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Music Archive / Ponies @ Dawn Teaser
2017 Jan 02, 12:06:27
My teaser for Mythos and I's track for the Ponies @ Dawn: Amity album.

Music Archive / Check out my mixtape fam
2016 Aug 17, 17:11:04

Music Archive / Song WIPs
2013 Sep 01, 20:41:00
Any other musicians out there on this forum? Post your WIPs and share with everyone what you have been up to! Show us what ya got :) Heres mine for starters :P
Off-Topic Archive / Surfing
2013 Jul 10, 18:56:50
I have never met any other surfer bronies except some of my brony friends I teach, are there any other bronies out there who surf? just curious so I can befriend them :P
Music Archive / My Little Portal
2012 Aug 05, 00:29:10
[glow=blue,2,300]What you guys think of this? :D since there is no more music demand for Legends Of Equestria i been working on this :3[/glow]