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Forum suggestions / Re: why we only fight?
2020 Jun 01, 07:54:53
Somehow LOE feels slower than Pony Town in terms of progress (PT is still a walking simulator thought). If new updates is not easy to come true, just some random daily tasks would do for a while IMO, and maybe the option to replay some old tasks since I forgot about their contents already.
Video Games / LOE characters in Pony Town?
2020 May 29, 12:25:41
Been having fun in both of the two pony games in the past years, and in Pony Town I have seen people recreate characters from the show, other games and even movies (e.g. LOTR).
Recently I got the idea of making the unique LOE ponies into Pony Town, just in case that someone came up with the idea before I checked on Derpibooru but seems there isn't! What a surprise that Ellowee and Flan had not been troting in Pony Town... anyone interested in getting the colors from in-game 2D art and play around with the mane options?
Quote from: McClaw on 2017 Sep 14, 15:22:47The "NPCs with 2D profile image"s are part of the main story line quests in the game and will not only feature in those (as they're completed and added) but will also be found going about their business. (I'm not sure where they are between finishing the foal stage story and going to adult stage.)

And it's Hullabaloo.
Okey, thanks.
I wonder if those NPCs with 2D profile image when talk to them will show up again... such as Flan and the Pegasus-party-pony( can't remember the name, Bolahu or something close). Or they will just show up after I finish all the tutorial?
PS: Some more FiM style 2D profile images would looks the characters much better in my opinion.