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Back in March, while watching Howl's Moving Castle, Trege and I ended up coming up with a conspiracy theory. Even though we were really tired when we came up with it, I'm still kinda proud of it and it still kinda blows my mind. ovO I've decided to finally share it!

Early in the movie, some characters mention a rumor that wizards steal people's hearts. Trege wondered if Ni No Kuni referenced that. In Ni No Kuni, the evil wizard Shadar breaks people's hearts and steals the pieces.

The lore in Ni No Kuni says that there are multiple different worlds, and each person has "soulmates" in the other worlds - people who're very much like them and connected to them via their soul.

I started to wonder... What if every Studio Ghibli work takes place in the same universe, just in different worlds? What if some of the characters from different Ghibli works are soulmates of each other?!
I noted that Howl from Howl's Moving Castle seems rather similar to Haku from Spirited Away.
Furthermore, there's the fact that whenever something happens to someone in one world, something similar happens to their soulmate in another world, so...
Spoiler: Additional notes involving spoilers about Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away • show
What if Howl losing his heart and Haku ending up forgetting himself under the witch's control happened at the same time? What if Howl regaining his heart and Haku remembering who he really is happened at the same time?

People also pointed out that the cat in Oliver's world, in Ni No Kuni, seems pretty reminiscent of the catbus from My Neighbor Totoro.

We ended up agreeing that if there was a video game about this, it'd probably be kinda similar to Kingdom Hearts. Then, I realized... Disney owns Studio Ghibli movies. What if we got to go to Ghibli worlds in Kingdom Hearts?! O:
Animations Archive / Mini Minotaur!!
2013 Apr 05, 21:58:08

You're welcome. ;)
Music Archive / The REAL Babs Seed song
2013 Mar 18, 11:55:53
Apparently, the version that's in the episode isn't the original. Daniel Ingram posted the original version on his Soundcloud, and someone put it to video.
The original sounds less like a pop song than the version that made it into the episode.

Unfortunately, I think Daniel might've removed it since November 29th of last year (the date this vid was posted).
Oh well, we can still listen to it in this video.
Animations Archive / Somewhere Only We Know
2013 Mar 04, 14:48:28
So, this is one of those really weird, silly, derpy videos following Rainbow Dash with a weird voice. She seems to have the thought process of an actual horse. It's pretty funny.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / MLP spin-off
2013 Feb 12, 22:27:11
I honestly don't know how to feel about this.

Equestria Girls. A spin-off.

The magazine got one thing wrong. They're not exactly human.

(Fake Trixie image removed :P)
I like their boots, at least.

Not sure how I feel about this, though. It seems to take place in a school. I don't think it'll be very good, but... I'll check it out, at least.
My reasoning:
Hasbro's toy department has a habit of jumping the gun and putting toys on the shelf before the thing they're about has been seen in the show yet. Examples:
- Blindbag crystal ponies = Long before Crystal Empire premiered.
- Princess Cadence and Shining Armor royal wedding playset = Before Canterlot Wedding aired.
- Pictures and such of alicorn Twilight, which we thought were all photoshopped = Long before this Saturday's episode has even aired.
Now, the fact that this pony seems to be in a set with the mane six characters and I haven't seen any photos of any other ponies that seem to be in the set has made me curious, and I'm just wondering if maybe it could be a hint of something to come.
I know that Hasbro makes toys that won't appear in the show. Read the above!

Guesses shall be spoilered, just in case any of us happen to get something right or our speculations come close to the truth. Some people don't like things accidentally spoiled.

Spoiler: show
Masquerade ponies:
Some of the toys seem to have masquerade masks. Ponies like the mane six:

Aaaand... mystery pony:

Who is that?
Seems to be an earthpony (maybe unicorn?) with a YinYang sun cutie mark. I wonder if she'll appear in the show.
In fact, I wonder if there will be a masquerade episode in season 4. It's entirely possible.[/spoiler]
At the moment that I'm posting this, the puppies seem to be asleep. I can kinda see one or two asleep in a bed. D'awww. Regardless of the current lack of action, here's the link to the puppy cam!

Video Games Archive / Ni No Kuni
2013 Feb 03, 00:05:02
Do you own a PS3? Do you like adventure games? Do you love Studio Ghibli?
(Note: Who is Studio Ghibli? The people who tend to animate Hayao Miyazaki films like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.)

Then, take a look at this trailer and see if Ni No Kuni interests you. WARNING: I kinda cried a little from the visual and emotional beauty in the trailer. Then again, I've also seen some of the beginning gameplay.
All made by TheeLinker.
Spoiler: Dragonshy • show

Spoiler: Cutie Mark Chronicles • show

Spoiler: Friendship is Magic • show

Spoiler: Return of Harmony • show

Spoiler: Canterlot Wedding • show

TheeLinker is also working on a trailer for Crystal Empire. I can't wait! :3
Animations Archive / My Little Tobuscus
2013 Jan 30, 05:46:01
First, we'll start off with this random piece of hilariousness that is TobyGames audio put to MLP:

The ending gets me every time. lol
And then, a PMV of Safety Torch:

And how about a PMV of Dramatic Song:
I don't know how many other people know this method, so for anyone who doesn't know, here it is! I just found out today. X3

On the flap on the back of the bag, there are numbers imprinted into it. Either there will be one or two digits (like 5, or 15), or 5 digits (like 20425). If it has 5 digits, ignore the first, third, and fifth digits in it. So if it says 20415, then you get 20415 which is 01.

Each pony has its own number in a wave, and that number is printed on the card that comes with it. That number is what you find imprinted in the flap on the bag.

Say you buy a Wave 7 blindbag, and the number imprinted on the flap is 90246. You ignore the first, third, and fifth number, thus getting 04. Now, we'll look at a database, like Strawberry Reef, for which pony in Wave 7 is number 4. It's Rainbow Dash.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to write down the ponies I want and their numbers, and I'm gonna go hunt for those numbers on the blindbags. :3

Also, you might notice that Strawberry Reef calls Soarin Spitfire and Spitfire Soarin. That's because the blindbag cards they come with switched their names for some reason. It's rather annoying.

- Pockets - Yes! I've always wanted a magical bag like that! Do you know what I could do with that?! Well... I could carry an entire party if I wanted. ovO Packing would be easy! So much storage when you go shopping! I could carry snacks with me. I could be prepared for so many things! I'd likely end up keeping my bag with me at all times while in public, of course.
- Jumping/Landing - Parkour would be a breeze with this. I could even travel by jumping! Being able to jump 25 feet in the air?! Aw yeah! Of course, hopefully I'd be able to regulate just how far I jump. I don't wanna overshoot jumping onto a 15-foot building or something.

Let's see how this turns out. :] I'm unsure if it'll be actual ponies or pony-themed bears, but considering that they have other animals than just bears, it could be possible they could be actual ponies.

Yes, I know that Build-A-Bear is somewhat expensive, but... it's a better alternative than spending hundreds of dollars on eBay and such. Granted, brony-made plushes will still likely be a lot more show-accurate than these, but at least these will be better quality and (hopefully) less creepy than some of Hasbro's. Plus there's some customizability.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Pony Genetics
2013 Jan 16, 02:36:42
I've seen the topic of pony genetics (MLP universe-wise) pop up a few times. I figured a thread with a little bit about the basics of genetics wouldn't hurt, especially considering that some forget or don't know that Gene A + Gene B does not automatically equal Gene AB. In other words, Pegasus Gene + Unicorn Gene =/= Alicorn.
        If you haven't learned about basic genetics yet, I guess this may help you out a bit if/when you do start learning it in school. ^-^

Assuming that the Earth Pony Gene is dominant and the Pegasus and Unicorn Genes are recessive, an earth pony can carry a gene for pegasus or unicorn, like Mr. and Mrs. Cake. Of course, "dominant" means "stronger" and "recessive" means "weaker" in this case.

Here, I have made a Punnett Square for an Earth Pony mother whose parents were an Earth Pony and a Pegasus and a father whose parents were an Earth Pony and a Unicorn:

The capital E letters represent the dominant Earth Pony Gene, and the genes for Pegasus and Unicorn are lower case because they are recessive. This Punnett Square gives us a visual representation of basically what to expect the chances will be that the foal will be an earth pony, pegasus, or unicorn. We see this by writing down the letters we get in the boxes where a letter from each parent meets. Here, there is roughly a 75% (3/4) chance that the foal will be an earth pony. This is because the Earth Pony Gene is dominant over the other two and overpowers them. If the foal is born from the Eu combination, it will be an earth pony but carry the gene of a unicorn.

Considering how rare alicorns are, the Alicorn "Gene" (if there is a specific gene) must be extremely recessive, more so than unicorn and pegasus. Given that, Unicorn Gene + Pegasus Gene will most likely not result in an alicorn foal. So, if these two earth ponies hit that roughly 25% chance that the foal isn't an earth pony, which will it be? That all depends on which is more recessive - unicorn or pegasus. Unfortunately, right now, we cannot judge from the show which of the two genes is stronger than the other, so we don't know. I guess it's up to you. They could even end up with a case like the Cakes and have twins with one being a pegasus and one being a unicorn.

If there is a specific Alicorn Gene, it may be more prevalent/common in royal bloodlines such as Celestia's and, I suppose, Cadence's families. Or perhaps the Alicorn Gene is simply a recessive gene that allows the Unicorn and Pegasus Genes to combine, maybe with a little earth pony in the mix of the DNA.

The deeper and more detailed you go into genetics, the more complicated it becomes. Some of the complication comes from the fact that genetics can just plain do weird things when DNA receives different pairs of genes that somehow affect each other. Mutation is one of those genetic oddities that complicates things, for example. With our limited knowledge of things like this in Equestria, I have only been able to scratch the surface and provide the mere basics.
Spoiler: Video • show

Well, they certainly didn't show much. But at least we get to see a few small peeks.
By the way, Twilight casting that spell is not her becoming an alicorn. I've already seen enough people jumping to that conclusion.
Spoiler: Actual spoiler • show
Spoiler: It really is, so be careful • show
It's most likely her releasing the seal on Discord.
Supposedly, the Hub themselves released the episode early on the internet for some reason. A video of it showed up on my Facebook news feed, and it's apparently legit. I haven't watched it yet, but I thought some of you would want to enjoy it early.
Spoiler: The FULL episode • show
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
[Edit]: Changed the thread's title
Read my whole post please.

Please, please, please, tell me this entry to My Little Brony is just a troll. :l

Honestly, it kind of doesn't add up.
Alicorn Twilight: The alicorn Twilight thing has been brought up here before, and I believe it has been disproved as troll stuff. Tara Strong herself said she won't become one, in response to an earlier troll.
Derpy: Second is the Derpy thing. Hasbro had an official limited edition toy of Derpy made and let Hot Topic sell official Derpy toys. So, why would Hasbro try to phase out Derpy if they've let two types of Derpy toys be made, which have both sold massively well?

If it is true, then it seems pretty weird.
Feeling charitable this December? The Yogscast is doing a fundraiser for two Oxfam charities. They have been raising since the 1st of this month, and they're going to keep raising until the end of the month. Once they pass their goal, they'll put up a new goal.

What charities are they raising for?
- Plan Bee: This charity provides training and a workshop for the manufacture of modern beekeeping equipment for Ethopian families. It will open up new jobs and allow beekeepers to earn a better living for their families.
- 365 Emergency Fund: This is a specialised project dedicated to aiding emergency situations worldwide. Oxfam responds to around 25 situations worldwide at any one time, so your money can really make a difference!

Where can you donate?
Right here:
Off-Topic Archive / Pop Culture Drinks?
2012 Dec 09, 17:15:45
Pop culture drinks.

Oh, what's that I have? Your attention? Awesome. :3 Buy non-caffeinated Rainbow Dash Fizzy Cherry Splash online $3.
Someone says Hot Topic also sells it.

Doom Juice! It's an energy drink. I've had it before, and I had gotten it from Hot Topic.
Spoiler: Mario and Donkey Kong energy drinks • show
It's a good one. :D Really, really good! Though, I must spoiler it because they included an image from this Saturday's episode.

I haven't watched the video on that page yet.
For those of you who don't know, a doppelganger is pretty much a person who looks exactly like someone else, but they aren't related. Twins aren't doppelgangers.

I pretty much never believed in doppelgangers. The TV shows and movies where someone has a doppelganger, so they switch lives for some wacky adventure, certainly didn't help.

But... yesterday... :I Yesterday made me believe. Yesterday, SoTotallyToby started up a podcast of him, Martyn (inthelittlewood), and some other people. One of those people was a guy named Lewis (not Xephos of the Yogscast). Lewis looked like a guy I kind of knew in high school. But the guy I knew is American and certainly wasn't named Lewis, and Lewis is English. But their faces look exactly alike.

So, I kind of spent yesterday and last night thinking about it, and this morning, it was still on my mind. The moment I got out of bed, I decided "He's a doppelganger. They're real!"
Either that, or...
Spoiler: show

So, let's discuss. ovO Do you believe in doppelgangers? I wonder how and why they exist. It's weird that people can just, by chance, have the same features.
Off-Topic Archive / Movie Ideas
2012 Nov 20, 09:31:48
I'm sure some of us here have ideas for movies they'd wanna see. :3 I certainly do!

I think it'd be cool if there was a fantasy movie, or two or even three, in kind of Lord of the Rings style, and at the end of the adventure, you find out that this whole time it was really just some people playing Dungeons & Dragons. ovO So, of course, the whole thing would operate on D&D logic and feature creatures from the D&D Monster Manuals.

And yes, many of us wanna see a MLP:FiM movie, especially if done right. It'd be cool if it was some epic action adventure, but still stayed true to MLP.
Off-Topic Archive / The herd is growing
2012 Nov 18, 16:35:57
It's pretty awesome. I just hope most of the new people weren't forced to hard into it. But yeah, it really dawned on me now that two popular Youtubers have now been exposed to MLP. I don't think either of them are bronies, mostly considering that their exposure was minimal, but it's still pretty cool because their friends are the ones who caused them to see it.

I've already told everyone that Nalif caused Tobuscus to see some MLP because Nalif pulled up an episode on Netflix. Toby told us about it in a vlog. Later, in another vlog, he showed us a brief glimpse of his big ol' TV with Netflix pulled up, showing MLP on the menu. I think he mentioned the possibility of actually watching some of it, since he has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and liked that. Of course, the relation between the two is that they're both cartoons that became very popular among teens.

Rythian, of the Yogscast, is Swedish, and I think he lives in Sweden. He's visiting the Yogtowers (Yogscast's office building) in Bristol, in England, for the weekend. He's been tweeting today about things he's watching with other Yogscast members. He tweeted "I am now watching My Little Pony with @Ravvys Zylus and @lomadia while wearing a squirrel hat. Ravs is a squid, Zylus has a fox hat." Lomadia = Hannah, who's known to be a brony.~

I think it's pretty awesome to hear about these people seeing MLP, but being led into it by their friends, watching it of their own choice.

What other famous peeps are bronies, though? ovO I've heard that one of the guys from Two Best Friends Play is a brony. The angry one is.

P.S. I quite like the expression "Join the herd" simply because it's whimsical. I find it pretty funny.
Off-Topic Archive / Coolest Jacket Evar!
2012 Nov 17, 00:00:49
The Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie!

It senses the movements that your arms do, then lights up and does sounds for one of ten spells.

Think it's awesome? Want one?
Go to the link, click Buy, scroll down, and tell them you want them to sell it for real. Please?
Apparently, his friend Nathan brought up an episode on Netflix, and they watched it! :D He mentioned Rainbow Dash. I really wonder if he even watched the video I tweeted to him of a ponified version of his Mass Effect 3 literal trailer.
He talks about it at 0:54 to 1:24. At least he ended it with "It's great."

Will he or won't he become a brony? Hmmmm. It'll be interesting to find out.
I've actually been kinda thinking about doing Let's Plays, but I don't really have stuff for it. I keep thinking about how cool it'd be, how it's something I'd kinda like to do, and I've finally decided there's no use in just thinking about it because it won't happen unless I make it happen. I'm sure I'll be nervous at first, as I am a shy person, but I should push through, right? I'll get used to it.

So, what I'd really like to ask you guys is what all do I need to get set up for it and be able to do a Let's Play? I may start on the computer, with Minecraft and maybe Tekkit. But that would be after I get a graphics card and my own personal Minecraft account. So, for that
- What do I need for recording the game screen and saving the video?
- I have a microphone, though it's kind of an old style one, seems kinda crappy, I think. Is there any kind of microphone or headset you'd suggest?
- How should I put together the audio and video?

I may end up also asking for advice on how to make my computer better, and I'll try to provide as much info about my computer as possible. I'd love to just get a brand new computer, but that's not happening any time soon.

If/when I do Let's Plays of console games, I'm gonna need to know how to do that too. I have a PS3, an Xbox360 Slim, and a Wii, but I really dunno how much I'd play Wii games for LPs. Really, I'd prefer to do console LPs in my living room because that's where our really big TV is, but my mom tends to use the living room a lot. :P

If info about the TV to use is needed, I'll try my best, and I may give info on multiple TVs.
       Preferably, I wouldn't use my TV in my bedroom, even though it's a newer kind with an LCD screen and whatnot. However, I guess doing an LP in my room would have more privacy than in the living room on the big screen or in the den with a fairly large TV. This is especially since the den is where the door everyone enters from is in, and the living room is, well, the room my mom often uses and where everyone hangs out when we have company over.

Ah yes, and I'm probably going to even record LoE when it comes out, if I start doing LPs. <3 I may be nervous doing that if I actually somehow have a certain amount of subscribers by then (Me? Getting subscribers for my content? Pfft, yeah right!), but I'll try not to give in to the worry of any being anti-bronies! X3

Finally, I'll say this:
Keep in mind, we don't have much money. We truly do not have much right now.
      But I'm already planning on spending whatever money I get for Christmas on a graphics card, and I'm asking for a Minecraft account card from Walmart for Christmas. I'm willing to save up for stuff that you guys suggest, and my mom has already gotten to me to start trying to look for a job. I'm gonna try to convince her to let me try to save at least some of the money I get for LP supplies, but the rest of what I make will go toward bills and food.

Why start doing LPs at a time like this?
It'll be fun, I've been dreaming of it for quite some time now, and even better, if I get a Youtube Partnership, I can start earning money for my videos. If I get a YT Partnership, I'll even try my best to get lots of views. You get paid for every 1,000 views on each of your videos.
    And hey, if I start getting paid for my videos, I'll even be able to set aside money for upgrades, more games for LPs, and maybe even a proper camera for, perhaps, vlogging. I think vlogging would have to wait a long, long while, though.

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I'll admit, I never had any celebrities or heroes I wanted to meet until I discovered the Youtube celebrities I watch these days. So, while the popular and normal people from high school have Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, blablablablablah, I have...

And various members of the Yogscast.

It'd be awesome to meet them all at the same time! The only problem is
me - Southern USA
Tobuscus - Los Angeles, California
PewDiePie - Either Sweden or Italy. I think he's living in Italy with his girlfriend now. Lucky Pewds.
Yogscast - England, silly!

I'd wanna meet them all and tell them how awesome they are. Most likely get some photos and hopefully some video. Maybe some hugs, and maybe a whole group hug! :3 Yus, even the Yogscast members! Simon, Lewis, Duncan, Rythian, Sips, and Sjin, and even Martyn (inthelittlewood) and LikeTotallyToby!
Though, it'd be awkward having two people named Toby in the same place. lol
It'd also be amazingly awesome to get to play Minecraft with the Yogscast members, any and all of 'em. The most amazing would be if I got to play Minecraft with them on a regular basis. :3

That seems too far-fetched of a dream, but ah well. I was just thinking about it. And hey, all those people are much more awesome than any Hollywood celebrity. :]

Anyway, who do you guys wanna meet? ^-^
So, I was on Facebook, when I saw an ad for an app. The ad said
"For Pony & Brony fans!
Only FREE iPad app for MLP fans! Games, prizes, boyfriends, weddings, socialize & more!"
The picture is pretty much somewhat of a human Twilight Sparkle, and in the background, there's a unicorn that doesn't entirely seem FiM to me. So I decided to check it out.

QuoteWelcome to Ponyville!

Finally, there is a fun and interactive game for all Pony Girls and Bronies. After dressing up the girl and your pony, head into town and choose from 6 different pony houses to play games and win prizes! Before you start your adventure, don't forget to save your look to share with all your friends. So many games to play and outfits to dress up in! When you win the special prizes, give them to the boyfriends in town and win their heart. The ultimate princess prize is there for you when you win the hearts of all 6 boyfriends!

Exciting features:
?Mix and match hundreds of outfits and hair options to start your adventure
?A gazillion choices of hair, bodies, and cutie marks for your pony
?Save your fantastic looks and then share with all your friends
?6 fun houses in the town with interactive games
?Win coins and prizes to buy more outfits
?Talk and trade gifts with 6 different boyfriends
?Win the hearts and get married to your brony
?Touch-driven animation and sound effects throughout game

Fun game examples:
? Enter your pony in a dress up contest
?Take care of the pets in the pet shop
?Make a delicious apple pie from scratch
?Decorate the cutest cupcakes
?Keep the thunderstorms from rolling in on Ponyville

:I One thing I'd like to ask: Why are we trying to win the hearts of 6 boys, and then marrying one?
In case you can't get to the link for some reason, here are the pictures from the page:
Spoiler: show

Yeah, the mane six and the boys are humanized, and in my opinion, Applejack's hair is too light. It looks gray-ish.
More notes:
- In picture 1, apparently Twilight's library is now a pile of books with hipster glasses on it, Fluttershy's hut is now a tree, Pinkie lives in a cake castle, and Rarity now lives in a castle. Let's take a moment to congratulate Rarity, Pinkie, and possibly Fluttershy.
- I guess Applejack can marry Big Macintosh and her cousin Braeburn.
- I'm not sure who the chap in the suit is, but I guess it's Prince Blueblood.

And to point out the obvious: Yeah, the ponies don't look anything like FiM ponies. But uh... I... like their manes?
Off-Topic Archive / Loot Crate
2012 Oct 27, 09:10:01
If you sign up with them, they'll send you a box of random nerd, geek, and gamer stuff each month, for a monthly fee. It seems pretty cool. I found out about it from Tobuscus in one of his vlogs. He got zombie jerky, a Diablo 3 shirt, 8-bit sunglasses, a love potion drink, a couple of zombie button pins, dog tags, and plastic vampire teeth.

You can get a discount if you sign up at and use the coupon code Tobuscus.
You read that right! Someone ponified Tobuscus's literal trailers. :D

Spoiler: Mass Effect 3 • show

Spoiler: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood • show

Spoiler: Pirates of the Caribbean • show

Spoiler: Skyrim • show

There are more, but those are the ones I liked.
I found a couple of cool shops for brony clothes, so I figured I'd share them. Those of us interested in clothes like this end up searching for good clothes.

So, there's Shirts4Bronies:
They have quite a few choices for shirts and hoodies. They're generally shirts and hoodies with pony pictures and designs on them.

And then, Corsair's Boutique has more than just MLP stuff. They have other things like Dr. Who and Avengers, pirate/steampunk, stuff like that.
Their Facebook page:
Their Etsy store:
For MLP-related stuff, they have things like scarves, patches, a shirt, capelets, and cinch skirts.
Not completely sure if it's page 48, but I think so. I clicked the star to see the latest posts, and Google Chrome redirected me to the "That's dangerous!" page, telling me this:

QuoteWarning: Something's Not Right Here! contains content from, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.
Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you've visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it's possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.
We have already notified that we found malware on the site. For more about the problems found on, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page.

I have Hot Topic liked on Facebook, and they recently posted a picture of a couple of pony toys.

They captioned it this:
"We heard you wanted better Pony toys so we told Hasbro to make them 20% Cooler. See the original Brony call to action here:

Now we have them online here: and in stores just for YOU."

That first link leads to an Equestria Daily post about trying to get Hot Topic to help. Hot Topic has actually answered us and is starting to sell the pony toys! The only thing is, a toy is $14.50. Sure, it's better quality, and (judging by the photo they posted) they're going to have Derpy sometime (Derpy keeps being sold out fast lol), but that's kind of typical of Hot Topic to have expensive merch.

But hey, it's another step toward showing Hasbro even more that the bronies are a good demographic to aim for in the toy department.
That, and I want a Derpy toy. The only other official one is limited edition. The only thing I don't like is the blue in Rainbow Dash's bangs, but if they start selling Pinkies with the correct mane and Fluttershy's who have their own mold instead of recolored Rainbow Dash, I'll be less nitpicky.

They do already have quite a selection of MLP stuff, though, especially in shirts.

If you go to the page about the Rainbow Dash toy and click the bottom preview button to view her from the left side, she does look a lot like Dashie from the show.

The goosebumps. :3 Ohhh, the goosebumps.

If you think about it, what he said is right. What that guy on the right meant with one of the things he said is that, sure, we like the show, but that liking of the show is intensified by the fact that we're hated and considered deviants for liking it.

Take a look at history, human nature, and sociology. Being hated and prejudiced against tends to cause a community to band together and become closer, thus making the community become stronger. So, in a way, the haters are making us stronger as a fandom. We subconsciously know that if we stay together as a fandom, it's harder for them to break us because we have each other.

So next time, when you meet a hater who's insistent on their position against us, just thank them. ^-^

Also, this video really is pretty good. He actually did some research and stated facts, and he was, for the most part, neutral but kind of positive.
Title says it all. Post weird things you've noticed in the show.

What brought this on? I got tired of noticing this in the intro:

Why does Celestia's throne have a fountain on it? By the way, look at the window on the right. We see a map, and also a planet that has a ring around it and a moon. Not weird, but neat, and I'm just now noticing it, so I figured I'd point it out.

And I'm still kind of wondering why the ponies have orange tongues:

I figure that I can't be the only one who noticed their tongues are orange, but it seems some fanartists never noticed, considering their fanart has the ponies having pink tongues.

Also, I've noticed a continuity error that the show tends to have with Rainbow Dash's bangs. I think I've mentioned it before. Usually, her bangs are red on top and yellow on bottom, but sometimes it's yellow on top and red on bottom. It's not just from her facing different directions, either.
Spoiler: Comparison, both from the same scene in the same episode • show

Personally, I prefer for her bangs to be red on top yellow on bottom. ^-^
And finally:

Is it a requirement for each guard to get a manecut and have their hair installed into their helmet or something?
I think this happens more in the anime community, but some of us on this forum have also seen it happen with people ponifying opening and closing sequences too. :3 Anyway, this thread is about videos where someone took the opening or closing sequence of something (most likely a show, maybe a video game) and made an alternate version of it using characters and stuff from another show/game. These are often pretty creative and interesting!

I found one where someone crossed Axis Powers Hetalia with a Soul Eater opening.

Spoiler: Original Soul Eater opening • show

I've seen quite a few crossovers using the Durarara closing sequence "Trust Me". Things like Pokemon, Phineas and Ferb, Baccano, Hetalia, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Adventure Time. Seems to be a popular one to crossover.
Spoiler: Original "Trust Me" Durarara closing • show
Here, we shall discuss Pinkie Pie's gypsy/psychic/4th-wall-breaking abilities whether in the show or in fanart. :D So, let's see...

Apparently, she predicted Chrysalis.
Spoiler: show


I love the real Gravity Falls intro. I like the show. The animation in the intro is so awesome, and the show's pretty cool too. It reminds me of how shows were in the '90s.
Spoiler: Dare to compare • show
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Yayyy, Yogscast!