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Started by toebahbee, 2015 Jan 19, 23:54:08

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heyy!! i made a sleeping pony, probably not as creepy as my first.
anyways, to the traits!

Gender: Colt
Fav. Color: Gold
Name: Sleeping Night
Element of Choice: Light
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Independent, loves sleeping, brave, Head-First, charismatic, friendly, understanding, focused, brave, ambitious, Just, Diplomatic.


Sleeping night was originally from cloudsdale, but unlike most the pegasus, Sleeping Night was a  unicorn. Not favored by most of the pegasus in cloudsdale, Sleeping Night decided to find a way down to the ground, where other unicorns and earth ponys will treat him with more respect. TO BE CONTINUED
I stream every once in a while, come check me out at twitch.tv/toebahbee.

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