Legends of Equestria Changelog 15th December 2023 (v2023.05.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2023 Dec 15, 16:55:31

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Seasonal quests:

  • Disabled the Hallowtide quests
  • Disabled the Hallowtide candy event
  • Enabled the seasonal Winter quest "Dashing Through The Snow"
  • Enabled the seasonal Winter gift collection event


  • Added several new mane styles:
    - Chammy
    - Dandaru
    - Green Adventure
    - iiTabiMooni
    - Ikarooz
    - Silverblur
    - Dandaru
  • Added several new tail styles:
    - Chammy
    - Dandaru
    - Green Adventure
    - iiTabiMoonii
    - Ikarooz
    - Silverblur
  • Added a new character character customization option for the iris, separating into:
    - Standard eyes
    - Crystal eyes
  • Added Winterzilla costume, available to find in presents
  • Added Puffer Coat and Bombar Jacket, available to find in presents
  • Added 3 new talent marks:
    - A smiling pony face
    - A pink cow
    - A blue moon on a cloud

  • Added a new dragon variant called Elder Dragon
  • Added a new Lantern Monster variant called Blighted Lantern Monster
  • Updated the level 65 Dragon in Castle Grounds to be of type Elder
  • Updated the level 50 Lantern Monster in Evershade to be of type Blighted

  • Fixed mobile auto targeting
  • Fixed some friendly AoEs hitting you
  • Fixed mounting issues of the Nirik costume
  • Fixed mounting issues with the Kelpie tail
  • Fixed an issue where another player's damage source appeared to inflict damage on oneself
  • Fixed targeting issues on the mobile platform Renamed "Dowsing crystal" to "Dowsing Crystal"
  • Slightly reduced the stamina drain for Pegasi and Unicorns while sprinting
  • Updated the Resuscitation skill to no longer require a full reload of your character
  • Updated the skill descriptions to be more meaningful Improved the snowballs to use better physics and be liftable using the Telekinesis skill


Yay! I can't wait to play and see new features in game
I love LOE

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