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Date: March 23th, 2018
Time: Friday @ 5:00 PM EST / 21:00 GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Evershade Forest
Host: Toot Sweet

All ponies, old and new, are welcome!
Oh... O'kay... Thank You Hon.  Although frustrating... there will be other days.   <3
Just hopped onto LoE's Discord server; the chatter there states the servers are currently down, but I can't find why.

Edit: Looks like it's unintentional and that no one knows why the servers are unavailable.

Edit 2: Amareicas is up, Europonia still down.
Currently unable to log in too.   D:
So you are having the same problem too?

I think this problem just popped up today, from the last few hours, and not like Katrina which her problem is from yesterday. Is the LoE team doing some changes into the game thus closing the servers down?
My first guess is that the error message says it all, I can't connect to either server because of the "remote host" thing.

Worth mentioning that this is distinctly different from what ChickenNoodle and KatrinaRose were talking about; they were making it as far as the character screen before getting booted.
I've been having this message for 3 hours now,  anyone having the same problem?
Not working for me either. At first the auto loader would hang up while searching for files. Since then it goes through the motions but won't connect to a room.
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That blew my mind. The déjà vu is Nameless going alone to the Executor and then we never heard any news about him.
If you're using Windows 7 or higher, the location of the install might be an issue. Keep LoE out of the Documents and Program Files directories.

Have you both tried running the game as administrator? Right-click on the exe or shortcut you're using and click "Run as administrator," that might help.
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