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Hey there! I'm Muntague, or Munty for short. I'm a 16 year old loser with a passion for many things from art to furries and yes, My Little Pony. I'm a casual fan, and should watch more episodes, to be honest. I'd love to have someone to rabbit with from season one someday, or a group would be great too. Like I said I am an artist and you can find me on,, on twitter @King_of_Wyverns, and on instagram @wyvernprince. I post a lot of different things there. I'm a senior in high school and a theatre tech member so my schedules are usually tied up until the later evenings. I do free sketch requests for people's characters, but I also do paid commissions on sites like flightrising, if you are ever interested in an affordable but.. Mmm.. Upper moderate quality art. I just love to practice, so shoot me a pm if you ever want! Other than that I enjoy things like exploring new music and talking about OCs.

Uhh.. My main pony is an Alicorn king I've had in development for over four years now, with a kingdom, lore, residents and everything else, and my self insert(are those even cool here?) is more of a "what am I" than a pony. I have others too but they hardly ever get any love from me anymore since I've become a near ghost in the fandom. My favorite pony from the show is probably Rainbow Dash because I looked up to her as a kid, and my favorite is Sombra because I may or may not have had a slight crush on him when I first found out he exists, whoops.

Other than that I'm ya local stressed wyvern boi with art, OCs, and plenty of other fandom trash to go around. Don't be shy to chat!
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Hi! I'm Silverbeat. It's nice to meet you :) I like music too, as you can probably tell from my name XD  And I haven't seen all to many Alicorn king OCs before, so that sounds pretty interesting. Also, I certainly hope self-inserts are cool here, because that's pretty much what Silverbeat is, and she's my main pony ^^;  My Pegasus character, Busta Rhyme, on the other hoof, is more of a "proper" OC. But he's not really all that developed yet.
Anyway, I hope to see you around  ^-^
Hi, I'm Silverbeat! No, not "silver beet", like the vegetable. "Silver" as in the colour, "beat" as in "rhythm". I can assure you that, to the best of my knowledge, I am not edible ^_^
If you see me around, feel free to say "hi" :)

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Welcome to the forums, Munty! Funnily enough I stopped watching mlp after Twilight became alicorn, not because she became one, just more like school kept me busy and I kind of forgot mlp even existed after a month lol The three ponies in my signature are based off of my OCs who all have fairly developed backstories, but I'll just spare you the story if you don't want to read it. Anyways, it was nice meeting you and I hope to see you in-game later! ^-^

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

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Hello and welcome to the LoE Community! Enjoy your stay there!
There you can show yourself as a classy writer, creative artmaker, clever role-player or a cheerful and talkative fun-bringer like Pinkie Pie! And even more...
Now you can play LoE and get in touch with community!
Also you just can look at forums and do anything you wish! But don't forgot to read and follow the rules there!
Good luck, mate!
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