taking damage
  • Improved the sharpness quality of the skybox slightly
  • Improved the handling of overlapping mining areas in terms of calculated mining speed
  • Improved many of the skill descriptions, adding more info to them

  • Fixed issues with the Teleport skills of unicorns sometimes invalidating a position for seemingly no reason
  • Fixed an issue where certain items may display as broken with placeholder name and description
  • Fixed issues with the Diamond Kite not being colourable, despite the item saying it was
  • Fixed issues with the reticle not being on the correct height when targeting Manticore
  • Fixed issues with the hotbar not always saving
  • Fixed an issue where a few talent marks may not download properly

  • An NPC called Auburn Rays has been added to White Tail Park
  • An NPC called Snow Flurry has been added to Cloudopolis
  • An NPC called Andromeda has been added to Cantermore
  • Fixed an issue in the "Foal Life Consequences" quest where the journal entry may not show up when you first start the quest
  • Fixed an issue in the "Foal Life Consequences" quest requiring you to talk to 3 people to before you could skip the tutorial

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