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I'm doing this suggestion because i am getting some issues with the conection.. (I guess it's just me..) Every single 5-10 minutes i get disconnected from the servers and that is really making me sad and frustrated because this game cannot be played without internet access! I would like to suggest that it would be awesome and a big favor to me and maybe to some other people to give us access to the game without the need of a internet access.. I don't care if we don't get access to the quests or the online stuff, for the moment i'll be happy if we just can have access to all the the world just for exploring with our created pony. I reaaally want to play this game all the time and I can't because of the conection.. I mean, i have internet access but i guess it's not good enough for make this game stable... The main menu should have an option that let the player play/explore offline if we dont have internet access or if it's slow.. I beg you guys, please consider this as a future update.. please.. This is the best pony game ever and i can't play it properly because of this.. *sigh* I'm just tired of being disconnected from the server every 5 minutes :'(
Forum suggestions / Re: School and other races
Last post by Flame-Dasher - Today at 12:06:00
Yep and a Castle like Twilight's one would be great too  ^-^
Stacking diamond dogs attack Pumpkin Pie, who... mysteriously duplicated and sacrificed his clone, so he can live?

Not really sure what happened here...

Stacking with princesses and a rock enthusiast Pie sister.  ^-^

Next Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek:

Date: September 22nd 2018
Time: Saturday @ 5:00 PM EDT / 21:00 GMT (*)
Server: Amareicas
Location: Cantermore Town
Game Mode: Normal
Host: Cogsworth Wingthrop/Wind Spray
We are super excited to announce...THE RUNNING OF THE LEAVES!  :D

This exciting event will celebrate the beginning of Autumn in Equestria as we run through the forests of the Heartlands and use the pounding of our hooves on the ground to shake the leaves from the trees so the season can officially begin. 

The event will take place THIS SATURDAY September 22 at 8PM GMT (3PM CDT, 9PM Great Britain).

Ponies will meet up at the Graveyard in the Heartland near the Cantermore portal and run along the designated route to the Pumpkin Patch at the south end of the Heartlands where we'll be having a party to celebrate the start of Autumn.  There will be pumpkin pies and plenty of cider to go around so don't miss out!  :]
Thread Games / Re: Corrupt a wish (Reactivate...
Last post by Nightshade Star - Yesterday at 21:57:27
Granted. But they all have zero experience on that.

I wish I could make them the best center ever.
Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivat...
Last post by Nightshade Star - Yesterday at 21:56:34

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivat...
Last post by Peace Keeper - Yesterday at 05:01:55

Go to the store for wedding cake ingredients
Thread Games / Re: Corrupt a wish (Reactivate...
Last post by Peace Keeper - Yesterday at 04:59:56
Granted, you are the one to help the one who fainted.

I wish there was a Pokemon Center that can heal any fainted being.
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Last post by Peace Keeper - Yesterday at 04:57:51
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