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The Short
    My name is Tekner and I am a programmer for Legends of Equestria. I have been programming since I was eight and love every minute of it. If you knew me in person, you'd completely understand why I'm a programmer: every bit of me is logical, concise, and analytical. Though, sometimes I do take it entirely too far and annoy the buck out of my friends. They love me for it anyway.
    My being a hard-core geek doesn't mean I don't know how to be social or expressive, mind you. Another one of my passions is drama and theater. I've played Lennie in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Eugene in Grease the Musical. In both performances, I got rave reviews. I even made quite a few of my teachers cry in my Of Mice and Men performance (Score!)
    In addition to programming and acting, I occasionally like to do voice work, drawing, singing, writing, or over-analyzing the crud out of something (often peoples' psychological behavior/motives. It doesn't usually go well for me  :I)

The Longer
    I've always been around kids my age and loved participating in any games we could play. If I wasn't outside running around like a fool, I was on my computer playing games or reading online articles (even as a young child.) Often I'd find myself in the position of either creating a new game to play outside that day, or designing levels in the computer games I was playing at home. I was always fascinated with what makes a game great: what rules or game elements make it fun and engaging.
    I then steadily became more introverted and spent more time on the computer, obsessed with figuring out how the games I played and the computer itself functioned. I eventually did some research and started working with Game Maker to get a grip on how this whole "programming" thing worked. My first game was a simple "get out of the maze without being hit by the obstacles" game. Since then (I was seven years old), I've had this sort-of ambitious compulsion to use my game-making skills whenever an idea popped in my head. I've made puzzles, platformers, arcade shooters, questionnaires, online multiplayer death matches, RPGs, RTSs, FPSs, you name it. I've even made the occasional database-oriented software to aid in team collaboration.
    From Game Maker, I further learned Darkbasic, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, Lua, C#, C++, HTML, PHP, and SQL. I seldom dabble with anything web or database-oriented, but I do help my friends and one of my teachers on occasion. If I had to take a guess (and it truly is a guess), I'd say I've made around 100 different games, and around 50 applications and WoW addons. Many of them were requests from friends either as a challenge or because they loved the idea of one of their friends making a custom game/application/addon for them (who wouldn't love that?)
    I was also one of the two lead programmers on my school's robotics team and am credited as the guy who designed our regional winning robot last year, which got us to the world championships in Disney World Orlando, Florida. After that, I've continued as a mentor and software developer for the team. I've created a simulator to help the team develop strategies to help us win our competitions. At the world championships this year, several other teams and judges took notice of my software and a few offered paid jobs developing software for them and their teams.

Thanks for reading ^-^

P.S. Comic Sans!

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