Started by Jcfraven, 2015 Dec 09, 17:11:11

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Good day fine fellows of LoE!

Many of you have probably seen me in the roleplay section of the forum, or chatting it up in the Chatbox, but if I haven't met you yet, my name, at least on the forum, is Jcfraven, and I'm 15 years of age.

Before I became part of LoE, I worked for a non-profit organization, for approximately three years, serving in a moderation position primarily, but also temporarily an administrative position as well.

I came onto LoE as part of the HR Experiment some time ago. While it was interesting, it eventually was determined that I'd be better in a different role, which ended up being Implementation and Client Testing, and thus is what you see me as now.

Though I'm still relatively new, I hope to continue to work towards making this game the best it can be, so you all have the best experience possible.

If you ever need someone to chat to, or simply want to say hi or something, feel free to message me! You'll probably find me in the Chatbox as well.

Have a good day all of you!

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