How Do I Craft This Again?

Started by Chishio Kunrin, 2013 Oct 11, 18:01:13

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Chishio Kunrin

The Yogscast is at it again, with their Minecraft parody songs! :3 Now we have How Do I Craft This Again, a parody of When Can I See You Again by Owl City.

Most of it is sang by Martyn, and the animation contains some of the newest members of the Yogscast - Hat Films and Kim.
There are a lot of things to notice in the background of this one, which is pretty fun.

One of that a lot of people have been pointing out is at about 0:50, on the bottom right corner of the page that shows steak and two carrots, it says "SoI 31.11.13". In other words: "Shadow of Israphel is coming back, November 31, 2013." So, basically, another tease aimed at the people who do nothing but demand that they resume SoI. X3

"(Ticktock, time is running out) What are you doing now?
I don't know where you are, don't even know your name.
They think I'm crazy, my heartbeat goes up..."


well, they did burn the script on accident according to Yoglabs.

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