Found a bug, plz help squash it!

Started by Frostbite88, 2017 Nov 18, 17:04:16

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I found a bug while putting on some new Iron armor. When I went to put on the front legs, They just disappeared! IDK where to actually put this, so it's in off topic  :P


Ingame bugs should be reported by phabricator system. More information here:
Excuse my English, it tends to misbehave...


Items tends to disappear sometimes. Game restart/relog usually fix this.
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I fixed the problem, so ignore this :P.

I also have no idea how to delete a topic


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there a Script error on the quest while server was resting Quest called it belong to Musume


Hello there

for bugs on quests and server can I refer you to this:

This will make sure the problem gets followed up.
Please be very specific in how the problem started, this way the team can find a quick solution to your problem.

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