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I'm a really new brony. Really, because the first time I watch MLP is just 2 months ago. After watched the whole series, I decided to make my own OC.

Most OC's on the Internet are one of the EUP. That makes sense, because EUP never gets too OP, if there's no further setting.

However I've heard (from some posts in 2013) that most bronies hate (at least don't like) alicorn OC's, and seems that the main reason is that alicorns should be god, so that it shouldn't be used as an OC in community. Other reasons (I think) include that alicorns are princess, that alicorns are too OP, or that alicorns are better than EUP.

But I don't know what really do you think of alicorn OC's. I don't know whether those reasons are correct or wrong. So I'm here to post this topic and hope for answer.

ps. Even after I know that someone don't like alicorn OC's, I still choose to make my OC an alicorn, because in my opinion alicorn should be equal to EUP, and alicorn is now a little worse than EUP, not better than them. And here's my OC, if you really want to see. The name of it is the ID I usually use, FlameRat.

Spoiler: show

The picture of it

The setting of it, sorry but I havn't translate it, and I won't because this is only a draft. So if you can't read Chinese, you have to wait before I officially post this OC.