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Started by Spencer the Pegasus Guard, 2013 Jun 13, 12:44:26

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Itty Bit

So I've been curious
Aside from myself, who still plays Smash? I've really taken a liking to this game's competitive scene, and I still love this game just as much as I did when it first came out, just minus all the hype ^^;

Also have you guys heard of the rumors of a "Turbo edition"-ish thing that's gonna be launching with the NX? I kinda hope that would be the case... Maybe combining the 3ds and wiiu stages together, plus a couple new characters (I'd love to see the icies make a return). That would be pretty neat

Nala Valor

i do sometimes, simply to keep my jigglypuff and king Dee meister fresh. i dont do much though, mostly playing against bots


I haven't been playing much. I'm too caught up on my own time by helping out my friends and my own games although I need to catch up what I need to do plus I only play when my friend is around so Usually I play the 3DS version to play.
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