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Quote from: Book Smarts on 2012 Apr 17, 00:35:00
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Okay this skit is just wrong >:(

That... was terrible. >:/ The "My Little War Horse" was ehh ok..

Some of MAD's stuff is actually kinda funny, but some of it just isn't. I like when they do their research and don't make something completely stupid that doesn't correctly depict the thing the skit is about. The thing I liked about the Criminal Minecraft skit was that... well... they did their research. And some of the jokes were actually relate-able for Minecraft players.

They do an awful lot of Twilight and MLP skits, don't they, though? :\
Video Games Archive / Re: Skyrim
2012 Apr 17, 11:17:35
I haven't gotten to play it yet. :'( And I won't be able to until May... which is like two weeks away, actually, so O: holy chipotle I can't wait!

My mom and I bought Collector's Edition on a whim while at GameStop one day, after GameStop had taken $50 off. We saw the box, saw the "$100", thought "We have more than enough" and bam! We set up our Alduin figure on our dragon shelf. :3 And I looove the concept art book. So many pages, so much beautiful art.

Also, when I had freetime one day between college and chores, I ended up nerding up my bookmarks by looking up stuff on the Elder Scrolls wiki and bookmarking the pages about what I wanna do when I play. That's right, filly, I planned ahead!
Well, during the 24 hour livestream, I made some pages and put in the confirmed info that I know. If the starter towns actually won't be Ponyville, Cloudsdale, or Canterlot for the different races, then feel free to erase "starter town" from their pages. I was just pretty sure that someone said they would be. X3
Once I earn a cutiemark to turn from filly to mare, I'm probably gonna try to earn other cutiemarks until I find ones that I really want to use. I might try to find three to use, and hopefully those three will look good together. And then? I'll exploooore!
Video Games Archive / Re: Pokemon anypony?
2012 Apr 16, 11:02:50
Quote from: Zygrograxgra on 2012 Apr 16, 10:57:27
I've never seen a shiny before.

I'm not alone! :3

Also, I like 5th gen. I don't like all the pokemon, since a portion of them are terrible, but some of them were kinda good. But I really like the story, Unova is pretty interesting, season changing is cool, I kinda like how they beefed the pokemon up, and the fact that the "bad guys" wanted to liberate pokemon instead of take over/destroy the world was a nice change of pace.
Video Games Archive / Re: Pokemon anypony?
2012 Apr 16, 10:56:08
I didn't get to play Pokemon a whole lot when I was a kid. I believe I had Yellow and... either Red or FireRed. And then I got Pokemon Stadium or something for N64. I think the next Pokemon game I got after that was SoulSilver, and then I got Pokemon Black. I have never, ever seen a shiny... I think. Though, in Black, when I chose Oshawott as my starter, it was female, and there's a 12.5% chance for starters in any game to be female.

By the way, apparently Black2/White2 will have pokemon from previous gens in it. That's the only thing I can really tell from the Japanese trailer.

I have a little Charmander toy that I got from a Poptarts box years ago. I used to have these keychain pokemon that you could put in a pokeball, but I'm not sure where they went. I also had an original pokedex.
Quote from: Book Smarts on 2012 Apr 15, 01:39:17
This is awesome, the community also has a wiki up for Legends of Equestria. Not saying that you have to delete this, but you should sign up and contribute  :D

Oh yeah.. I have a wikia account since I used to contribute pretty seriously to a certain wikia, and I completely forgot that LoE has its own wikia now. The most I've done is a bit of cleanup on the only pages the wikia has (the staff pages) and make a Staff category to get the staff pages related to each other and listed on the category's page. I'll probably see if I can make some pages for the info we have right now.

Besides, this thread will help me put info on the wikia. If there's anything I don't know but other users who've been around for a while know and they post it here, then I'll be receiving more info to add.
I've finally come to really notice that we do have new people who've come onboard since the game got more coverage after the EO/LoE incident. I just want to let you guys know that some of us do know some stuff that the devs have revealed about the game, so you can always ask any of us questions.
And, well, if we don't know the answer, then we can ask the devs together, can't we? :D
I realize that this post is quite long, so if you have a question about something I might have already covered, you can use Ctrl F to search for a keyword having to do with your question.
I tried to make the sections/paragraphs as bearable as possible so this post wouldn't be too scary-looking. X3

One thing I've seen people mention and especially ask about during the 24-hour livestream event is PvP. There will be PvP, but it'll be limited to certain areas, probably arenas.

Ponies per account
Each account will be able to have 3 ponies.

Pay to Play or Free to Play?
Legends of Equestria will be completely free to play, forever!

Player houses
Another thing I've seen mentioned that I'm also eager about is player houses. "It would be great if all those houses in Ponyville had more of a purpose than decoration!" I asked the devs about player houses back on the EO Suggestions forum. All I got was a big maybe. The thing is, if (big if) they do decide to let us have houses, it'll most likely be pretty much just house interiors. Actual houses that physically occupy space on a map would easily take up server space, plus the fact that there will likely be many, many players who will get houses.

  • The design team is leaning much more toward no because it would be too hard. So it's pretty much a no. However, Tekner has said that he has been trying to push for a player houses or player-owned buildings system. It's still a huge maybe.

Spoiler: Tekner's quote on the matter • show
[quote author=Tekner link=topic=3292.msg236128#msg236128 date=1341335747]
At this time, there are no plans to add player housing or owned buildings. Personally, I am pushing for such a system to be implemented (and it may be if I, or another programmer, finds a simple and efficient way to go about doing it. Don't assume that means it will be added, though.)

Player housing is extremely low priority for them, so for now, player houses is a no. If they do consider it, it will likely be toward the end of game creation after they have gotten the important things done.

Races and race balance
I've seen some people wonder about how the races will be balanced or what kinds of perks the races will have. From the info that I've gathered from various places, including the race descriptions I managed to read from the character creation screen in an old Pre-Alpha vid (before LoE), here's what we've figured out:
Pegasus - Obviously, pegasi will be able to fly. If you've seen a pegasus flying (awfully fast) in Pre-Alpha footage, don't worry about that, they're going to slow the flight down when they work on balance. In battle, pegasi will probably use swift attacks and will be good at evading attacks.
Unicorn - As seen in Pre-Alpha footage, unicorns can teleport. Even though Swebow could teleport the unicorn he was using to anywhere he clicked on the map, unicorns won't have an unlimited teleport range when the game comes out. That would be silly. Unicorns have powerful spells, but they have worse defense and are advised to keep their distance from monsters.
Earthpony - Earthponies can run faster than the other two races. They can apparently "last longer in battle," which probably means that they have better defense. They also have a better connection with animals, and they can apparently "carry more things," although I'm not sure if that means anything for gameplay or not. Swebow has hinted at there being something about pets that earthpony players will love, but that information has yet to be revealed.
Spoiler: Race descriptions • show

These are the race descriptions that I read from the Pre-Alpha footage:
Pegasus: As a pegasus, you will move and attack faster. You will be able to avoid enemy attacks more easily and fly. The pegasus will learn a variety of aerial tricks and maneuvers for navigating the skies, and the extra speed will allow for many short, rapid attacks against your foes.
Unicorn: Often considered higher cultured than the other races, unicorns have an afinity for magic. They have a spell for every occasion, offensive, defensive, or just for fun. This boost in magical power comes with poor defensive power however, so unicorns will want to keep their distance from enemies.
Earthpony: Earth ponies are hard workers and grow food for the rest of Equestria. They tend to have a way with animals and can control them better. All that hard work also means that earth ponies can carry more things and last longer in battle.

Also, one thing people bring up about pegasi flying is: Will a pegasus be able to stay flying for a limitless amount of time, like if someone goes afk while their pegasus is hovering somewhere for hours? The solution some people come up with is to give flight its own stamina bar. I asked the devs about this because the topic of stamina kept bringing up a lot of discussion that didn't get anywhere very fast. The answer: Running and flying will not have their own stamina bars.

  • Also please note: We will only get to play as earthpony, unicorn, and pegasus. No alicorns, changelings, griffons, donkeys, mules, seaponies, flutterponies, etc.

Yes, combat. There will be combat against monsters, but LoE won't revolve around that. They're setting it up so we can use it as both a hang-out game and an RPG. One of the locations where we will fight monsters is the Everfree Forest.

We will not be able to upload our own cutie marks, and for good reason. But we will be able to customize our cutie marks. We've been told that when you start out, you're a blankflank filly or colt, and once you do something, you unlock a certain group of cutiemarks based on what your talent is. You then instantly become a full-grown pony. We can put up to three cutiemarks together to make our own cutiemark. We may also be able to recolor the cutiemarks to an extent.
Spoiler: Quote from Tekner regarding cutiemarks • show
[quote author=Tekner link=topic=2768.msg217110#msg217110 date=1340351841]
Color is still something we're discussing. It's likely to be implemented, but in a limited way.

Cutie Marks will be earned based on what you do as a filly. Depending on certain criteria (which I won't disclose), you will be given a choice of cutie marks in a specific group. Some cutie marks are part of multiple groups, while others are only part of one. You will be able to mix and match those predefined cutie marks (up to three) from our catalog and recolor them to an extent to create as unique a cutie mark as you can get with it still being safe. I anticipate there being somewhere near 300 cutie marks by release, so don't worry about having a limited choice.

The talent that you get will most likely have an effect on your pony in some way.

Squads and guilds
You'll be able to form a squad of players, called a Party. And we'll even apparently get to start factions/guilds called Herds.

Characters from the show
Because Hasbro holds copyright over the mane six, the princesses, Spike, and even a portion of the background characters, LoE is playing it safe and won't be adding characters from the show as NPCs unless they can get permission from Hasbro. They're currently working on contacting Hasbro to ask for permission.

Confirmed places are Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, Cloudsdale, Canterlot, Everfree, Appleloosa, and Tartarus.
Building of these places is scheduled to be in this order: Ponyville (done), Everfree (in progress), Canterlot (in progress), Cloudsdale.

  • Earthponies will start in Ponyville, unicorns will start in Canterlot, and pegasi will start in Cloudsdale.

  • Unicorns and earthponies will be able to go to Cloudsdale.

  • There will be buildings that players will be able to enter, including Sugarcube Corner, Twilight's library, and Fluttershy's house.

  • Other places include a mine in Ponyville and a dance club called Stable 54.

The game will also include mini-games! Mini-games we have seen so far:

  • A Pacman-like game with parasprites

  • A flight race game where you fly your pegasus through rings

Of course, we know that there will be hats, lots and lots of hats. There will also be various clothes and accessories. There are multiple slots for clothes in the inventory screen.
There is even a discussion about hat, clothing, and accessory possibilities going on in a thread here.

LoE has a fan-run wikia. Before you begin editing, it's a good idea to read my guide on editing wikias. A link to the wikia is provided in that thread.
Any questions, friends? :)
Quote from: crystal on 2012 Apr 11, 13:51:32
you have to install the mod again. but the skin will remain ^-^

I see. So if I have the pony mod on computer 1, but not computer 2, and I reskin my character for the pony, will the character have been automatically reskinned to match for computer 2 as well even though it's a human? Sorry I'm such a newb.
I have an important question: Is it creative? I prefer to be creative.

Edit: Another question. If I install that Mine Little Pony mod on one computer and reskin my pony person, will it affect my account/person in any way when I play Minecraft on another computer? Or would I have to install the mod on that other computer too?
Quote from: dreadnaught 308 on 2012 Apr 06, 20:25:04
We use science ponies use magic but in the middle ages they used a method called alchemy which is a mix of science and magic.

That makes sense. The ponies could use alchemy. I mean, they even have potion-making (like in the Hearts & Hooves Day episode).

Though, then again, it's already been discussed that Equestria has things from all kinds of time periods. It has quite a bit middle ages, but it has the technology of cannons and such. Y'know?
Quote from: wanderingmagus on 2012 Apr 06, 18:04:12
interesting... and i can certainly see the connection between the events, but what of the cutie marks themselves?

Hmm, not sure.. The only thing I've noticed between the Elements and the cutie marks themselves is that the Element's gem is the owner's cutie mark. Rainbow Dash's is a ruby lightning bolt shape, Applejack's is an apple shape, Fluttershy's is a butterfly, etc.
When Rainbow Dash got her cutie mark, she was racing two bullies to try to get them to agree to leave Fluttershy alone, thus she was showing her loyalty to Fluttershy by challenging her bullies.
When Dash's Sonic Rainboom scared all of the animals on the ground, Fluttershy coaxed the animals out of hiding with her kindness.
At the sound of the Sonic Rainboom, Twilight was so frightened that she went berserk with magic.
Rarity found a whole bunch of gems, but instead of keeping them for herself, she put them all in the costumes she was making for the school play - selflessness/generosity.
Pinkie Pie discovered a feeling of great joy when she saw a rainbow for the first time, and she wanted to help others feel happiness too.
Applejack decided to stop lying about who she is, and she left Manehattan to go back to SAA where she belongs.

TL;DR = The mane six got their cutie marks while performing their Elements of Harmony.
Can I post an epiphany I had one day about a relationship between the mane six's cutie marks and their Elements of Harmony? Or does that not count?
Quote from: Fudgemuffin on 2012 Apr 06, 16:28:51
I discovered about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by... Yogscast videos. I decided to check it out  the show and by the end of the first episode I was craving for more.

Sunshine of Israpony? ovO
I'm a pony, and I'm digging a hole... Diggy diggy hole! Diggy diggy hole!

Admittedly, Yogscast's Sunshine of Israpony led me further into becoming a brony.
I was really bored one day, and I started thinking about all the pony meme stuff. I wondered what the big deal was about, since I thought it was really weird for all these teens to be so into the show. So I watched the first two episodes, then watched the third... and then the fourth... and then the fifth... and that's how Equestria was made.
Spoiler: show

Octavia the assassin. Awesomeness.

Tobuscus pony
And Pichu ponies, so cute!

Weirdness. I'm not sure where the Rarity came from.
Ahhh background ponies. I chose DJ Pon-3. I think it'd be cool if there was an episode that featured some of the fans' favorite background ponies as at least a little more than just being background ponies and have the mane characters interact with them or something.

DJ Pon-3: Hey, Rainbow Dash! You ready for the party tonight?!
RD: You know it! It's gonna be kickin'!
(See what I did there? No? Ok... "buckin'" wouldn't fit as well, is all.)
News Archive / Re: Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 21, 00:14:50
Sorry to hear about what happened, but I'm so glad that you guys got to take all your hard work with you and keep it!

Once the suggestions board for the game is up, I'll try to remember what all I suggested and post it up. Or did you guys write down or save suggestions? I'm pretty sure you must have saved what was in the Accepted, and perhaps the Maybe, board.