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Quote from: Riot Police on 2020 Mar 01, 00:33:33There are people still playing this game?
every day ...

with new people joining often ...
it was fun! ^-^ definitely wasn't ready for the OSW to end.

i already forgot everybody's names though! so here i am in case anyone wanted to talk to me. :P though i don't visit the forums often, i'm much more active on DA (see my link)

there were pretty many glitches this time around honestly, but overall it was fun!
sorry if anyone's trying to talk to me and i don't respond! i'm not ignoring you! the game is lagging a lot, though that's probably just my computer, not the game itself.

also i'm not having as many connection issues as the person above me, but it did already fail to connect for me once, and it just randomly disconnected me another time. i'm using Windows Vista. x64
i had fun! Fluttershy's cottage, the few quests i managed to do in such a short period of time, visiting all of the old places again, talking to the NPCs (i LOVE the NPCs in this game! they're just.. awesome!) also hello to that person who added me as a friend! i can't remember your name though! :o either "Star Shower" or "Snow Shower"?

also hello to that person who added me to their party in Evershade tonight! i can't remember your name unfortunately. it started with an "A" but that's all i've got.

thanks to that one guy... wow, why am i forgetting all these names? "Yakuto YurokX"? i stopped a Cockatrice* that was coming after you in Evershade. then while i was looking in my inventory, one came after me and you started attacking it. thanks!

thanks to those people who were dancing outside SCC (sugarcane corner) with me! watching the dancing on my screen was just hilarious. probably weirded out the people on that bench nearby! :P edit: dustyb216 you're one of the people on the bench that we weirded out! :D and there i am!

*one thing i want to say publicly is... could the enemies PLEASE be less aggressive next time? yikes, half the time, even after you fainted, they'd still chase you around the map. and if you could fly, they'd even chase you into the air, even if they weren't supposed to be able to fly.

but overall i had a ton of fun! thanks to the LoE developer-maker-staff-running-admin-game-people for another fun weekend!
Quote from: DancingTide on 2015 Aug 16, 23:49:12
having the world not be in eternal night unless there's a plot I'm not aware of
there was a command for that. :P /time followed by a number, from 0 to 24

alright so the OSW is over and i'm pretty sure i got the last message in, at least in Ponydale (see signature!) and the only other things i could really suggest are... stairs. i had a very hard time using them. i dunno if that's just me, or. and i don't know if i mentioned this in the other post (i probably did actually) but i, and some others, noted that the lighting on some of the characters is pretty odd. my OC is dark red, and he appeared almost gray at points.

edit: oh, and a note for copyright reasons: the one NPC in Cloudopolis (can't remember his name, it was only one word though) refers to Cloudopolis as "Cloudsdale".
my biggest thing is the quests in the book - they aren't showing up on the page at all, so i'm getting lost at a few points. i found two of the things for the nurse in Ponydale for example, but i can't remember where the third place is that i'm supposed to ask for supplies.

the only other major thing i could say is, i feel like the areas could use more distinguishable landmarks, or something to make certain points stand out more. now, i fully understand that would probably be a pain to come up with, but you asked for feedback :P for example, navigating the Crystal Kingdom was pretty difficult. it looks good and you guys are doing a great job on this game! but a lot of the streets there just tend to blend together. i've had a lot of problems with this when trying to find certain locations or NPCs in the game during quests. the giant statue in the Heartlands, where the portal to Cloudopolis is, is a perfect example of something that makes something stand out more. i've been having some trouble finding the portal to Ponydale in there, but i know exactly where the portal to Cloudopolis is.

now, i'm also having some trouble mining. there's a quest where a pony asks you to get some gems for her, but i can't figure out how to do that. (i might have just missed something, though), the lighting in certain areas looks a little weird on my OC since he's dark red. i'm not sure if there's actually anything to do about that, though. it's not a big problem. the sky in Evershade tended to glitch up a bit, that's not a big deal, either, but it's probably worth mentioning.

this is my first open server weekend and other than the two major things i mentioned, i'm having a lot of fun with this! definitely looking forward to the next one and great job on this so far! i can barely figure out Stencyl right now, i can't imagine what all went into this.