call upon the sea ponies!

Started by popia18, 2014 Jul 16, 11:59:55

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if there were sea ponies in gen 4, what would they look like? what type of power would they have? o.O what would their home look like?  If there was a queen of the sea ponies, would it look majestic? please type your answers below. ^-^   Sea ponies lyrics: Shoo-bee-doo, Shoo- shoo-bee-doo! Call upon the sea ponies when your in distress,Helpful-as-can-be ponies, Simply signal "SOS!" If you find you're cast adrift, and you haven't got an oar-oh! Count upon the sea ponies, they'll see you to shore! Shoo-bee-doo, Shoo-shoo-bee-doo! "Are you sinking fast? Had some nasty shocks? Feeling like all hope is gone,and washed up on the rocks?" Sea ponies: Washed up on the rocks! Shoo-bee-doo, Shoo-shoo-bee-doo! Call upon the sea ponies when you're in distress! Helpful-as-can-be ponies, Simply signal "SOS!" If your rudder runs aground, or seaweed holds a grip-Kelp! Count upon the sea ponies-they'll see you get help! Sea ponies, Sea ponies, Simply signal SOS,signal SOS! Sea ponies, sea ponies, simply signal SOS! Signal SOS! Oh yes!


Sea ponies?

Aye, sea pon'eis.



Seaponies are in gen 4, just not in the show. They live in the underwater city of Aquastria, ruled by King Leo. They appear in Under the Sparkling Sea.


It would be interesting to see sea ponies in the show. They could control the seasons underwater, like the "land" ponies did in Winter Wrap Up. Sort of like that. ^-^
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