What's the hype for Pokemon Go?!

Started by Dusky Hues, 2016 Mar 02, 10:00:17

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Dusky Hues

I was wondering what the hype for Pokemon Go was here on the forums and was curious as to how many users have played or are still playing Niantic Lab's other AR game, Ingress.

I, personally, have been watching the score on the game ever since the April Fools joke Google Maps created, and I used to play Ingress as an Enlightened member. I met and miss a lot of my Ingress friends, but I simply can't return to the game for personal reasons. A lot happened in my home town with some Resistance members that essentially made the game unfun and even unsafe to play, and I desperately hope the same doesn't happen with Pokemon Go. I've even got my daughter super hyped about the game! So ready for a release date!!!


(Just a note: there's already a Pokémon-centered thread. Anyway...)

While I'm looking forward to it, since I have a tablet (Nexus 7) but not a smartphone, it'll be extremely limited in how much I'll actually be able to play it. Also, I've never played Ingress, so I don't know what to expect for this game.
If I'm not here, I'm most likely on Pokémon Shuffle's Miiverse community.

Dusky Hues

I know there was already a Pokemon centered thread, but since it contained information primarily related to the core instillation of the franchise, I thought I should make my own thread. The possible subjects that could come up in a post about Pokemon Go are things like Ingress, Niantic Labs, Google Maps, AR gaming, AR vs VR- all subjects I was afraid would detract or derail from that thread. I wouldn't want that!

(imo) Ingress was honestly, a bit boring of a game. The game itself didn't have much more than a few colors on the screen which made it a bit drab and a little dozing at times (especially if you walk around late in the evening or late at night with your phone out trying to collect energy). Ingress was not at all a game meant for younger generations. I hope that Niantic takes the time to realize how many children and young people are going to want to play this game and develop accordingly. However, since Nintendo is in fact doing a lot of the music and artwork for the game, I have a feeling it will look and feel a lot more like a Pokemon game! (/imo)


Meanwhile, Pokémon GO gets delayed...
If I'm not here, I'm most likely on Pokémon Shuffle's Miiverse community.

Dusky Hues

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I just got the news too! Be still my heart!

NASA was going to launch a seismograph to mars this month, the only window they would have gotten this year, because the seal on their drilling probe was not withstanding their stress tests. This would have been a critical error as no one would have been there to fix it if it could not withstand the pressures of the martian planet's core temperature. So I respect their wishes to withdraw from the launch.

Nintendo I also trust. While they have lead me to disappointments in the past, much like NASA has, I trust that their reason for withdrawing was a good one, much like the reason I discovered from the NASA launch. Even though, Nintendo isn't sending expensive equipment to space, they are certainly a company that works very hard and loves what they do. I'll do more research to see what's going on and let you know what I find.

This 2017 date seems like a soft date, from what I've seen so far, but it's a date I'm not happy about seeing, none-the-less. I am still looking forward to their GDC reveal and desperately hope they will give more information as to why they didn't launch this year.

UPDATE: The GDC reveal has ALSO been canceled. I'm so upset... However, Niantic Labs said they canceled their appearance at GDC so they could get back to working on the game and beta testing it. This is so disheartening, but I'm going to try to follow it as closely as I can.

UPDATE 2: Okay, so it seems the date being changed to 2017 is NOT solid at all. In other-words, it could be a rumor, as it's not been confirmed to actually having been moved. The Japanese Pokemon Go website still says 2016, AND Beta Testing in Japan has been scheduled for the end of this month. The developers still will not be attending the GDC, however. For more information, you can look at the Japanese Pokemon Go page (you'll need a proxy to view the page if you're in the US and a translator if you can't read Japanese), and even look at the Team Atlas Go webpage or Team Atlas Go youtube page.

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