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Hasbro posted up three unreleased Rainbow Rocks music videos on Youtube! They're all pretty good, especially the Sunset Shimmer one.

Well, in a video of the upcoming EG and MLP toys, they revealed some details about what Equestria Girls 3 is gonna be about and gave a tiny spoiler.
(I also spotted a tinier spoiler in the actual pony section of the presentation.)
Spoiler: show

EG3 is looking pretty interesting, but right now, I can't say for sure if I'm gonna be hyped about it or not.

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I forgot to talk about some of the stuff in the video. :P Also, they gave a slight spoiler about something in the movie.
So um...
Spoiler: show
Not liking the Flash Sentry doll much. Why does he have visible pecks and abs? And he comes in a package with Twilight, but that Twilight has glasses, which means...
[spoiler]It's the real human Twilight! Which makes this creepy. Seriously. "Hi, you're new here and you don't know me, but you look exactly like a pony princess I'm in love with, so do you wanna go out on a date and grab some coffee?"
Spoiler: Movie spoiler • show
Spoiler: Be careful • show
Spoiler: show
Midnight Sparkle??? I am pretty curious to see how that happens. Does this mean human world Twilight will go evil, or what?

Spoiler: What the movie's about • show
The mane six will participate in a sporting event against students from Crystal Prep Academy. The Crystal Prep students' team is the Shadowbolts. Of course.
They'll participate in archery, rollerskating, and motocross. Motorcycles! Yes!
I wonder what magical enemy they'll have to face.
Spoiler: Regarding the movie spoiler • show
What if the magical enemy they have to face is human Twilight? o_o
Off-Topic Archive / The Book of Life movie
2014 Oct 23, 02:46:16

The Book of Life is coming out this October, and it looks awesome both story-wise and visually!
The guy who wrote it actually had a lot of trouble getting it produced and put into theaters because a lot of companies felt that it's "not universal" and "doesn't have an audience." That's kind of stupid. It looks like a really beautiful, fun, interesting adventure movie.

Anyway, figured I'd take a shot at posting about it here in hopes that it'll pique some interest in you guys. There are a lot of people who don't know about it, and Tumblr is trying to fix that by spreading the word about it, so it can get the attention it deserves.
Hasbro released a preview clip of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks that revealed the antagonists of the movie. Also, it had a song, and I actually kinda liked the song. It's not catchy, but it's neat to listen to.
Spoiler: Spoilered because the thumbnail is of the antagonists. • show

I actually kinda like how the antagonists look, mainly pigtails girl.
This video also answers why the movie's theme is Battle of the Bands.

[August 19 edit]:
A second video has been released, this time looking at the villains, who they are, what they're doing, and a little peek at why they're doing it.
Spoiler: Video • show
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Spoiler: Opinion/thought • show
I think they're sirens. Then again, so does everyone else. :P After all, they cause trouble by singing.
I kinda feel bad for them. It's not their fault that disharmony is their food.

A list of songs from the soundtrack has been released, as well:
Though, it looks like some of the songs on the soundtrack will be ones from the first movie, specifically Equestria Girls (Cafeteria Song), A Friend For Life, Opening Titles (Remix), This Is Our Big Night (Full Version), and Time To Come Together. Pretty sure the "Equestria Girls (Cafeteria Song)" song is Help Twilight Win The Crown.

So that means the songs for Rainbow Rocks are likely:
Spoiler: show
Awesome As I Want To Be (I think)
Battle (definitely. We heard this one in the other preview)
Better Than Ever
Rainbow Rocks
Shine Like Rainbows
Tricks Up My Sleeve
Under Our Spell

Those last two sound like villain songs. :3 Though, for some reason...
Spoiler: show
Tricks Up My Sleeve feels like Trixie. I think she might join the sirens' band.
Video Games Archive / Pokemon ideas!
2014 Jul 23, 02:56:33
A lot of people say "Come on, GameFreak! It can't be that hard to come up with new pokemon!" So, let's try coming up with ideas for new pokemon and see how many we can think up!

Also, I recently came up with ideas for pokemon and wanted to share them. X3

A chihuahua.
A dolphin.
A sea cucumber? Not sure how they'd pull it off, but it'd be interesting, right?
A hamster that evolves into a capybara.
A snow leopard.
A saber tooth.
A coyote.
A wolf.
A spooky ghost type horse that evolves into a spooky pegasus!
A dragon type kirin pokemon.
A poison/grass type bush pokemon that has poisonous berries or venomous thorns.
I repeat:
Rainbow Dash is in Transformers: Age of Extinction!

Though, I have to say, Hasbro needs to figure out that Rainbow Dash does not have a blue streak in her bangs (fringe, for English people). Learn what your pony looks like, Hasbro! o.O
I wouldn't mind if they did an episode where Rainbow Dash befriends a stallion who's as competitive as she is, and everything's great until she finds out he's sexist. She has to figure out what to do about her new friend thinking things like "girls can't be into sports" and stuff. Maybe, meanwhile, there's a mini background story about Big Macintosh hiding that he occasionally plays with dolls.

Basically, an episode where the lesson is that you should accept that your friend likes things that aren't considered to be for their gender. Gender shouldn't matter when it comes to likes and dislikes. And I'm not saying this because of bronies. I ended up annoyed with this 7-year-old girl I know who watches MLP with her nephew, but when it comes to doing something like planning a tea party with a princess recipe book, she tells him to go away because princesses and tea parties are for girls. *Facepalm*

Plus, it'd be funny to have a moment with Big Macintosh being asked if he's seen Applebloom's doll and going wide-eyed and sweaty, replying "Uhh, nnnope!"
Since this is a big post that can possibly spark a discussion all on its own, I decided to make it its own thread, rather than posting it in the Season 4 Discussion thread.
So, we all know when one of the mane six has gotten her "key" or whatever it is in an episode because a "rainbow" shines across it. Though, this "rainbow" is really made up of the mane six's coat colors, like so:

Purple (Twilight), Blue (Rainbow Dash), White (Rarity), Yellow (Fluttershy), Orange (Applejack), Pink (Pinkie Pie).
Though, I noticed in the Pinkie Pride episode, when it came out, that there were several instances of objects being arranged in a rainbow of the mane six's coat colors. I didn't really start thinking about it quite as much until I noticed it happen once in Leap of Faith. I recently watched some commentary on Rarity Takes Manehattan, and...
Spoiler: Rarity Takes Manehattan • show

There it is. Objects with the mane six's coat colors.
The dress covers that Rarity puts her dresses in all throughout the episode are the mane six's coat colors, and the spools of thread on the shelf at the end of the episode are their coat colors, as well.

Rainbow Falls was hard, since, once again, what we're looking for is the mane six's coat colors, not an actual rainbow. It's no wonder I never noticed any mane six rainbows. They were a bit more subtle:
Spoiler: Rainbow Falls • show
Before Soarin gets hurt:

Rainbow Dash competes with Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps:

Pinkie Pride, oh Pinkie Pride. The one that made me notice the trend.
Spoiler: Pinkie Pride • show

The streamers in this next one stayed there for the rest of the scene:

^Five times! It happened about five times, as opposed to the two each that the previous two episodes got.

I can't find any mane six "rainbow" objects in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies. Hrrrm.

When I first watched Leap of Faith, I only noticed the last one in this list of 3:
Spoiler: Leap of Faith • show

It seems that the mane six "rainbow"/spectrum objects first appear right around the time that the conflict starts, appear again right around the time the pony reaches the resolution to her conflict, and maybe sometime in between.
Yes, indeed, we have a clue that there might be a second Equestria Girls movie coming. The speculation came from the appearance of new Equestria Girls dolls and was apparently confirmed by two Hasbro employees.

What will be the new movie's plot/theme?
Spoiler: Well, we have the theme • show
Battle of the Bands.

Oooh. :3

Spoiler: Dolls • show


So, here's what we know:
Spoiler: show
- The movie might be called Rainbow Rock.
- The theme might be Battle of the Bands.
- Trixie might have some actual important part in it.
- DJ Pon3 might have an interesting appearance. They said there is/will be a DJ Pon3 toy that has a car with a pair of sunglasses you can wear or put on the car as its windshield. Ooh, creative.~ Me likey. Kids'll get a kick out of that.

Spoiler: Spoiler of me mentioning something that might have to do with the Season 4 finale, so be careful • show
Spoiler: I'm serious. • show
Spoiler: Super serious. It's inside this one. • show
Once again, they're using a rainbow theme. Think it may have something to do with the "rainbow power" the mane six might get by the end of season 4?

If you say anything that relates to what might happen in the season 4 finale, please specify that you're mentioning it and put it in a spoiler. If our speculations are right, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for anyone who doesn't want to see it coming.
The Yogscast is at it again, with their Minecraft parody songs! :3 Now we have How Do I Craft This Again, a parody of When Can I See You Again by Owl City.

Most of it is sang by Martyn, and the animation contains some of the newest members of the Yogscast - Hat Films and Kim.
There are a lot of things to notice in the background of this one, which is pretty fun.

One of that a lot of people have been pointing out is at about 0:50, on the bottom right corner of the page that shows steak and two carrots, it says "SoI 31.11.13". In other words: "Shadow of Israphel is coming back, November 31, 2013." So, basically, another tease aimed at the people who do nothing but demand that they resume SoI. X3
Video Games Archive / Disney Infinity
2013 Aug 29, 01:51:54
When you scratch the surface, Disney Infinity is sort of a system of games, and various characters and story modes can be unlocked by buying various figures. You can also unlock items and such by buying little plate things. But it's so much more than that. It also has a sandbox mode. You can create and share maps, and these maps could be about racing, fighting, whatever. It's probably a lot easier to just show you.

Disney Infinity's Youtube channel has a lot more videos of the game, too.

Some Disney parks have started a thing where they give you a bracelet that takes care of most everything that you need for your stay there, including your dinner plan, park tickets, etc. When your vacation is over, you get to keep the bracelet. My mom heard that you can use that bracelet to unlock a special game in Disney Infinity.
YES! We finally get to take a break from Ash! The upcoming anime will follow Red and his rival Green! It's based more on the games than the Ash anime is, but it doesn't seem to follow the manga. Still, though, I think it's nice that we finally get a change of pace and move away from Ash. It's apparently coming October 2nd.

Unfortunately, the trailer is in Japanese. But hey, a preview is a preview, right? We get to see clips from the anime!

Before anyone says anything, no that's not a Gary ripoff. Gary is based on the rival from the Red/Blue/FireRed/LeafGreen games, who ended up being referred to as Green in Japan and the manga.
Ash was based on Red, the protagonist in those games.

It makes me wonder if the anime will even move on into Gold and Silver (Gold being the protagonist, Silver being the rival), and so on.
They wrote an article called Give Bronies A Break! where they pretty much explain what we're really like. They even interviewed people!
So, who else here knows about the poll that The Hub is holding to find out who in the mane six is best pony? They're calling it the Fan Favorite Poll, but I think we all know what they mean.

You can vote every day, and once you put in a vote, you can take a trivia quiz to earn more votes and use them!
Let's vote!
[Edit]: Someone made a list of the items:

And I mean, legitimately, My Little Pony! Not parody items to avoid copyright infringement! Actual legit seriously MLP with the mane six, Spike, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Celestia, Luna, and Derpy!

Cosplays, chibi ponies, and companions! Even Angel Bunny and Opalescence!

The only problem is... I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH GAIA CASH FOR IT! D: It's 299 GC, which is $2.99, but I only have 50 GC (50 cents) left over from the $25 (2,500 GC) gift card I got for Christmas!
I guess I better start doing offers to save up. >.<


So, Gaia has this thing where, when you're dressing your avatar, there's a little bar beneath your inventory that shows some of the newest cash shop items. Right now, it's showing
- MLP: Spike the Dragon Shirts. It's an item that you equip as a shirt that has the MLP logo on it, a shirt with Spike's face on it, or a long-sleeved shirt that's good for cosplaying Spike.
- MLP: Rarity Plush. Just as it says, it's a plush of Rarity, and it can also be worn as a backpack. ;)
- MLP: Twilight Sparkle Fashion.

The MLP: Twilight Sparkle Fashion item has
- A hat with Twilight's color scheme, her horn, her ears, and a pair of wings on it.
- A pair of headphones with her cutie mark on them, wings on the ear-covering parts, and her ears and horn on the top!
- A purse with her cutie mark and her tail on it. lol
- A winged jacket with her horn and cutie mark on the hood.

So, on that page I linked to above, I can guess that there's a shirt item for each of the mane six that has equips of a shirt with the MLP logo, a shirt with the pony's face, and a cosplay shirt of the pony. There's likely a plush of each pony that can be worn as a backpack. There's also likely a Fashion item of each pony (including Luna!) that has equips of a hat, a pair of headphones, a purse, and a jacket!

After all, on that page, you can see examples of the character face shirts (Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity), examples of the cosplay shirts (Fluttershy, Pinkie, Applejack), examples of the Fashion item hats (Rainbow Dash, Twilight), examples of the Fashion item headphones (Fluttershy, Pinkie, Applejack, Rarity), and an example of the Fashion item jacket (Luna). I'm guessing there's also a Spike Fashion item, considering the guy with a Spike hat.

Oooh, this is so EXCITING! ovO

[Edit 2]:
AHHH MAH GOODNESS! There are even more items than are shown on that page I linked to! O: I just saw someone on the forum with a Carousel Boutique background, a Gummy, and a Big Macintosh!
Off-Topic Archive / Pokemon Fusion
2013 May 20, 19:32:03
I used to play around with this a lot. :P Pokemon Fusion! You pick two pokemon, and it fuses them together into a new one. Some results are funny, like if you pick Ninetails and Arcanine, you get Ninenine.

Apparently, some people even draw fanart of cool results they get, like this:
Spoiler: show

And this :3
Spoiler: show

I wish they'd update it to include new pokemon, but I guess that'd be a lot of work. It'd be cool, though!
Exactly as the title says. Nintendo has decided to target Youtube videos containing gameplay from their new and upcoming games, according to So, why is this a problem?

Consider the fact that there are people on Youtube who have partnerships that let them earn money from having ads on their videos. The majority of the videos that some of these Youtubers make are Let's Play series. Some of the Let's Players pay their bills with money earned from their Let's Plays. Youtube became a career for them. Suddenly, Nintendo has decided to take 100% of the ad revenue from videos that feature their new and upcoming games, especially Let's Plays.

The people posting the videos get nothing because Nintendo gets all of it.

What I'm wondering is, what if other video game producing companies decide to start doing this as well? Why don't more game companies have the attitude that Ubisoft has? Ubisoft has not touched any of the Assassin's Creed videos on Tobuscus and TobyGames because they see it as free advertisement. They love Toby's videos. Meanwhile, Nintendo wants direct profit from Let's Players, without letting them get anything out of it.

Tobuscus is lucky; he has more than just his Let's Play channel TobyGames. He has his general entertainment channel Tobuscus, his vlog channel, and his acting career. Even if he ceases to be able to earn money from Let's Plays, he won't have to rely solely on his online store to make a living.

On the other hand, we have people like PewDiePie who mainly make money from their Let's Play videos and online stores, but their online stores rely on the success of their Let's Plays. The Yogscast has a website where they get money from ads, but even then, their website and online store success rely on their Let's Play success. I haven't really paid much attention to other Let's Play channels like GameGrumps, but I imagine that the case there is the same or similar.

I'm not sure how well they can make a living relying solely on their online stores.

To be honest, Nintendo was the last company I'd expect to do something like this.

[Edit]: Another article with more info:
So, every once in a while, Hot Topic interviews celebrities that they sell merchandise of. They interviewed Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash a while back, and now they've recently interviewed Twilight. Her video has a possible look at season 4 in it, at about 20 seconds in.

Also, Spike makes nachos.